Lolcow Daniel "Danny" Moore / Ursa Stultus / DannyXX39 / Danny the Panda

Jan 30, 2021
It's somewhat of a shame he had to nuke his YouTube channel, but on the other hand his uploads had been really unremarkable for quite some time. He hadn't shown his face in years. The videos were basically all text where he'd either talk about his fan art/fanfiction or cry about how lonely and depressed he was.


It looks like none of Danny's Let's Plays were archived. Granted, they weren't very interesting. His brain was too autistic to provide live commentary and his recording methods were far from ideal. Even so, I still grabbed a couple of these videos at some point just to preserve some samples.

Here's one:

The highlight of the video is at the 7:30 mark where he savestates with rather poor judgment.

His long-lasting obsession with Zangetsu419 is pretty sad/lulzy. They first met in late 2010. Thinking he'd found a kindred spirit (or a 'Forever Friend' if you'd prefer), Danny proceeded to flood him with messages regarding all the nerdy franchises he was a fan of. Zangetsu could not reciprocate and semi-ghosted him. This led to Danny making some of his finest videos:

Here's the original of the last one (without the added punching sound effect at the end):

While we're never gonna see stuff like this again, you can still get your fix of Danny's fanfic ramblings by reading his FurAffinity journal that was mentioned earlier. Here's the link again:

Our sweet prince is still out there. Wherever life leads you, Danny, may Sonic guide your way.


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