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Apr 14, 2018
Well I found a pretty retarded Danganronpa fanfic that had been sent to me.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Despair

There is nothing more euphoric than Despair..
Everytime you feel it, you will feel pain and suffering..... And joy.
My patients keep showing those symptoms.
But, you will also act unpredictably. Making more use of that brain of yours.
Right now, its a new year.
And instead of celebrating and "Hoping" for a better year.
We will Despair for a more Despairful year.
The World has already gone down the toilet with what we did to it, but its because the old World is already Hopeless.
We simply made it... Better.

Society has fallen and there is nothing in our path.
We will continue to spread Despair like the joy that it is.
There is nothing wrong with Despair! None!
And my classmates can vouch for that.
And why did I choose to fall into Despair, you ask?
Well, its simple really.
Because as "The Ultimate Psychiatrist", people in Despair will be more unpredictable.
I try to break them even more to see whether or not they become more unpredictable.
But, looks like I have reached my limit.

My patients are showing repeated patterns, one that I wouldn't think to appear when they are in Despair.
"This... Is bad...", I am worried that they have reached their highest point of Despair...
"I.. Will need to find more... Patients...", I call up Junko to tell her that I need more patients for my experiments and research.
She told me that Mukuro would come and help me find any survivors after The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History occured.
But... I don't think just survivors would be enough.
I need someone who is an advocate for Hope to fall into Despair.
That way, they will drastically change their behaviors and allow me to find more research and data from their actions.

But.. Damn it!
We just wiped out the last Hope filled organization, The Future Foundation..
Urgh.. That is a real pain.
But... I wonder if there are some survivors.. Hmm...
They might also be recruiting people to help them try to destroy Despair.. Hah! I would like to see them try!
But, if that is true.
Then there are still some Remnants of Hope...

"That's it, I will find them and turn them into Despair!", I yelled out.
"What do you mean, Kibara?", As if on cue, Mukuro came into my work room.
"Ah! Mukuro! Just in time!", I was quite happy to see her.
"I do Despair that you would listen to me for a few minutes?", I was holding a syringe that contains a drug that would make anyone into a Vegetable, an empty shell.
"Heh, so you're threathening to kill me? And I thought my twin sister was despairful.", Mukuro shrugs it off.
"You know that you need me right? And by killing me you're only making things harder for yourself.", Mukuro assured me.
Yes, I know that I am dependant on Mukuro to get me patients.
But, killing her would only give me Despair.
And I think Junko would agree.
"Heh, you're as stupid as ever, no wonder Junko always like to smack you a lot.", I joked.
"Anyway, what is this thing you want to tell me about?", Mukuro asked.

I put the syringe back into the freezer, to keep it cold.
"Listen Ikusaba, I am afraid there might still be Remnants of Hope roaming around this World.", I told her.
"Hope? Don't make me laugh, we destroyed every last one of them when The Future Foundation fell apart!", Mukuro told me.
"Yes, but we didn't exactly find the bodies of the students of The 78th Class, now did we?", I told her.
After The Future Foundation collapsed, I thought for sure that everyone of those Hope filled people were dead.
Even the entire building of the organization collapsed!
So it was safe to assume that those people died and didn't have a chance of surviving.
But, we never did actually find the bodies of everyone from that organization.
So, there is still a chance that some of them are still alive.
And infecting people with useless Hope!

"Mukuro...", I said.
"Yes?", she replied.
"By chance... Has there been any Hope activity recently?", I asked her a question no one asked in a bajillion years after Future Foundation fell.
"No, Kazuichi is not picking up anything Hope related in the area.", she said.
"Yes, IN THE AREA.. Tell him to increase the range on those radars and try again.", I gave Mukuro a good kick on the shins before saying goodbye.
"Urgh, thanks...", she is smiling on her way out.
So that settles that.
While I wait for Mukuro torturing Kazuichi to make a bigger radar so we can look for Worldwide Hope Activity, I will continue to experiment on my Patients..

"Hmm.. Mukuro used Metal Rods to mess with the brain, didn't she? I might try using that.", I asked her where she put those rods she used on Chisa Yukizome's brain.
Our old teacher.
A shame that she died in the explosion that killed off nearly everyone at The Future Foundation.
She truly was an amazing teacher in Despair.
Oh well, no time to mourn for the dead.
Lets experiment!

"Hmm.. Here? No.. Maybe here?... That only... Killed her... Whoops.", using this thing is a pain in the ass.
I need that book Mukuro has.. Damn it!
Oh well, I guess I just have to randomly guess which part of the brain to lobotomize.
Doing this is kinda relaxing.. Well.. For me.
My patients are just screaming.
Can't they just understand that this is for Psychology?!?

After that whole ordeal is done and dusted, Mukuro came back into my work room and told me that Kazuichi (After some hardcore torture) upgraded the radar and is now scanning for Worldwide Hope Activity.
"That is great! Now, were there any signs of Hope?", I cheerfully said.
"Looks like you're right on the money, Kibara...", there was a blip in the radar.
And they are located in.... Hope's Peak Academy?
"Wait.. Isn't this coming from Hope's Peak?", I asked Mukuro.
"Yeah, looks like they are building a Shelter there.", she said.
"A REAL shelter. And no Mutual Killings.", she sighed.
"So.. That means The Remnants of Hope are in there? Sheltering themselves from the outside and Despairful World?", I shrugged.
"Looks like we gotta teach them a lesson..", I grabbed a weapon that was lying around my table and pointed it towards Mukuro.
"What... Do you think you're doing?", she yelled.
"Relax Ikusaba, I am not going to kill you... You grab your weapons also..", I coldly said.
She rushed out of my room and grabbed her Assault Rifle.

When she came back, she demanded Answers.
"Dels! What are you going to do?", I can see her face being red with anger.
Heh.. Looks like I better tell her what my plan is before she shoots me on the spot.
"Mukuro.. We're going to destroy the Remnants of Hope...", I gave her a devilish smile.
"You're going to... What...?", she seems surprised.
"What? Surprised that I would kill like the rest of you lots?", I told her.
"Listen Ikusaba... I just need patients for my research."
"And The Remnants of Hope.. Well.. They won't be hoping for much longer.."
"They will be the perfect test subjects, since they were consumed with Hope for so long.. Their actions would be far more unpredictable than any regular person filled with Despair..", I gave Mukuro the cold shoulder as I got out of my work room and out of our base of Despairful operations.

Mukuro came rushing out of the building.
"Wait! You can't just attack them yourself!", she rushed towards me.
"That place is still armed with Sis' weapons!"
"Anyone who comes near it will be vaporized!"
And... That just hit me.
Well.. Crap.. I cannot attack Hope's Peak by myself..
Good thing that I have The Ultimate Despairs on my side..

I contacted Junko to tell her that some Remnants of Hope are based on Hope's Peak Academy.
She told me to just "Do something and let my Sister do all the hard work" before she hung up on me.
Oh well, looks like we will be having a meeting with all of The Ultimate Despairs.
Its been a while since I saw most of my class mates, I guess its time for a reunion..


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Aug 4, 2020
So I was surfing through a bunch of video series and I found one that was in French

ever heard of the term: black people?

I ain’t never seen a nigger like this in my life :story:



Aug 4, 2021
My apologies for double posting, but I found the artist.

Nerdygirl311/animelover276. Overall just a shitty artist, possible black person fetishist. He used to make really shitty art of My Little Pony, Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog and various anime that mostly consisted of stolen, poorly edited bases. Which kind of explains why he has a hard time drawing from scratch. But now he's just one of those multifandom gender specials (genderfluid) and also has a weird thing for black people...

His Deviantart

What up, my guys, gals and non-binary pals? My name is Nerdy, I'm genderfluid and I'm the gayest nerd you'll ever meet! My fandom ranges from Disney, to Batman (1992) to Criminal Minds!
My art is a giant mix of fanart, Oc's, Batman designs and dwarfs (Snow White). If you like dis, give that watch button a powerful click!




May 30, 2021
Can we talk about how she was well aware that Mandy was a groomer since at least February? I always found it suspicious that she was the last one to come out and make a post on it despite being the closest to Mandy it seems, guess this explains it. She's willing to cover for pedophiles or at least conceal the truth that he's a child fucker for blackmail.


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Sep 9, 2021
I've adored this series back from 2017 but I always found its growing popularity fascinating but unsurprising, but I do find the early days of the fandom to be interesting for how small scale it was. The series just oozes with an aura of a hot topic gold mine of shitty merch and the ultimates gives potential for awful OCs. I've been apart of a lot of the 4chan /drg/ threads and I've met my fair share of insane people on there. I specifically remembered a discord server with fujos aimed primarily at sharing merch and fan art, but I recall the owner of the server being into shota and wanting to fuck her brother or something. That /vg/ general also had its own /trash/ centric spin off thread for horny posters and cosplayers. I've sorta fallen out of the franchise from a fandom level but I still find myself indulging in the art and revisiting the games, but holy fuck the underaged kids and kinnies and all the terrible awful shit that gets spread around Twitter and the like always makes me disassociate from ever wanting to recommend the games to people lest I accidentally introduce them to the current fandom.

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Aug 12, 2018
Somehow I forgot one of the absolute best insane Danganronpa fan stories, and this is by someone with power as well. Sadly, I don't have any pics of this, but it's a comically open secret.

The guy who owns the r/Danganronpa discord server is a guy named Chen, and Chen is a very interesting character. The server used to have an NSFW section, but they had to split that into a different server because Chen addicted to loli porn. That's his words from what I remember, not mine. His addiction to loli porn was so bad, that it got the server unverified by Discord and nearly got it banned. I also remember he was very into drinking his own cum.


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Aug 4, 2020
y’all. A suggestion for this thread: Dive into the Fanganronpa side more. The OCs are laughable.

Let’s have a Good example.

Here’s the OC:

17… okay.

Female… okay.

SHSL Hooker— wait, what


Aiko Akari




August 17th





SHSL Hooker

> hooker
> 17

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Apr 14, 2018
Found some stuff regarding Hitmax especially since I have a friend who got close to him somehow

First his waifufaggotry where he thinks Chiaki is a real person (makes Justinrpg look more sane)




My friend was kinda autismo in DMs but this retard thinks his fangame is actually a canon product and thinks he'll make an anime






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Aug 4, 2020
in the most technical sense: Chiaki is the only character in DR you can “revive” since she was an AI in the canon… but If anyone told him that he would become a programmer the rest of his life

Doctor of Autism

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Apr 14, 2018
in the most technical sense: Chiaki is the only character in DR you can “revive” since she was an AI in the canon… but If anyone told him that he would become a programmer the rest of his life
The thing is Hitmax's fangame is about his character time traveling to save the DR3 Chiaki who is meant to be a real person in that universe and he acts like she is real the same way Chris Chan acts like his Sonichu characters are real

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