DangerDoberman / Brandon Vongthongthip / DD / WILDWULF - Homicidal dog fucker, born again but still draws bestiality


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I had a bitch of time deciding what label to put ole' DangerDoberman here under but finally settled on Horror given the content he feels the need to grace the world with. I think we'll start with the man before we get into his online lifestyle given it's been stated that art imitates life and this unique individual took that a bit too literally.

Brandon Vongthongthip loves his dog Rocky. A lot. So much in fact that he has over 200 accounts of sexual abuse and assaults associated with said dog over the course of 4-5 years. He was caught after uploading photos of him violating his dog and posting them online. The Humane Society came in and saved the dog and Brandon served a year in jail, had to pay a 500$ fine and had to undergo sex offender treatment...all while not be allowed any interactions with his Pitbull Rocky because why the fuck would anyone allow him to in the first place.
Here's some archived new articles about it;
Of course what's another animal fucker here on the Farms? A drop in piss in bucket and all that jazz. No no, this one's a furry, too! And oh boy does he have some fucked up art. Let's look at some because I love traumatizing you guys.
Now as fucked up as it sounds this is the stuff that isn't bestiality because that's what he primarily draws and there's a shit ton of it. He's huge into anatomically correct female and male dogs, mostly ones from your childhood and oversized genitals. Most are feral. Some talk. Here's a link to a bunch if you want to 'research' it some more yourself.
I did warn you.

Now this disturbed artist/scumbag/waste of space was doing all of this stuff while boning his dog and long after it had happened, too. Now unlike a lot of his other fellow disgusting perverted animal fucking friends he had an outlet where he could continue to be a pervert as long as he wasn't interacting with live animals; he was even sculpting clay models of animal genitals and selling them because of course he was. It seemed like he could dodge the arrow as long as he didn't come into the watchful eyes of the law.

So naturally he fucked up again.

Hilariously enough he didn't get in trouble for fucking a dog again. No, this time he was arrested for attempted homicide because he's fucking insane and just happens to be one of those gun nuts always looking for a chance to shoot at people under any guise from self defense to he was coming right towards me.
Details in the arrest in question; it's pretty damn sad and funny.

Brandon and his associate Shane Tebo (who has been pointed out as a fellow freak by the name of Pokey Pony) decided to be heroes by running someone who they thought was driving under the influence off the road, attempted to take their keys and then opened fire on them, unprovoked, striking an innocent man in the chest who thankfully survived. Naturally Tebo, being possibly somewhat saner of the two, shot into the engine while Brandon straight up opened fire on the driver. Now Brandon was being changed with attempted homicide.
Now during all this Brandon had been working on a smutty, furry and of course dog laden comic by the name of BoneBury.

It's got a heavy-handed vibe from the point in history where blacks were slowly being integrated into society; whereas the white people are all dogs and the black people are horses. I mean he calls the guy a 'nicker' so he clearly saw this as clever. And he like horse dicks.
Brandon was working on this comic right up until that point where he got his ass in trouble with the whole 'I almost murdered someone for no reason' incident. People started asking when the updates started to dwindle about what had happened to DangerDoberman and that's when the whole attempted homicide thing came out into the open. A few days later he was back out of jail; this is where things get a little spotty. He posted a massive journal update on his Inkbunny account and then a few weeks later deleted it, but we'll get to that. Luckily someone saved his God rant.
"Danger here!

Recent events has brought me to a place in my life where I've never been before. So I hope to share my experience with all of you, and hope those with ears will listen and those with eyes will see the bigger picture that goes beyond all the smut and garbage that really does bring down this fandom as a whole.

This whole shooting incident with that drunk maniac was a blessing in a lot of ways or me. It made me realize that I can't get through life anymore being the best at drawing certain pornographic material. You all know what I am good at and what I am lacking, but above everything I was lacking true happiness and spiritual fulfillment. Yes I'm talking about God. Regardless of what you believe, this is what I know must be done, as the Lord has been telling me all along, and continually giving me a way out of this life of sin and worshiping porn and attention and popularity and seeking affirmation from others when all I needed was the Lord's affirmation. God must come first before ANYTHING else, including my dogs, my mate, my fans, and even myself. Believe me when I tell you that I myself did not EVER want to get out of this lifestyle; to just not draw porn; believing myself as a popular artist would end because I no longer draw porn. It was a trap by Satan and the demons that have been living inside me, controlling me to believing in such nonsense. It took all of my strength to go to church today, and after service talk to the reverend about my demons and what I'm into and to help me receive the Lord into my life and to do works that are please to him and to help others with my art. So we prayed, and I cried, and we prayed some more until I felt a huge weight lifted off of me. I no longer care for the popularity and the porn and garbage life I was so bent on maintaining. I have been blessed and am continually blessed for doing so.

I know most of you just watch me for my porn, and frankly don't give a shit about me as a person or what I do with my life, so you are free to leave as I too feel it would be best if you would go away. Those of you who cared to even read this far, whether you will continue to stick with me and watch me in my journey or not, I thank you. Go or stay I will love you all the same. I only hope you too will see the errors of your ways an see that all this smut is destroying your soul. If you care nothing for your soul then I pray that you will one day see the light, and that God's wrath won't be the wake up call you need as he did with me and my mate Shane.

I can no longer feed others addiction to the smut and porn and wickedness in their lives. I am causing others to stumble and enabling sin and wickedness and it's pretty much like a drug dealer. I supply an addiction, and that is porn no matter what the material is. Also the fact that there are underage children that have access to sites like this and see the things that cause them to stumble and to be morally and sexually messed up and become such fucked up deviants that are into a lot of messed up things. Whether or not it's unintentional, kids do see the shit I post, WE post on here, and I won't quote the Bible here, but there are references about causing innocent minds to stumble and straying them from a righteous path. A loving path.

True it's your life, do with it as you will, but I've accept that it's NOT what "I" want in life. I want to draw porn and shit, but I know that God is in control no matter how much we perceive to be in control. It's a fantasy. Our future is already laid out for us, and it's our choice to follow him in his perfect path for us or wander astray an die in a desolate place. Sure these things bring us short term pleasure, but it doesn't last. Day after day you crave more and more and it's never enough. It's like filling a bucket with holes in it. You keep trying to fill the bucket but it never gets full. In the end it will always be empty, much like how I felt. I'd rather much be given everything I ever wanted in the house of the Lord for all eternity than to have very brief and temporary satisfaction in this life. I'm not trying to convert anyone or tell you all to stop. That's between you and God and whether or not you can see the truth in it all.

I was in a very dark place despite being popular and it made me feel good for a little while after posting an image folks seem to love, but I kept wanting to draw more and more to get more and more attention from people; people who by no offense are really nothing in the grand scheme off things. Even outside of my art with my other jobs all I did was seek approval of others, and to get their affirmation that I was talented and doing a great job when really I myself KNOW I am talented and do great work in ALL that I do. But my old lifestyle will soon be in the past to learn from and hopefully teach others. There's a lot of actual talent on these sites besides myself that can do greater things in life than do porn for furries. I have several names that come to mind of members on here that can be great.

Let me be clear that I am not going to stop drawing or get rid of my characters, so I still own all my characters so don't think you can steal them. Not like you could because I have them all protected so I could actually sue the fuck out of you if you did. Anyway...my art will now take a huge shift and it will be intended to be out of love and to hopefully help others that feel somewhat how I do or am going through the same things. My Bonebury comic will be revised and more suited for everyone, and I also have other story plots in the works. I have several song written and plan on getting into music and what not, but that's later down the line.

I know it hard to contemplate a life without this porn. Even considering deleting all my porn from my accounts and destroying all porn I have saved made me so sick I couldn't even stand where I was left lying on the floor trying to regain control from having anxiety attacks. Classic withdrawal symptoms if you ask me, but I am now over it. I will soon light my fire-pit and burn everything that has brought me temporary joy for the past 10+ years. I know this is what the Lord wishes me to do, and you can bash me and hate me all you want; that's just proof I'm doing that right thing. Even Jesus through all his works was persecuted and bashed and hated and then was killed, but he did not ever renounce his faith. I no longer have doubts that God exists, because I see him working in mine and my mate's life so profoundly that he can not be denied. We were at the precipice of losing EVERYTHING, but instead after confessing and allowing myself to be given to him completely, I was let out of jail and able to get a good job and all my things back and now I've been given the strength to do this. This is my test and I will NOT fail it.

I could continue this well over the 100,000 character mark, but I won't do that as I'm sure most won't have even read this far. I do hope that I can now rid myself of useless people in my life that were enabling and encouraging my addiction and don't really give a shit about anything but porn. I hope to start gaining and knowing true people of faith and people that will not bring me back into the darkness again. I only pray that others will follow my example, but that's their decision. Sooner or later God will punish you for whatever reason, and instead of asking why, take it as a blessing and find the silver-lining in everything, because everything does happen for a reason whether you like it or believe it or not. Those who stick around I thank you, and you will see me become greater than I have ever been. My work must be brought out of the darkness and into the light where it can be seen by all and not just the trolls and the demons lurking in the shadows, that even now continue to attempt to draw me back. Don't waste your time, I'm not going back.

I also want to say I hold no grudges against anyone any longer. Even those who have attempted to destroy me and curse me and say negative things; I forgive you all.

Take care and God Bless."

So, turning over a new leaf, becoming a better person and no longer indulging in sick, perverse animal porn? Sounds noble. He even went back to BoneBury and turned it into just a comic, no sex, and lo and behold he had changed, never again returning to whence he came.

Haha, no, he was trying to sell clay molded dog vaginas as early as six days later. He did go on a purge, though, deleting everyone who called him out and disagreed with him, going so far as the get suspended from FurAffinity.

Delusional to a T he believes that if he deletes the God rant about not making porn it's now null and void. His ego knows no bounds, too...he spent six months trying to convince everyone that he was clean and legit now. No more porn and being a good little vassal of God. His actions, however, speak otherwise. The main reason I even did this thread is starting this month he's doing porn again because he realized no one was going to pay him for clean stuff. So God be damned the world needs his porn far, far more than he needs his sanity. I'll leave you with a nice little salt mine of choice comments straight from the dogfucker either being salty, bitchy or forgetting he's supposedly not attracted to dogs anymore.


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Brandon and his associate Shane Tebo (who has been pointed out as a fellow freak by the name of Pokey Pony) decided to be heroes by running someone who they thought was driving under the influence off the road, attempted to take their keys and then opened fire on them, unprovoked, striking an innocent man in the chest who thankfully survived. Naturally Tebo, being possibly somewhat saner of the two, shot into the engine while Brandon straight up opened fire on the driver. Now Brandon was being changed with attempted homicide.
When I was reading this thread, I thought this guy was Nick Bate but with dogs. But then I saw this and realized that this guy's on a whole other level of fucked up.


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When I was reading this thread, I thought this guy was Nick Bate but with dogs. But then I saw this and realized that this guy's on a whole other level of fucked up.

Well, Nick is in prison probably for the rest of his short and miserable life, whereas this guy may or may not be back out and on the prowl pretty soon.


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Oh wow, The farms didn't have a thread on WildWulf yet? That dude's a piece of work. I remember that when this went down, his brother (who is also a furry) expressed concern about the dog being put down in a post.
Well my Brother was arrested. you all know wildwulf well if you dont he IS my brother and the best one i have. he was arrested yesterday afternoon because someone tipped the police AND news off that he was Abusing our dog rocky. a cute lil pit bull (Look in my gallery) well....he was...he will be held for 3 months for Evaluation. and then i dont know where it will go from there...im so lost right now. Hes a furry like me. he is into the things im into we have so much in common and now i fear for him. fear for what he might do once he gets Discharged...the day he was arested Albertsons called and said he got the job. not anymore T.T i wanna help him....if anyone can help please....please do. i want my dog back before he gets put down V.V
Unfortunately, the best I could find on this is an old vivisector forum post from 2010 because the the original journal has been deleted.
Edit: Helps if I source https://forums.vivisector.org/index.php?topic=198.0

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This dude still owns a dog? The name is different from the articles. Hope the poor dog isn't traumatized. :(
I remember reading a story someone posted on the /cow/ board on n0chan (long dead chan site) several years ago about how they used to babysit these two brothers and the older one (about 12-13) had severe behavioral problems which included not only him molesting his hamsters and threatening the babysitter with a hammer, but also raping their male dog in the bathtub which then wouldn't eat or drink anything afterwards and had to be put down


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The 2016 Arizona case regarding the alleged DUI shooting is still ongoing for both Brandon and Shane, Brandon's supposedly won't proceed until next year according to Shane.

On March 5-7, the state of Oregon began working to issue a nationwide warrant with unlimited extradition for Brandon regarding a probation violation relating to the hundreds of rapes of his dog he plead guilty to in 2009. The state of Arizona executed the warrant on Brandon and he has been in Fugitive of Justice hearings from late March to early June relating to that.

According to Brandon's Twitter account, he was in jail since March 14th and he was extradited from Arizona to Oregon in early June, and someone (Shane most likely) started selling off all of Brandon's possessions (including his "murrsuit"), supposedly at his behest to help pay for an attorney. On June 12th someone on the Twitter account claimed that the state of Oregon had not charged Brandon and was trying to "make murrsuits, fursuit sex and furry adult artwork fall under bestiality laws and a felony sex offender status." On June 21st, the Twitter account lamented that Brandon had allegedly been sentenced to two years in prison, and could face 10+ years for the Arizona shooting whenever that finally gets settled.

His probation violation hearing was indeed on June 21st and it looks like they revoked both probations. On June 22nd there was a judgment of probation and his case is currently listed as inactive. Thanks to @zedkissed60 for sifting through this, he also was unable to find Brandon in the county jail or the Oregon prison system, and there was a hearing back in Arizona on June 28th which Brandon likely attended, so it seems Brandon is not in prison, contrary to what his Twitter account claimed.

On July 8th, Shane blamed Brandon's dog rapes in part on autism, he also claims the man Brandon shot stole the van he was driving from a "mother with 6 kids" and had punched a nurse in the face sometime before their encounter. He also supposedly knows the man had a "fatty liver" at the age of 26 but kept drinking. The man's family supposedly "got him off" all of these charges, Shane blames "white privilege."

As an indicator that Brandon did just get off with probation again, Shane also said that both he and Brandon were leaving the furry fandom and that Shane was going to delete all of their accounts and Shane would repay any owed "x-rated" commission money when he is "back on [his] feet."
"He's letting me sell his fursuit"
"Anyone know where I can auction off a murrsuit"
"Still no ETA on Dangers release from jail.
On the contrary what the state of Oregon is NOW trying to do while they hold him in custody on no charges is an make murrsuits,fursuit sex and furry adult artwork fall under bestiality laws and a felony sex offender status.
Fuck Oregon."
Looks like the murrsuit ended up selling for $355. http://archive.md/bLOVt
On July 8th, Shane tried to white knight him and blamed Brandon's animal rapes on autism and childhood abuse. He also claims the Arizona shooting and other things happened because of him, and that he told Brandon to hold the guy at gunpoint and Brandon shot because the evil drunk guy was trying to hit Shane with the van he stole from a "mother with 6 kids" and his family had "just got him off a charge for punching a nurse in the face." Shane blames "white privilege." The hundreds of animal abuses and rapes are also said by Shane to be a lie and that nobody knows the 'real' facts, and he and Brandon are officially ragequitting the furry fandom and Shane is nuking all of their sites.
Danger shot that guy protecting me. He had his gun drawn because of me. He was protecting me from a guy with blood alcohol level of .453 in a van he stole from a mother with 6 kids.
He was so drunk the paramedics had to induce him into a coma to keep him from dying from alcohol poisoning,not the gunshot wound.

This all after his family just got him off a charge for punching a nurse in the face that was trying to help him,and he was told he needed to stop drinking from already having a fatty liver at 26 years old.

And now his family got him off the DUI and aggravated assault too.

There is your white privilege,but contrary to what many believe any privilege is mainly for the wealthy,powerful or family of such. Believe it or don't
Hello, this is Dangers mate Shane here and I would like to clear up some things pertaining to Dangers art, posts and behavior in the past (especially the past 2 years) so there is a basic understanding of things for his fans or online friends that actually care about him and his personal situation.
First of all for people that don't know this Danger is on the autism spectrum.

He is highly functioning and able to work and hold a job and drive and all of those things, and being on that spectrum is also the reason why he is so artistic and can draw and sculpt and weld and just build anything or create anything he sets his mind to artistic or creatively.

Where he Lacks is in communication, he may come off as arrogant and as a jerk to some people, especially online, but that is just one of his issues that's not really his fault.

From a young age he was never given the proper education or help that he needed and he was physically and emotionally abused and worse.

Your opinion may vary but I feel that burden and that issue falls on his parents who failed him in that regard and continue to fail him to this day.

And I don't hate his parents, and I have no feelings of ill-will towards them and neither does he, in fact he still loves and protects them from all of this, but yes,I feel if you want somebody to direct your blame at for having sex with a dog then you need to go be talking to Det and Kathy Vongthongthip and ask them why they allowed all their children to be abused in various horrible ways, and their eldest son to have sexual conversations with furries and zoophiles online starting at 14 and then being groomed into having a sexual relationship with the dog for them to just later deny any accountability or responsibility for what happened to Danger and to throw him away like garbage when it all started at birth and with them, their various drug and alcohol use, and popping out kids while living inside a blazer and traveling from town to town like gypsies living in sheds and Shacks with five kids with no parental supervision, guidance or love or proper education or treatment for special needs.

What kind of kids do you expect?

Their all lucky to be alive.....oh btw,which of the children was the most successful you ask? Danger.

Regardless of how you feel about beastiality his experience into it was cultivated in a house and place where parents are supposed to be monitoring their minor children and protecting them from sexual predators, but that was not the case. The case was them and they allowed it to happen, knew it was happening and then did nothing to stop it, and then later down the road when their son gets in trouble for it they disowned him and blame it all on him and act like they don't know how any of this happened.

Danger was thrown away by his blood family,his friends,his fellow marines and the public at large and never given a chance by anyone to actually thrive until I stepped in in 2010.

And I have received mostly hate from everyone for loving him or helping him ever since.

And despite how Danger has been treated by so many and there is still not an arrogant or mean or spiteful bone in his body, and everyone that has worked with him and known him or befriended him in person loves him and knows he's a good person,a loving person and works and tries hard in everything he does, usually to a fault.

Yes he's different, he's very quiet in person, and when he tries to get involved in political things or things of a controversial nature online he says things that he shouldn't, not because he's trying to be arrogant, but just because he does not have that component or filter that most people do that aren't in the spectrum that he is, or quite honestly there's just too many of those situations he doesn't understand.

I often describe Danger to people as the closest thing you can get to a irl anthro dog, especially in personality.

And the Doberman breed really fits him well.

He is a loving,obediant and loyal in addition to being a provider, a wonderful husband and protector.

When he feels that somebody that he loves is being attacked he will do what any loyal guard dog would do and defend them, even blindly so, and that's not arrogance, or stupidity, it's loyalty and done out of love whether you see it as right or wrong.

But a conversationalist he is not, and an eloquent speaker he is not.

But anyone that knows anything about life knows that we should judge a person by their actions and not their words, and a lot of people don't do that anymore, in fact they do quite the opposite and cling to people who say the right words, but do the wrong actions.

people who live this way need to change the way that they think and look at things differently through the glasses of how they wish to be treated themselves.
Danger deserves love and forgiveness, just as we all do for our own individual transgressions.

And if you are among the ones that persecute him for your own opinions, or because of your version of the story that you want to believe, then you also in turn persecute yourself, and will find yourself desolate and in a similar situation over time so you gain understanding and change of heart that you need to actually be righteous in your thoughts and actions.

Anyone can say or believe anything that they want about him or me or us collectively.

You're entitled to your own opinion,but your also accountable for the actions you take based on those opinions.

Many of the people who post things about him don't even have the courage to do it under a known fursona or alias. Anon persecution is not heroic. Its an act of a coward and how the feeble and weak convince themselves they are fighters for some good cause,when they are really nothing but cowards who are so afraid of backlash they wouldn't dare identify who they actually are. One of the reasons ppl do this is because they want to believe the worst in everyone else to feel better about themselves and when you can see those shouting the loudest about others and you can actually identify them then you see all manners of their own issues boil to the surface.

They do it to him out of their own self hatred and for their own issues,many of them also zoophiles stuck in the closet with no self love or understanding of themselves or how life actually works.

Others are just like a pack of dogs that follows the leader attacking some unsuspecting pray whether its another dog or a child. The dogs that join in don't necessarily want to attack,but the desire to fit in the pack is stronger than the desire to do or act righteously.

What I will say about Danger is he the most loyal and loving partner that I've ever had, and the most loyal person I have ever seen to both me and his friends.
He is the type of mate that will stop whatever he's doing to greet you at the door and take your boots off and rub your feet and ask you how your day was.
When I would lay down at night; especially after a really hard day, he would come in and give me a full body massage and rub my feet until I passed out.
He would do my chores or things I usually did when he knew I was tired or worked extra hours at work, even when he was working full-time and overtime himself.

He makes special little things for me while he was at work out of metal and clay and steel and anything that he was working with that he just happened to be thinking of me at the time and he took a moment to make me something to bring home for me,or draw me cute little things randomly.
He writes songs and sings for me, and he has an amazing voice.

When I became sick and regretted breaking up with him he took me back without hesitation and took care of my every need until the day he was arrested.
He put up with me over 8 years of craziness,and my own indecision, attempts at a poly relationships,puppy play,fursuit and leather making,porn making,and other various business escapades,and multiple other partners in addition to him, and my own assorted emotional and physical issues which put a constant strain over him over the years, but he never gave up on me, he was always there for me, and even went all other relationships ended, there he was, and all I can see or imagine spending the rest of my life with.

He was never unloyal to me, he never lied to me, he was never unfaithful to me, and to tell the truth as many times as people have read his stories online and never met him always ask me why I would be with somebody like that, or tell me that I could do better can't even begin to grasp how awesome of a person he actually is. He has done nothing but treat me like a King and attend to me hand and foot.

The real truth is he's so good to me that I don't feel that I even deserve him.

At 40 years old and being around the block as much as I have with the amount of ex's that I've had and relationships I can tell you that he blows all the rest away overall.

And I've been with some amazing people, and I love a lot of my ex's and I'm friends with them to this day, but none of them have made me feel the loyalty and love that I have felt over the past 8 years of being with Danger. If you have ever owned a dog that you knew loved you more then life itself just by how they looked at you then that's how I feel and have been treated by him.

He makes me feel love like no other human ever has,and he has helped me overcome much of my own darkness.

And knowing this and then watching how he has been demonized with overzealous resilience over the years, the entire time we have been together, ESPECIALLY by furries despite most of the thriving Enterprises within furry are all Zoo run or owned,as are many conventions, with people being raised up on a pedestal and being celebrated that are pedophiles and actually murder animals, and people that are rapist or worse but as long as you got that popularity ticket and know how to speak to people with some eloquence,draw what the masses want,or run a con or provide a product people really want but people will always turn the other cheek.

That's not so if you are not well spoken,or just lie about how you actually feel about controversial subjects as most people do. People lie and deceive and are celebrated. Others try to share and do good for others and are cast aside and persecuted.

The fandom I once loved has become a den of hypocrites and those who's only wish in life is to make everyone else as miserable and self loathing as they are,or to use others for their own personal gain or advantage whether its money,sex,popularity or all 3.

But what these don't realize is everything every single one of us do and say effects the world we live in. Every single one of us has loved ones or friends that have done or do something that we feel is wrong and know how they are treated by others that remain willfully ignorant and blinded by hate.
And every single one of us brings the same energy into our lives that we give to others good or bad,love or hate,tolerance and acceptance,or intolerance and persecution,forgiveness and unforgiveness.

We all reap what we sow,

The 20 years I've been in this furry fandom have been both the best and the worst things that have ever happened in my life.

Furry used to be a great place where people got together despite how they felt about one thing or another, and everyone used to work around everyone else's problems and if there was a really big issue than people got together to handle that person or that issue together without all the hatred and bullshit that people perpetuate today.

Furry today mostly involves the same crap that's in the rest of the world that most of us came here to try to escape.

I know some of you fans were upset that Danger pulled his x-rated artwork in 2016 and I want you to know that was because of me and because I asked him to.

Overtime, that and some other things became an issue with me and I decided to take a break from a relationship where he started drawing x-rated material again because I told him he could.

He did whatever I asked to make me happy,because that's who he is.

When more artwork disappeared recently, that was me that deleted it and my decision,not his.

There is been many people that have posted that it was a religious reason and that was partially true in the beginning but now it is not,and everything he changed was initiated by my request.

Everything Danger did was because I asked him to,including the day the shooting in Arizona happened.

It was my idea to try to take the drunk guys keys away because he was trying to hit oncoming traffic head on,it was me that told Danger to draw and keep his gun on the guy because I didn't know what he was going to try to do or if he had any weapons,and when Danger fired it was as I screamed and fired first while in front of the van and was about to get run over.

Danger shot that guy protecting me. He had his gun drawn because of me. He was protecting me from a guy with blood alcohol level of .453 in a van he stole from a mother with 6 kids.

He was so drunk the paramedics had to induce him into a coma to keep him from dying from alcohol poisoning,not the gunshot wound.
This all after his family just got him off a charge for punching a nurse in the face that was trying to help him,and he was told he needed to stop drinking from already having a fatty liver at 26 years old.

And now his family got him off the DUI and aggravated assault too.

There is your white privilege,but contrary to what many believe any privilege is mainly for the wealthy,powerful or family of such. Believe it or don't
So unless you found yourself in the same situation about to see your mate get run over don't pretend you know what was right and whats wrong or whats actually happening because you do not.

If you were in a high stress situation with a gun in your hand out of a tiny car window in the rain so cloudy its almost night watching your mate about to get run over by a drunk guy that couldn't even hold his head up you would have likely done the same if your choices were to shoot or watch them get run over.
But I am the one that put him in that situation,not the other way around. So you can stop attacking him over that and attack me instead if you wish.
These are all things that people that read the actual reports and court proceeding would see. But what people chose to believe is news stories posted with no actual facts or details written and circulated the day of the incident,or something that some random furry said based on nothing but speculation.

The same can be said about everything in Oregon.

Once again,people can believe whatever they want to,it just doesn't mean that they are right.

But anyways the main point I have to make is that after everything that's happened and a lot of reflection and thought I had a very long talk with Danger and I have decided that I want nothing else to do with this fandom at large.

And I asked him to make a decision,the fandom or me and he chose me.

I'm not dealing with it anymore, and I'm not dealing with it by default anymore either.

It was taking a very hard look at how he was spending his time and talents and how either of us we're putting any good in the world for a positive change.
And I will be honest with you, I love porn, I'm a porn addict, and I used to make it and distribute it in all its various forms,and that's exactly why I have the opinion of it that I do now.

Making porn doesn't add any good to the world, and anybody believes that does is just deceiving themselves.

And monetary gain achieved in such ways when one holds a particular belief does not also always equate to success and life fulfillment.

The carnal side of me sees porn and gets me aroused.

The rational part of my experience in my mind tells me it's just another addiction adding more problems to the world, and in my experience that's all porn is and I don't want to be a part of Distributing it, or being married to somebody who is.

My own experience in creating porn was turning me into an empty shell as it was Danger in certain ways.

I'm not shaming, demonizing or saying anyone else that does is wrong, I'm saying this is not right for us in our individual path to sustain a long-term relationship for our own reasons.

If somebody else wants to create it or distribute it, well God bless you on your endeavors.

As far as everything else goes I want you to know that Danger leaving furry was because I asked him to and we decided to do that and take a different path together.

And he did it for me and for our future and for our relationship to thrive without the drama and attacks that it has been the entire eight years we've been together.

I apologize to all of you fans that have enjoyed his art over the years, but you need to understand it has come to a point where continuing this is destructive to both of our lives, and we're both getting old and it's time to move on to things that can actually sustain our life without drama.

And I'm sorry, but yes, drawing furry artwork is an extreme amount of drama.

If you are among any of the people that were in a queue for an x-rated commission when Danger was arrested and you pre paid then DM me and I will pay you back and refund you myself when I get back on my feet.

Over the next coming days all of Dangers websites will be deleted in their entirety along with my own.

We both wish you well on all your endeavors whatever they may be.

Peace and God bless,
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I know it’s an old post but Brandon vongthongthip has a brother (Andrew) or “kazuma fox” . And it’s funny no one has mentioned that character Lol

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