Danganronpa Fandom - More piss than expected


"ducking r@pe"
What is it with Tumblrtards and censoring every word that seems "triggering"?

Kinda not related, but this boggles the mind, and pisses me off. I think these go together with youtube censoring comments. If you post comments with pg-13 bad words and slurs that may offend people your comment will end up shadow deleted without you knowing it. Seems like it's kowtowing to these people or it's just globalization tactics that these people agree with.

Globalization can suck a dick and hope it dies in a horrible death.


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We know, and you look fucking awful in that cosplay. Or are you just trying to avoid your dilemmas with this #danganpostivity ?
Every time I hear about the fanbase being terrible again it's always because of some deranged zoomer on TikTok, you could probably find god knows how many exceptional individuals if you looked deep enough into the app.


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"ducking r@pe"
What is it with Tumblrtards and censoring every word that seems "triggering"?
A) To bypass twitter word filter
B) To not let random people just search "fucking rape" and find their posts.

Similar can be found in the DreamSMP fanbase, where they censor the youtubers's names.


Lately Aeris has been obsessed with going into children's playgrounds on her tiktok despite being 22...either her autism is getting out of hand or she's going the Mandy route.


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That’s all I can think of for now, lemme know if I need to add shit to this
Correction for the OP:
Bavid isn't an artist.

He is a Komaeda Kinnie and Dolllieguts/Tearzah/Dreamalgia superfan who became her partner.

They LARPed a Final Fantasy House scenario featuring Tearzah's OCs in which the character Bavid represents physically, emotionally, and sexually abuses Teazah's self-insert.

Early this year Tearzah unsurprisingly called him out on twitter for doing exactly that-- as well as on possession of child pornography in the form of nudes solicited from underage partners he was cheating on her with.


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So I heard there was a new Danganronpa game coming out and all I can think of is that their godforsaken community is going to have a spurge out with it. For context, Danganronpa hasn’t had actual “meaningful” content in it for so long, with this new release there will be an increase in autism with shipping and headcannons of fictional characters, again. Also here, have a Reddit post that backs up my point of there being literal 9-year-olds in a game rated 17 and older. https://www.reddit.com/r/danganronp...urce=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


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I like how they act like Nintendo is still a children's console as while kid's play it, the Switch is considered more popular and people have been requesting for DR ports for Switch for awhile

But still weird they admit to getting into these games at ages too young for them.

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Ah yes, the murder-mystery violent game full of insane characters that shouldn't be idolized (and yet they do) and tons of sexual content. The one with a child abuse spinoff and a stellar fanbase full of normal persons. That's exactly what I want little Jimmy to be playing in his Super Bing Bing Wahoo platform.