Danganronpa Fandom - More piss than expected

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Danganronpa (ダンガンロンパ) is a Japanese video game franchise developed by Spike Chunsoft and localized by NIS America. The franchise includes three main series games, a spin off game, and related anime, manga, novel and stage play adaptations. The latest game, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, was launched in Japan on January 12, 2017 and will be released in North America on September 26, 2017, Europe on September 29, 2017, and Australia on October 6, 2017. -Danganronpa Wiki

Danganronpa is a series of mainly visual novels ( Trigger Happy Havoc released in 2010 for the PSP, while the first sequel, Goodbye Despair was released in 2012 for the same system. Both find their English releases in 2014 on the Vita, before they got ported to PC in 2016) that are a murder mystery set inside the school, but whoever did the crime, pays with their life in usually gruesome and ironic executions. However something about it is just batshit insane and I’m not talking about the executions. It’s their fanbase.

Aside from the recent (at the time of writing the op) murder of a disabled girl by a fan of the series who was known to publish pictures of it on her Instagram, you’d think there’s nothing different about it compared to any other fandom, right? I wish.

Chihiro’s Gender Discourse
For those who don’t know Chihiro is the Ultimate Programmer from the first game who is a boy but dresses as a girl to avoid being bullied anymore by his peers, and manages to pull off being a girl until his untimely death at the hands of fellow classmate Mondo Oowada who was jealous of his ability to try and pass through his mental struggles as the biker was still grieving his brother’s death because he thought he killed him when Chihiro asked him to help the programmer get stronger physically. Some people realize that he’s just a dude who likes girl’s clothing and that the story telling is flawed and go on with their day. However, some insist that he’s trans or non-binary despite the game never mentioning that once, even though the third game said that robots don’t have genders and that Kiibo prefers he/him pronouns. It’s gotten so bad that on tumblr it’s a trigger warning for the discourse. And people often shove it in the faces of others that this kid is trans like

It even got to the point where an actual Japanese trans woman was bullied off of tumblr for telling people that he wasn’t trans
Edit: 3/16/21: It has come to my attention that there are rumors it wasn't a japanese transwoman, either an american sjw trying to start shit or a japanese american trying to stir the shit filled pot a little too fast. http://archive.md/csc1i
And the cancellation of another user who told people to unfollow them if they believed canon Chihiro was a trans girl, despite them being a kinnie
A carrd someone made about why Chihiro is trans

Kaito Momota, gets accused of a lot
I know that reads like a fucking headline but hear me out. Kaito is a V3 character who based on the “memories” the characters were given (which basically replaced their old ones with new ones, essentially being a mindwipe fetish so thanks Tsumugi) was raised by his grandparents, no big deal right? Wrong. In the Japanese version of the game, he asks Korekiyo if he’s an okama (Japanese term for crossdresser) and he tells Maki to get away from the weapons. I’m not sure what context it’s in, but if my suspicions are correct, it’s when they find out she’s an ultimate assassin and not the ultimate child caregiver (that she made up for her self since she didn’t want to scare anyone) and he was obviously hitting on her a lot and in the first chapter thought he could take her on at one point, and Tenko at another. Wrong on both accounts. So with this he’s sexist and homophobic right? No. Remember he lives with his grandparents (and presumably among other old people in the neighborhood) and supports Kaede’s leadership in the first chapter. Even if it did hold her up from catching Tsumugi and then the only one who would’ve died would be Rantaro, I am still salty bout that bc I hate canon!Tsumugi with a burning passion They are getting all of that from 3 lines when in the same game there’s a character who’s entire personality is hating men and a fucking whore but it’s ok bc they’re women.
View attachment DE9E9A89-8968-4693-801C-D272F33C792D.webp

How can these fans go “that’s a homophobe.” when his love hotel conversation w Shuichi is actually one of the sweetest in the game. The dude is more likely to break into your house and eat your Doritos and then smoke a bong with you rather than do any of that.

👆What people see him as
Kokichi, "Nazi" or is that a lie?
The biggest thing I remember from the days at quotev was about our favorite little shitlord Kokichi. As we all know, Kokichi is polarizing and essentially the 2nd coming of Komaeda to some bitches. However, the biggest controversy about his ass comes from the so-called KOKICHI IS A LITTERAL NAZI controversy. He isn't not even in the slightest.

So what caused this uproar? His design.
In game, Kokichi's title is the Ultimate Supreme Leader and his design looks like this on the box cover/promo images of the game. However, you may notice that his hat looks VERY similar to a nazi hat. However, where this whole thing falls apart is that Koichi NEVER wears the hat and cape in game and it was strictly a promo thing. Bad taste? I mean i'd say so but this is Japan and we know they're weird with their war history and shit. I however will admit I don't know enough to talk about Japan and their history with that so if someone can explain it better than me have at it.
Anyways, Kokichi's outfit was a HUGE center of controversy, which made people cancel their pre-orders and on quotev if you even LOOKED in Kokichi's direction and liked him, you were immediately a nazi no if ands or buts about it. This controversy got SO bad to a point some idiot I knew at the time told everyone to tag mentions of fanta since it triggered them so bad. Kokichi kinnies also ran around rampant with other danganronpa bitches on quotev, but that is no surprise there. This is also the same place that tried to cancel ANYONE who let their Byleth in FE 3 houses wear the officers cap since it looked like a nazi cap, when it wasn't at all but this isn't important.

Somebody has an excellent write up on how Kokichi is in fact, not a fucking nazi which is linked HERE. (archived for your convience)
If you don't want to read it: TLDR: Kokichi is not coded to be a nazi and if he was a nazi there would be very obvious signs such as endorsing nazi belifes and the likes. They also bring up the WHOLE theme of DRV3 is everything is a lie essentially and Kokichi is a liar himself and a prankster. He does absolutely nothing nazi related in the slightest. - @KaibaCorp ToeSucker
Plus with the idea that V3 is just a tv show, I doubt that this little gremlin could do much in the way of "nazi ideals." Aside from throwing a wrench in Tsumugi's plan, the dude is more likely to paint bomb people, drink their soda and wear a horse mask to class. He's a class clown if you will.

Death Threats
Aside from the above, people have also sent the va’s death threats for just voicing or potentially voicing characters. That’s their job. I’ve also seen comments that the Jpn side does the exact same thing but I can’t find screenshots
At one point a Japanese model maker got death threats for wanting to remove THEIR OWN MODELS off of steam
Oh god where do I begin? Oh yeah, a cosplayer getting arrested for sexual assult! ( The video doesn't have the perp sadly, but the comments say it was a Kokichi cosplayer, but that could be false.) No, the Nagito doesn't count since that was staged and paid for at a Katsucon event

Snowthesaltqueen is a Junko kinnie and notorious cosplayer for mainly taking an edgy as all hell photoshoot in a fucking graveyard. And I'm not talking a respectful one either, like full ass on the tombstone. This, thankfully got her banned from the cemetery by the superintendent because that's disrespecting the dead.

  • The piss fic (link here) is the most popular fic on Ao3. It just is a bunch of scenarios involving Kokichi pissing. And since archive.md is down, I had to download the fucking thing so fuck you guys
  • The Hentai Gomi to Kuzu or translated to Limbless Hajime, is and I quote from a fandom website
a dark hentai doujinshi about Nagito caring for a brain damaged, quadruple amputee-Hajime. It has become both infamous and legendary in the fandom, spawning many memes and even a literary analysis by Reddit user RythmicChaos.
Some things to note in it are
  • Hajime can only communicate by sex noises towards the end and Nagito is ok with that
  • Nagito is the one who took off Hajime's hands in an attempt to save him and potentially was the one who took off his legs
  • Gore on par with some of the grossest that the Furry Freakshow thread has to offer
  • Lots of cocks. Expected but some how half way censored. It's a hentai, show the cocks
As of today, the literary analysis is deleted and I am working on how to archive this shit. Yes, I read a hentai for you fuckers. As if downloading the entire piss fic wasn't enough. I hope you're fucking happy

The Children
You'd think for a series focused on teenagers murdering each other there would be responsible parents right? If I had a nickel for every irresponsible parent in this fandom, I'd have enough to support the farms for at least a year. Or at least more than every time I posted a dead baby article.

Besides the obvious murder there is: Child Rape, Child Abuse, Spiked Dildos, being turned into butter and then eaten, burned alive (twice actually), being squashed, boiled alive in a volcano, drug use before being sent to space, suicide, dismemberment, Mechamaru's death which wouldn't have been allowed if he wasn't a robot, attempted bowel removal, incest, Miu's whole deal, child abandonment, cults, the orgy scene in DR3, serial killers, the whole nine yards of being horrifying. Yet, there's fucking single digit fans on tiktok making gacha life videos about shit like male pregnancy, yanderes, and whoring out children! you heard and read that right, there's a screenshot of gacha children in slutty outfits and they look to be in climax. And there's a 9 year old who claims to be pregnant with Kokichi's child or Kokichi himself. I do not care about the science behind it nor the 5 year old who gave birth, this child should not be imagining this shit, they need to go do something not that.

There's also this trend of making pregame!Kokichi an angsty uwu smol boy and Shuichi his psychotic lover when all evidence points to Kokichi either being the class clown or just a normal dude with a roleplaying group on the side.

How does that even work?

(This is just a bigger version of the 2 parter. Plus we've seen the pregame designs, Miu is most likely the only one who wore lipstick out of all of them, but even then not that much.

That's fucking Mjeddy art

The only thing Togami would be sticking his dick in is a pile of cash, not Toko nor your oc.

Shipping Wars
This section is going to be brief atm but I wanted to include it

Doxing of innocent people
Look, I know we dox people all the time but these are literal children (under 18 so not even eligible for a kiwi thread) in a few cases, and the other cases are just for not sharing a favorite character or ship



The first I found censored like that and the third was a literal child who made a gacha life reaction video and these adults who should know better dox his mom’s phone number, spammed it in the comments and it ended up getting the poor kid’s account deleted. Over a fucking gacha life video.


Another child was doxxed on tik Tok for a spoiler to one of the class trials. I was unable to find which one, but for games that old and well known (for context, it’s been 5 years since V3 released in the states)

Another fan getting doxxed for shipping a ship that people don’t think is canon but this time a fucking molester finds out and hunts them out. A FUCKING MOLESTER AND I HOPE TO GOD THAT THEY WERE LOCKED UP.

Do these people not realize what happened to Andrew Finch? And Tyler got thrown in jail for that.

The Pedo Fourms
Before we all go onto an fbi wanted list, there at one point was a pedophilia website that had banners featuring Mikan from SDR2
An article about the arrest

Name censored bc I do not want to meet
Notable Spergs
  • Edgy Asian Kid who had a genderbending fetish, tried to force it on others, and gets butthurt over anyone having differing opinions even posting selfies of himself with guns and knives to look badass. There was one instance where he talked about how Ibuki is evil for spreading positivity in the game and a delusional way of thinking while comparing her to a "Morty" while he is a "Rick" for a comparison of being a realist. Then talked about how he'd hang around psychopaths than people being slightly mean. Most of this is on Discord.
  • A fat Teruteru Stan who is a very delusional "nice" guy seen here
  • A bitchy Wageslave Karen who does roleplay and takes it super seriously, "stanning" the fucking pedo from the Danganronpa spinoff game and trying to act like a theatre kid stage coach for people not taking things seriously along with frequently faking suicides after getting called out. (For Context, She was the girl I used to be friends with mentioned for that "Nice Guy").
As a kid and teen I used to hang out on this place called Quotev with my best friend. TLDR: Quotev was this place where it was kinda like tumblr lite and you could post fanfics, role play, make quizzes etc. From personal experience this place was just as if not worse than tumblr and the dinklerompus community THIVED. Hell you can even take a fucking who's your dangan kinnie quiz.

As far as I remember there wasn't any set age for having a quotev account since we encountered a fucking 10 year old at one point. Anyways on quotev you can make sub groups. make a profile, design it, and even make it look all ritzy with coding, so again tumblr lite. But this place was a hellscape. Think about a fandom at it's lowest, and then throw it one place. Welcome to quotev.
When I used to be there, a lot of dangan fans would put things such as:

- DNI IF: Kokichi, Komaeada, Junko RP/KIN amongst various other characters to the point even fanta and orange juice were on the chopping block
- Have these weird mood boards where it was like they got a bunch of characters and made a mood scale. For example it would be a gif and have a chart like this

Name: stupid exceptional individual:
Profile pfp
MOOD: Sayaka

Sayaka: I'm feeling GREAT please message me!
Chisaki: I'm feeling so-so you can interact.
Hajime; I'm feeling sad I don't really want to be bothered
Mondo: I'M PISSED.

There was also varying degrees which ranged from "talk to me and i'll soft block you" to pure suicide baiting depending what tard you were dealing with.

They also took kinning and roleplaying very seriously but if you didn't RP how they wanted you were a terrible person about to get called out and get a lynch mob sent after you.
Other shit/Fandom oddities
  • Fandom Files Episode
Although it might not belong in the OP, I think that knowing the fandom's group amnesia/willful misinterpretation of V3's ending is important, it really highlights how they act.

For those who are unaware, V3 ends with a massive 4th wall break , where it pretty explicitly calls out how people who form their identities around fictional properties and obsess over fictional characters are wasting their lives. It then goes on to heavily criticizes people who demand more DR sequels, regardless of how it would negatively impact their quality , and how they either ignore or fail to see how messed up that games about children murdering each other actually are, and what their thirst for more says about them.
- @Dead Memes

  • 58CA5199-61F4-432C-8FBF-70BDFF2EA521.jpeg
    A daily dose of waifuism

  • CCA9198E-8721-4961-AEE4-D958ECBCDF3E.jpeg
    What is this fandom and its piss obsession?
I can’t find it anymore, but I remember there was some Danganronpa twitter contest where people had to prove they were the biggest fans of specific characters/ships, but people got mad because ‘canon gay characters’ couldn’t be allowed in straight ships, and people got so mad with that the contest got canceled. I can’t for the life of me find it anymore, but if anyone remembers this incident, let me know. -@Delta Δ
  • 1973380-17b949833b8ea692e3cb0e9724e3d600.jpg
  • The fact there's official Danganronpa perfume in japan.

People who literally say their characters back stories actually happened to them when it didn't and that they personally know fictional people and act like assholes about are insulting to the people who kin as a way to cope or to relate. Like I knew a girl for a while who was kin with Koizumi and she 'confessed' to me that she was brainwashed into being a terrorist and a murderer and she was crying really hard and I was just so baffled more than anything (https://archive.vn/daR3D)
you should mention how many piss kinks overlap with komaeda fans, literally every one of them I've seen has a pee fetish, it's so fucked - @Brainworms
This trigger list of an entire discord server with some things that do not even make sense like worms and rabbits.

Special Thanks to
  • @Ethereal Eye for providing the images to the saltqueen incident:winner:
  • @Rich Evans Apologist for help w the intro:winner:
  • @Lapis Lazuli for reminding me of Milkpunches:winner:
  • @NoFeline for linking in Dollieguts and the piss jello:winner:
  • @Doppio Vinegar for the David Images:winner:
  • Someone for linking me the Chihiro cancellation (I want to credit you but I can't find your post):winner:
  • @CactusDsv for the Aeris Akamatsu thread and all the shit on DanganMandy. Like that dude can have his own thread thanks to their contributions :winner:
  • @Am I a Schizo Yet? for the pedo site, model maker and Violet Komaeda info:winner:
  • @KaibaCorp ToeSucker for the Quotev lolcow and the Kokichi info. :winner:
  • @Ceiling Kitten for the update to the Chihiro shit​
  • @Trollface for the discord dni​
  • Everyone I've quoted for their insight:winner:

That’s all I can think of for now, lemme know if I need to add shit to this, I’m tired.


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School shooter historian
Shit like this is why I never considered myself "part of the fandom"; I liked the games, they were pretty good, but damn, is half the fucking fanbase filled with 11 year olds who can't take a joke.

But does the fandom really need it's own thread? Yeah, some of the people there can be laughable with what they chose to spend their days arguing about, but it's really not that much more entertaining than any other fandoms. Get some juicier stories than character gender/sexuality discourse and maybe this thread has potential. Well, ok, the murder was "juicier", but I mean other shit that people can actually laugh at

Spooky Bones

🍿 pop some corn, folks 🌽
True & Honest Fan
I'd seen whatever this is referred to before but never known what it was, this is the first time my brain didn't read the beginning of the word as "dragon."

Pretty decent OP, you clearly put some effort into it, introduces the topic pretty well. Needs examples/archives of drama and spergery.

Rich Evans Apologist

And thanks for all the braps
True & Honest Fan
If you're looking for content, I suggest looking into DR's effect on the cosplay scene. Really, that's low-hanging fruit; anything that gets cosplayed has some fucking insane, ridiculous drama-llamas involved and shitting freely into it. But it'll give you some visual content to add in. It's above and beyond just some fat guy wearing blackface and dressing up as Akuma, say.

I would also suggest giving perhaps a little more background on the games themselves. For example, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc released in 2010 for the PSP, while the first sequel (Goodbye Despair) is released in 2012 for the same system. Both find their English releases in 2014 on the Vita, before they get ported to PC in 2016. So it is that the series has actually been around for a long fucking time, but has only recently seemed to really explode in popularity. Like, say, a certain beloved manga series.

I would honestly say there's a lot of similarities between the explosion in Jojo's fanfare and DR fanfare; both of them were niche, interesting things that had pretty devoted core fanbases which were slowly but surely infested and overcome by a bunch of fucking morons flooding in to seem cool. There's an "undiscovered" quality to both series (obviously more for jjba) that appeals to fucking weeb hipsters who want to seem cool. As well, both of them are actually... good.

JoJo's was never my cup of tea, but I always respected the love and craft that went into it. DR has fucking killer sountracks by Masafumi Takada, the guy who did work for Killer 7, No More Heroes, God Hand, Earth Defense Force. Its visual style is love-hate, but it's distinct enough to have made a lot of fucking copycats. The game's absurd and ridiculous characters are essentially a spin on the absurd, campy charm of the Ace Attorney series. Some of the voice acting performances, even in English, are absolutely fantastic.

Now, I can't speak much to the fandom. I distance myself in reality from even acknowledging that I enjoy these games, and for reasons other than why I have to do so for most visual novels. But it's important to understand: they're parasites ruining something pretty cool, if an otherwise niche thing.

Tism the Return

( ^ U ^ )
The most remarkable thing about the Danganronpa fanbase (other than its refusal to lay low and die already) is how the homo shipping can and will end people's online history. It was pretty obnoxious when SDR2 came out but something about the post-V3 fanbase seems dedicated to nailing people to the cross for not liking X or Y ship. Didn't someone get doxxed for it months ago?

Hongourable Madisha

Willie Gothipa Madisha
I'd say the Danganronpa fandom had a hand in the decline of Something Awful. Before the English releases of the games, about the only source for English translation was a Let's Play thread by orenronen on Something Awful. Tumblr kids were buying and sharing accounts to follow it, and those that didn't buy an account would wail and moan when the forums' paywall was up. For a while Lowtax ran a "Danganronpa Hunt" in the LP forum where if goons found a SA account that Tumblrinas were sharing, they could report it and get it banned and win a prize for themselves iirc. So more Tumblrinas ponied up for accounts, and brought with them all their nonsense. It had kind of started going downhill before then and there was woke bullshit going back to the 2000s, but having been on SA at the time I'd definitely say that accelerated after the Danganronpa thread got big.


Great idea for an OP but immediately powerleveling about your incest fantasy is kinda weird and you didn't cover any of the community.
I don’t have an incest fantasy, I don’t even have siblings. He’s an interesting character once you take away that part.
Check A&N
At least add some additional materials like images, videos, or external links.
Let me dig some up.
I suggest looking into DR's effect on the cosplay scene. Really, that's low-hanging fruit; anything that gets cosplayed has some fucking insane, ridiculous drama-llamas involved and shitting freely into it. But it'll give you some visual content to add in. It's above and beyond just some fat guy wearing blackface and dressing up as Akuma, say.
any notable people involved?

Rich Evans Apologist

And thanks for all the braps
True & Honest Fan
any notable people involved?
I dunno specifics, just peripherally been aware of it. An image search should give you an idea - looks a lot like any cosplaying scene, sure, but there's always something juicy and specific to be had in those. More for visual flair than anything, and probably crossovers with other cows. But this is all speculation for my part; I learned to avoid going to cons, even with the pithy one around here.

Princess Peaches

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You could spend less time talking about characters in the OP unless they relate to any notable fandom cows or drama. Try and fill the OP with actual drama and horror stories like others have done for MLP for example. Otherwise this comes across as you just complaining about a fandom you’re in and nothing significant to discuss.

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