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You should! A lot of people didn't like DR2 (which I can understand) because from the very start it takes a less grounded approach than the first game, but I enjoyed all of the characters more than I did in the first game, and I think the overall plot was more interesting.

The anime's biggest problem is that it took a lot of things from DR2 that were left vague and interesting and gives them really boring explanations.
I appreciate logic, so I can handle if it's a little bit more extreme than the first. So long as the internal logic and characters remain strong.

I think the reason for the animes' failures is because they abridge series known for story details and characterization into 12 episodes, and instead focus on the over-the-top style of it, rather than the internal logic.
Watching the first one, it's painfully clear all they care about are the trials and they gloss over as much as possible to get to them every 2 episodes. And it's not like those are even done well either.
Characters routinely will pull clues out of their ass that were never set up before, at all, for no reason. Totally wrong approach for the style of game it really was.
They went out of their way to make it appear as more style over substance, which baffles me.
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I wasn't a big fan of the DR3 anime either. All the new characters they introduced were really flat and uninteresting for the most part, and the ending felt like something straight out of a fanfic.
I was disappointed that
Kaede died. She was, in my opinion, the most interesting of the DR protagonists because she was a lot more proactive. I would've liked it more if they killed her off later on, so it was more of a shock.
Pretty much everyone was, and will be. I do think the twist is a great one though; can't say the same for the ending.
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3's out on Friday. I'm mostly up to date. Only one I haven't done is Ultra Despair Girls which is different from the others. Curious to experience how it plays.


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I'm still butt madden 16 that this game series beat out Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate in a poll for steam release.
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It is super popular ever since it got re released on the vita with the kids. What did you expect?


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DR1 has a better overall cast imo, but in every other department, SDR2 is leagues better. Much better plot, better writing, far better gameplay, more interesting trials... Honestly, my only issue is down to personal taste- I thought the survivors were a bit weak. Tried playing through Ultra Despair Girls like two times now, but it's 2janky5me. Also barely felt like DR; seemed completely lacking in the dark comedy of the rest of the series. Heard DR3 anime was shit, so I haven't bothered.

Digging NDRV3 though. Shaping up to be my fave of the bunch. We'll see how it goes.
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Are the keyboard controls for the newest one really as awful as the Steam reviews say?
They fucked up the help icons for a few games so you were hitting the wrong keys, but that was fixed.

I played through most of the game with KB/M and it was fine until I ran into some bug that was eating most of my inputs. Fortunately I have several controllers I can use.

In any case, V3 was... a trip I'll say. Interesting characters and a twist I'm still sort of trying to wrap my head around.

They could've chosen a better mastermind, but I guess it fit in the whole sense of the FICTION theme

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One of my favorite things to come out of Japan. My favorite installment is probably 2, but V3 would have had it beat if the ending didn't feel like such an ass-pull (some of V3's characters, like Tenko, are probably my favorites overall.) Kodaka says that he wants there to be a DR4 under another person's leadership, so here's hoping.


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I hear alot of good things from people about this series, but I'm just wondering whats the replayability? You just play it once and finish and then put it away forever?

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I hear alot of good things from people about this series, but I'm just wondering whats the replayability? You just play it once and finish and then put it away forever?
There's some post-game content in all of them that let you fuck around and unlock every character's Free-Time Events (the latest installment is the best at this, with a format that lets you play various minigames, the mandatory FTE-fest, a board game that gives you a bunch of FTE-style skits with the cast of all three games interacting with each other, a light RPG, and some Downy-soft smut), and you can replay the games at a higher difficulty if you want (the latest game also provides "back routes": clever little alternate ways a trial can play out based on strategic bullshitting), but... kind of! That's why I recommend getting the new one on sale unless you're already a hardcore fan of the series.


That's why?

Name one non autistic character from Danganronpa.
My personal favorite moment of autism from the series would have to be this gem from Kazuichi

Kazuichi: I see...so THAT'S how Nekomaru fell to his death...

Hajime (frustratedly): Do you FINALLY understand now?

Kazuichi (depressedly): YEAH...it appears it's just as Miss Sonia said...
I'm just a pest...no, I'm not just a pest...I'm a total fucking PIG...(cue Junk Food For A Dashing Youth)...ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MISS SONIA?‽ IF I'M A FUCKING PIG, YOU CAN SAY SO!!!

Sonia (CLEARLY sarcastically): No, I believe you gave your all!




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