Danganronpa Series - aka Demented Animatronic Bear Gets People Murdered: the Game


I think Mondo just kinda lost control of himself. Chihiro calling him strong set off a trigger regarding how he felt towards his brother. It wasn’t an intentional murder, which is partly why I hate his execution so much.

Also Chihiro wasn’t trans, he just dressed like a girl because it made him feel more comfortable that way. Him asking Mondo to help him work out was his way of trying to overcome that, so that he could bulk up and start looking more masculine.


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So 2 of my least favorite characters were killed off today, Hifumi should have known better to keep his distance from Celestia, especially after seeing how easily it is to be manipulated like what happened to Makoto in Trial 1.

Celestia basically presented herself as a manipulative bitch but no, Hifumi was too stupid for his own good, Monokuma made it clear that accomplices don't win. I'm glad she died an ironic death by being run over by a firetruck.
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Anyplace to go and download save files for Danganronpa 1 (PC)? Lost my save file and now I have to redo the whole game again, don't wanna do that.

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Recently I finally completed V3, so I feel like typing out this giant-ass rambly masterpost.

The worst one of the three games, it's honestly not even a contest. It does get major points for being the first one. Some of the things I really enjoyed about the first game is the oppressive atmosphere which I feel like the latest entries didn't quite capture and the more grounded, "iconic" cast.

The characters:

Makoto Naegi - absolute wet blanket of the character, and the one of the characters that really emphatizes one of my least favourite things about the series. That being said I can't fault him for being an enthusiastic hope-filled idiot 4/10

Kyoko Kirigiri - a really good character which is supposed to bring Makoto down to earth from his bullshit sometimes, has a really nice backstory, and overall gets some good development. She is a bit Mary Sue-ish but she is still the second best girl in the game 8/10

Byakuya Togami
- a giant anti-hero asshole who arguably has a heart of gold? Something I really don't appreciate about him is how he never truly gets called out for his bullshit aside from the fourth trial, but he brings some really interesting chemistry to the trials and is arguably one of the smartest characters in the game aside from Kyoko 8/10

Toko Fukawa
- really cool idea for a character which I felt like was a bit squandered, considering after the second trial she doesn't do much else, that being said she gets some of the funniest moments in the game and her character really shines in Ultra Despair Girls, 6/10 for DR1 and 8/10 for UDG

Aoi Asahina
- a really cute, sweet girl who doesn't know any better, she is a bit bland but probably the most normal character in the game and she has wonderful interactions with the rest of the cast 7/10

Yasuhiro Hagakure
- oh boy, where do I even start? Complete fucking doofus and a major asshole (if you play his FTE you'll know what I am talking about) but he is also the funniest character in the game, I mean that entire spiel about Kyoko being a ghost in chapter 5 is the funniest shit ever 7/10

Sayaka Maizono
- sadly she is a only a plot device, so you don't really get to know her that well, the waifu-baiting would go on to be a lot better executed in DR2 and V3 than here 3/10

Leon Kuwata
- kind of funny, but overall he is just kind of a boring dick, that being said 11037 still gets me to giggle (especially considering the series itself dumps on it) so he is automatically better than Sayaka 4/10

Chihiro Fujisaki
- another waifu (husbando?) bait character, a real cinnamon roll type and if you actually didn't feel sad when he died you are pretty heartless 6/10

Mondo Owada
- he is a great yin to Chihiro's yang (the duality between those two characters is one of the best things about the second trial), has a good tragic backstory and overall probably my second favourite motive in the first game 6/10

Kiyotaka Ishimaru
- you say Chihiro is the cinnamon roll of DR1? well you are wrong, because this guy is, and he does it way better than Chihiro, he is the first character I befriended in the game and the other characters always shitting on him made me feel really bad because he always tried his best ;_; he didn't deserve his fate, best boy of DR1 9/10

Hifumi Yamada
- what you see is what you get with Hifumi, he is a fat weeb and if you like fat weebs (like me) you'll enjoy him at least somewhat 6/10

Celestia Ludenberg
- what a giant waste of an interesting character, I haven't gotten into the trials yet but the third trial completely ruins everything about her character and has the worst motive in the game, fuck her 4/10

Sakura Ogami
- one of the BEST characters in the series, she is also someone who tried her hardest, and she also has the best motive out of everybody ;_; WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE 10/10

Mukuro Ikusaba
- THE 16TH STUDENT IS HIDING SOMEWH- you know the drill, also considering her FTE she seemed like an alright person, but eh, just another plot device 3/10

Junko Enoshima
- i saved the best for last because HOLY SHIT JUNKO IS THE LITERAL WORST like what the fuck were they thinking with her?????? i mean her personality switching shtick is kind of funny but she is ridiculously obnoxious and quite possibly my least favourite thing in the ENTIRE series holy shit die junko/10

The cases:

1 case - it's alright, i'll excuse it because it's a tutorial case, and it does wrap up pretty nicely, but the 11037 thing just completely annihilates any sense of mystery if you are not braindead 5/10

2 case
- this is where the steam really begins to pick up, very interesting case with the whole room switcheroo, but how did Buakuya never get called out on tampering with the FUCKING CRIME SCENE? they all just kind of brush it off, also poor taka ;_; 7/10

3 case
- this is the WORST trial in the entire series, what the fuck were they thinking with this one? not only is the plan completely exceptional, relies on a ton of coincidences, and transparent, it also completely ruins Celestia's character by having her go full exceptional individual in the middle of the trial. This woman is supposed to LIE well, she is the ULTIMATE GAMBLER, how does she collapse under pressure from fucking MAKOTO????? also the motive is trash "lol i want a castle" fuck you game 1/10

4 case
- this is my personal case in the first game, it all just comes together so nicely, and I love how the first theory you propose during the trial is correct, and you spend the remainder of it eliminating all the other possibilities. certain characters are at their stupidest during the trial and it's for all the better. the motive is really good and I felt really bad for Aoi in the end even though she did try to basically murder us 9/10

5 case
- not really anything to write about, this is entirely a plot device case, the murder itself is a bit cool but eh 4/10

6 case
- a complete trash fire of an ending, this one is so bad it echoes in DR2's ending and makes it worse, the hope/despair shit is incredibly gay, the memory loss plot twist can be seen from a mile away, it moves at a glacial pace, and in the end you just don't feel like you've reall accomplished anything considering the entire trial is just Junko spoonfeeding you the answer, HOW THE FUCK DID A HIGHSCHOOL GIRL START AN APOCALYPTIC EVENT THIS IS SO FUCKING STUPID the junko reveal was p cool tho 2/10

I am still debating on whether this one is better than V3, I like the cast of this game the best and I feel like it's the one Danganronpa game where all the characters contribute something to a trial, it's ending is miles above DR1 and the cases get a lot smarter as well. Another thing that's very enjoyable is how the game plays on your expectations from the first game and subverts them, especially with Nagito.

The characters:

Hajime Hinata - the best protagonist of the series, and the only one I felt connected to. I guess it does depend heavily on the fact that he is the only non-"special snowflake" person in the whole game, but I felt like he was the only protagonist that had the same thoughts as me over the course of the whole game and had the best progression out of all of them 9/10

Chiaki Nanami
- Kyoko 2.0 (now even more perfect!). But the thing is, Kyoko had actual flaws and weaknesses and wasn't a literal PERFECT AI, Chiaki is. Overall I thought she was kind of boring despite the fact that she contributed to the trials a lot. Sometimes the character is just too perfect to like 6/10

Nagito Komaeda
- one of the most fun Danganronpa characters, a complete wild card with hope out of the bazoo, he is also fantastic satire of the first game's protagonist Makoto and a very good red herring (see how his name is almost an anagram of Makoto Naegi?). Of course the fifth trial is something that heavily elevates this character for me 9/10

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
- secret best boy of the second game, a yakuza who doesn't want to kill people, he is someone who doesn't add a whole lot to the trials but instead contributes to the character interactions, the second trial is where his character really starts to shine and it doesn't stop until the very end. You didn't have to slit your own stomach, dude ;_; 9/10

Akane Owari
- the worst and most boring character in the game by far, how did she survive until the last trial again? She gets no actual character progression (even after Nekomaru's fake death where she finally gets a chance to start to change, they choose to use the stupid despair disease thing instead) and feels very out of place especially in the last trials with all the forced jokes "haha i am a dumb musclehead", somehow both a diet Nekomaru and Aoi 2/10

Sonia Nevermind
- best girl of DR2, she constantly stays entertaining the whole way through, has some of the funniest lines in the game, is overall one of the smartest characters to actually help you and the whole Sonia/Gundham/Kazuichi love triangle is one of the most memorable character related parts of the game for me 9/10

Kazuichi Soda
- probably the funniest character in the game overall, this is what Akane should have been - a great comic relief to take some tension off during the trial, and an overall bro if you spend your time with him, poor fucker got cucked by Gundham lmao 8/10

Ultimate Impostor
- a cool guy who just wants everybody to get along, and a cool plot twist all in one, this is someone I wish stayed in the game a bit longer 7/10

Teruteru Hanamura
- a huge perv, obnoxiously so. Kazuichi is a better perv character, so Teruteru just doesn't have anything left for him 5/10

Mahiru Koizumi
- another character I really wish stayed in the game, this is somebody who synergized very well with Hajime and was a nice contrast to the rest of the kooky cast, and while her dying was telegraphed very heavily it was still a shock to me because I thought she would be this game's Kyoko 8/10 underrated imo

Peko Pekoyama
- ironically a character that exists only to drive Fuyuhiko's character forward. She does get points for the second trial's last scenes 6/10

Ibuki Mioda
- oh Ibuki, you precious little angel, you ;_; A bit on the "penguin of doom" side, this is still somebody who made a smile on my face appear every time she was on screen doing her wacky shenanigans 7/10

Hiyoko Saionji
- obnoxious as fuck, and she never truly gets better, even after her FTE. That being said unlike Akane she is an actual character. Why did you have to dunk on Mikan so much tho? 3/10

Mikan Tsumiki
- sweet to a fault, this is somebody who also got their character completely obliterated by the third trial, see a pattern yet? Quite possibly the worst motive in the game, she really didn't deserve that. Her FTE made me feel really bad for her 6/10

Nekomaru Nidai
- this guy is a giant bro, and way smarter than he looks. His FTE's reveal a lot about why he does things the way he does. The poop jokes got really annoying 8/10

Gundham Tanaka
- the wackiest boy, and a second best boy. Entertaining as fuck, cool design, has an adorable soft side and cucks Kazuichi BEFORE DYING AND GOING TO HEAVEN. If you don't think Gundham is the shit get out of my face 9/10

The cases:

1 case - this case already shows a lot of promise especially compared to the first game. The motive is good, solving the mystery is engaging, and it's overall a good case to get you accustomed to the game's brand of bullshit. Also I never had a problem with MEAT ON THE BONE for some reason 7/10

2 case - one of the saddest cases in the franchise, this is the one to REALLY elevate Fuyuhiko. That being said the actual mystery is not as interesting IMO and the "i was actually a tool!" argument is incredibly silly 8/10

3 case - oh boy, oh boy, the third case is the worst yet again! What a twist! And once again, a certain character gets completely ruined by it! Worst motive in the game by far (they really should have not used the motive for explaining the Ultimate Despair shit) gets balanced out by an overall alright mystery unlike in the first game 5/10

4 case - THE FUNHOUSE! Probably the most "fun" location out of any of the murders in the series, figuring out the secret of the Funhouse is well, really fun, if a bit simple (have you had enough of the word fun yet?). The motive is great and suits Gundham very well. I like this case perhaps a bit more than I should. THE FUCKING RUSSIAN ROULETTE WITH 5 BULLETS 9/10

- this is THE BEST case of the entire franchise. Even if you figure out that Nagito commited suicide, you are not prepared for the next curveball the game throws at you. The entire concept of an "unsolveable" murder is fantastic and the way Nagito incorporates his ultimate bullshit luck talent into it is fantastic as well 10/10 I LOVE THIS TRIAL

6 case
- a massive step-up from the ending of the first game, but I still feel like it's massive lost potential. I already said the first game's ending hangs over this one and I do mean it. The hope/despair bullshit gets through once again, but it's used way better this time, and instead of "uwu friendship" it has a great message of "you choose your own path in life". That being said it could have been handled with more tact considering Hajime turning super saiyan and encouraging all his friends feels like anime bullshit yet again even though it's not that. 7-8/10

So V3 (or 53, you fucking cunts wow) is the most controversial out of all the Danganronpa games. Some people hate it, while others love it. Which camp do I fall in? The latter one. I feel like this game has the best character interactions (even though I think DR2's cast is better), the most rounded out mysteries, the best ending, the best presentation, and the best OST

The characters:

Shuichi Saihara - a quiet, shy guy, who keeps getting better as the game goes and shines the brightest during the ending. Overall I wouldn't say he is that interesting (once again, until the ending) but he is still a lot better than Makoto, but not as good as Hajime. 7/10

Kaede Akamatsu
- would have been best girl candidate if she was the true protagonist, she is really bursting with quirkiness and personality and would have made for a very enjoyable protagonist. Ultimately I don't think the game's message would have been as good as if she didn't die 8/10

- he is slightly boring (his ultimate ability is him being uh... him?) but a very well meaning character who always tries his best. Also another character besides Shuichi to really get elevated by the ending 8/10

Maki Harukawa
- the Kyoko of this game, but done better than Kyoko. The way she warms up eventually during all the character events is fantastic and it's something that Kyoko didn't have the luxury to have. She acts really dumb during the 5 trial tho 9/10

Himiko Yumeno
- so uh, best girl of the whole series? I honestly have no idea why I like Himiko as much as I do. From the start I really enjoyed her design, attitude, and even the shitty magic jokes were so bad they looped around to being good. But after the third trial she gradually changes for the better and it's the cutest shit ever. How the fuck did she survive to the end tho 10/10

Rantaro Amami
- I suspected this fucker from the start of being someone shady, and that's why him being a first victim really surprised me. Overall he doesn't get much spotlight in the game aside from being the Ultimate Survivor, but his FTE events in the Salmon mode reveal him to be a chill, if wary, guy. 7/10

Ryoma Hoshi
- a character who is as funny as he is tragic. His past is utterly ridiculous and interesting and he filled the niche of being the adult of the group very well. I actually think his death at the second trial was kind of a waste of a character, one of the only deaths I think of that way 9/10

Kirumi Tojo
- "look, I am a maid! I am so devoted and shit" <= her entire character until the second trial. Her execution and freakout was one of the most shocking moments of the series tho and she is overall quite pleasant 5/10

Angie Yonaga
- is annoying. Very annoying in fact. The "Atua" shtick got tired after the first hour and she doesn't have anything else going for her. That being said, she is a fun character to hate and good job on destroying the flashback lights! You were right on that one! 6/10

Tenko Chabashira
- another one-trick pony like Angie, but unlike Angie, she actually begins to be a good character inbetween the second and third trial. Sadly she dies soon afterwards, oops! Best expressions in the series btw 7/10

Korekiyo Shinguji
- quiet and batshit, I quite enjoyed him until the (drum roll) THIRD trial! The third trial curse strikes once again! But considering he was already pretty crazy until that, I still mostly like him 7/10

Miu Iruma
- there hasn't been a character quite like this in the entire series, that's for sure. A complete onslaught of sex and crazy shit follows her like a trail. Her motive in the fourth trial was weak, but I still love you, you sex maniac ;_; Also her love hotel scene was (mostly) surprisingly sweet 8/10

Gonta Gokuhara

Kokichi Oma
- hands down the smartest character of the whole series. Compared to Nagito, who is just crazy, this motherfucker calculated his own murder, wrote a giant script, and convinced EVERYBODY he was a mastermind just to end the killing game. He is fun to hate AND fun to love, god bless you Kokichi 10/10

Kaito Momota
- another candidate for best boy. He is literally Kamina, someone that always believes and wants others to believe. He has fantastic interactions in trials with Kokichi and his death and romance with Maki is one of the saddest moments in the game.nHe is also kind of dumb lol 8/10

Tsumugi Shirogane
- so uh, there is nothing to talk about regarding her besides the ending, which is kind of the point? Still, she sucks REALLY bad before that. After her motives get revealed she becomes the best villain of the series 2/10 before the ending, 8/10 during it

The cases:

1 case - oh boy, this one is a doozy. Compared to 1 and 2's tutorial cases, this one lets you know right off the bat the game is not going to fuck around. Some people really don't like the main twist, but I think it's one of the best ones to showcase the game's main theme of "truth/lie" and to set up Shuichi's character development. The actual murder is pretty crazy shit as well 7/10

2 case
- best boy dies ;_; it's also a very cool setup, magic tricks always make for very interesting mysteries and the murder is crazy once again. My only issue is why did she use gloves when she could have just slid it off slowly? Cool if a bit hamfisted motive 8/10

3 case
- worst case time! BUT this time it's actually good! THE SEESAW TRICK is some unbelieveable bullshit and the concept of there being two murderers makes this a very cool trial. That being said I feel like that said concept is wasted potential and it would have been amazing to see the group handle two murderers with only one of them being executed 7/10

4 case
- this case has a bad first half, but the second half more that makes up for it. It's also one of the saddest cases in the franchise and the voice actor for Gonta and Kokichi do an especially amazing job during this trial. 9/10

5 case
- it's another unsolvable murder! Kokichi is a genius for coming up with this one. The one thing that really brings this trial down for me is that the characters (Shuichi in particular, HOW DID YOU NOT FIGURE OUT WHAT HE IS TRYING TO DO YOU MONGOLOID) act really dumb during it, but the concept and the murder itself more than make up for it 8/10

6 case
- so this is the infamous ending, huh? Well let me preface this by saying that I truly despise the ending to DR1, and this ending shitting all over that game's ending feels VERY good. Shuichi rejecting both hope and despair (thank fucking god I was getting sick of it after they introduced the spaceship flashback light) is his biggest highlight as a character. It has the most hopeful (heh) epilogue out of all the Danganronpa games (I actually got really emotional during it) and the best moral out of them all - fiction can change reality. 10/10
wow that was a fucking doozy to type out, hope you enjoy my lackluster thoughts
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