Snowflake Daniel/Dany Racine / Adea Danielle / @adee.ah / @adeapadida / @adeadanielle / @adea_makeup - Angry tranny with a botched fanny. Ariana Grande wannabe, Jeffree Star lookalike. Fooled the sooper strayt! (and got hatecrimed for it)

Gaia Soraka

Meet Dany ❄️Danielle ❄️

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Daniel Racine, who now goes by Adea (pronounced ah-DEE-uh) Danielle, is a 20 year old post-op MtF transgender person from Quebec, Canada. He’s mostly known for his TikToks and YouTube videos on life as a trans person, where he complains about getting cosmetic surgery for free thanks to Canadian taxpayers. He often states his neovagina (née ‘’Chanel’’) is ‘’custom-made’’ and beautiful, despite his complications saying otherwise. He’s constantly flip-flopping on whether he's a victim or a Strong Beautiful Woman. Dany also gets irrationally angry at anyone not kissing his feet, making him quite the spectacle among the TikTok tranny community. He mostly gets angry at women being women and men not wanting to fuck a man.

Let’s start with the good, since I want to give him a fair shot here: Daniel is a very good illusion makeup artist, and posts looks on his makeup Instagram page. Here are some examples:
The only illusion he hasn't quite mastered yet is looking like a woman. :suffering:

Fake storytimes​

Daniel loves posting a lot of clickbait content.

Since his surgery, however, he's been posting videos answering questions about the surgery as well as aftercare. He states in the outros of his recent videos that he's planning on making these a weekly occurrence.

I wouldn't expect him to stick to this schedule, though, as he sometimes goes months without posting anything.

IMG_9435.jpgSRS disaster IMG_9435.jpg

Disclaimer: descriptions contained in this section are graphic. Images and graphic content will be spoilered. This section is relevant to the rest of Dany's content, but if you're squeamish, you can skip to the next section. I'll try to keep this as light as I possibly can.

What is SRS?​

SRS or GRS (sex/gender reassignment surgery) is a global term, grouping many different ‘’gender-affirming’’ surgeries. For MtF transsexuals, this may include breast enhancement, orchiectomy (removal of testicles) or, in Dany’s case, vaginoplasty (more commonly known as bottom surgery).

Daniel’s vaginoplasty was a penile inversion vaginoplasty, in which the surgeons take the penile skin in order to craft a franken vagina, using scrotal skin to craft labia and the glans to make a ‘’clitoris’’ (If you’d like more specifics on how this is done and possible complications, go see this thread). An important thing to note: penile skin does not and will never lubricate or clean itself. Maintenance includes regular douching and dilating (shoving a dildo up there to keep it open). It is also not custom-made, as most trannies (including Dany!) would like you to believe.

Dany’s complications include, but are not limited to: tissue granulation, necrosis, ''shocks in the coochie'' (neuralgia?), excessive bleeding, a urinary fistula, excess scar tissue, excessive swelling and bruising. He, of course, documented the entire ordeal in great detail. He left some things out, but we can piece together what happened by taking a look at his social media presence.
:cringe: not really much to say about this other than ew

After all these disgusting complications, Daniel still had the nerve to post this:
:story: :story: :story: :story:

Dany started his OnlyFans before having SRS, presumably capitalizing on the “chick with a dick” fantasy. He advertised it as “showing everything after surgery”, however seemingly changed his mind after the amount of complications he faced.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Now, what compels a man to do this to himself? Botched circumcision, cheese wedge penis, crooked penis? No! It's simply mental illness!

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

Now that we know how things really went down for Dany, his TikToks from the time are that much more jarring.

Lies, exaggerations and complaints about transition​

Daniel loves to needlessly complain about things he chose to do (ruin his body with hormones, having surgeries, etc). However, he also romanticises parts of the transitioning process, as well as lies by omission to make people think being trans is simultaneously the worst and best thing ever.
Daniel's medical transition included puberty blockers as well as hormone therapy (we'll get into his genital surgery a bit later).

As soon as I start to slightly sympathise with Daniel, he immediately becomes condescending.
Gender dysphoria is a real, documented thing, and it's not something to be taken lightly. I truly do sympathise with trans people's plight. They mutilate their bodies on purpose in search of happiness, which is heartbreaking to say the least.

The important thing to note is that gender dysphoria is a mental illness. The solution to a mental illness is not permanently mutilating your body in life-altering ways, which is why we see trans suicide statistics either increase or stay the same after surgery or hormone therapy.

The 41% statistic is thrown around a lot, but few people understand that it's for attempted suicide, not committed suicide, and it's in a sample of about 6,500 people. Regardless, it's still a crazy number, and shows that as popular as trans surgeries have become, they have not helped trans people to not kill themselves. Trans people are still much, much more likely to off themselves than any other protected category.
More recent studies vary from 22-43%. For context, 1.4% of global deaths are from suicide.

I don't agree with most of what Ben Shapiro says or how he says it, as he's a rude and pretentious prick most of the time, but this clip describes how I feel about transition:
My grandfather was bipolar and he thought that the radio was talking to him. They put him in a mental hospital, they did not tell him the radio was talking to him.
Gender dysphoria is a serious mental disorder that causes trans people extreme anguish and distress. We should be focusing on finding a cure for it, not accommodating it.

Most of this is surprisingly partially true, except for bone structure and nose shape. Looking at Daniel's older photos pre-HRT, you can tell his nose hasn't changed much at all.

side effects of trans caption (womanhood).jpg

As if women don't have mood swings from their normal hormone cycle...

After his free surgery, Daniel was happy to complain about it all over social media.​

What did you expect? Healthcare in Canada is government-funded.


IMG_9432.jpgNarcissism and over-confidenceIMG_9432.jpg

Now, remember how I said Daniel's botched SRS was relevant to the rest of his content? It was important to go over that first, as it paints most of Dany's videos in a new light. He's massively coping with his flayed penis by being incredibly self-absorbed.

:(I'm scared

As soon as he turns, you can see his pancake butt... I'm not sure how he didn't notice this.

He makes many social media appearances trying (and failing) to look like Ariana Grande. Apparently, no one told him he looks like a manlier Jeffree Star.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

The worst part is, he chooses to pose this way and do his makeup like that. Ironically, he looks more female without makeup and all the other things he uses to look stereotypically female (hair extensions, fake nails, false lashes, lip injections, etc.)

Like most ''beauty trannies'' (think Eden the Doll and Nikita Dragun), Daniel has the ambition of becoming a real life blowup doll. He recently got lip injections, so the only face he does is this aggressive pout.

He’s planning on getting facial feminization surgery (FFS) on his followers’ dime to shave off some of his brow, jaw and forehead, as well as a nose job and a jaw reconstruction.


Link (a)
It seems he's given up on this GoFundMe, as it's only raised 348$ of its 20,000$ goal :shit-eating:. I don't think he tried to sell it too much, as it isn't linked anywhere on his social media and the description is hilariously short for someone asking for that amount of money.

He announced on 29-04-2021 that he was getting FFS in 5 months, so either in September or October of 2021. I'm assuming he's paying out of pocket for this, as plastic surgeries aren't covered by Canadian healthcare or by insurance.


Daniel is incredibly sexist, which isn’t uncommon in the trans community. Insecurity and envy are a hell of a drug. However, some of his tiktoks, specifically regarding women, have garnered very negative attention. He seems to think he’s a woman ‘’but better’’ (cope), while simultaneously wanting to be accepted by real women. When called out, he simply says people ‘’misunderstood’’ him.

Making fun of women for having a legitimate concern and feeling unsafe in a place that should be off-limits to men? Yes, true and honest woman behaviour!

This video specifically garnered a lot of backlash from real women, feeling as though Daniel was putting women down to lift himself up.

This isn't new to Dany, however, as he constantly tries to justify comparing himself to real women and trying to seem better.

Making fun of women for ...having a period? That's. Something.

Daniel. When you say trans women don't have periods, what exactly are you comparing this to? It's certainly not to men.
Even if you don't mention cisgender women in this video, women know that you're comparing yourself to them and putting yourself on a pedestal. This isn't rocket science.

No no, try to finish that last sentence, Dany. What is a real woman? I'm curious :cunningpepe:

He's also resentful of his own sister, simply for having been born a woman. (I know this video is supposed to be a joke, but you can tell that there's a hint of truth to it.)

Despite him seemingly hating real women, he longs for their approval and to be included in women's circles.​

Caption reads: ''discharge is real y'all''... no comment

Pregnancy fetish scandal​

I didn't put this in my original version of the OP, as I did not have any of the videos Daniel made on this subject. I distinctly remember him pretending he was pregnant to his audience of children and teens who didn't know any better. Obviously, these were pretty swiftly deleted, and I can't find the original videos, except a segment in this response video someone made:

If anyone has any of the original videos, please let me know.

I found some of his responses to the drama. He gets progressively angrier about it, which is funny.

anger level 1.png

anger level 2.png

anger level 3.png

anger level 4.png
It's kinda fucked of him to joke about this, as it wasn't just stating that he was pregnant. He actually purchased prank pregnancy tests for this video.
It's also misleading, as it sparked discussions on if trans women can be pregnant, to which Daniel replied that they can. (citation needed, I remember seeing this but unfortunately did not archive as I was not working on this thread at the time)
They cannot be pregnant as of now, but it is being researched. However, knowing how fragile a neovagina is, how intricate the hormonal fluctuations needed for a successful pregnancy are, how a male pelvis cannot accommodate a child and many, many more reasons, transgender pregnancy is not something that is viable. Uterine transplant barely works on real women.

I did a little digging and found some videos of Dany "jokingly" wishing he were pregnant.

You'd think he'd be more careful with this subject, especially after all the hate he got for it... This video didn't seem to ruffle too many feathers, though, as it was posted on his spam account.


Dany often gets irrationally angry, especially when being misgendered.​

This teacher who was probably just taking roll call and called him Daniel...

A girl attempting to let someone know you're lying to them isn't a ''pick me''.

Caption reads: LOL like he's gonna know...

Ah, yes, taking estrogen pills, a thing all women have to do. :story:

He really likes responding to comments and unknowingly proving their point.

He found out you were trans. It's not rocket science, Dany.

Like many trannies, he also attempts to language police people who are just trying to be nice (most of the time).​

I picked one out of the dozens of videos he has on this topic. (How is telling someone ''they don't look trans'' not a compliment? Isn't the point of being trans that you pass?)

IMG_9262.jpgDaniel and men IMG_9262.jpg

Dany is constantly switching the narrative from ‘’why won’t straight guys date me’’ to ‘’straight guys are lined up outside my house’’. In the wise words of @SIGSEGV: Pick one and only one, faggot.

Tranny porn isn't as popular as Daniel would like to think it is.

Seems Dany isn't new to being rejected because he's trans. I wonder why... :suffering:

Should you tell people you're dating that you're trans?​

Daniel is a firm believer in not telling men you're dating that you're trans. Not only is this morally wrong, but this is actually against Quebec law on informed consent. In Quebec, ''consentement libre et éclairé''' (direct translation: free and informed consent) not only applies to medical services, but also to consent to sexual activity.

Certains mensonges rendent le consentement invalide

Le consentement d’une personne n’est pas valide quand son partenaire lui ment et qu’il l’expose a un risque de préjudice grave ou à un risque de lésions corporelles graves. C’est le cas, par exemple, quand une personne qui vit avec le VIH ne le dévoile pas à son partenaire et qu’il existe une possibilité réaliste de transmission. Le consentement donné par son partenaire pourrait ne pas être valide.

C’est le cas aussi lorsqu’une personne ment sur l’utilisation d’un contraceptif et expose sa partenaire à un risque de grossesse. Le consentement donné par sa partenaire lors de l’activité sexuelle pourrait ne pas être valide.

Some lies make consent invalid

A person's consent is not valid when their partner lies to them and puts them at risk of serious harm or at risk of serious bodily harm. This is the case, for example, when a person living with HIV does not disclose it to their partner and there is a realistic possibility of transmission. The consent given by his partner may not be valid.

This is also the case when a person lies about using a contraceptive and puts their partner at risk of pregnancy. The consent given by her partner during sexual activity may not be valid.

But, Gaia! How does a flayed penis put a partner at risk?

I'm glad you asked! The issue isn't that lying to a sexual partner about who you really are is morally wrong, since morality isn't objective. The law is.

The thing with SRS is that we don't know much about it, especially its long term effects on the human body as well as its effects on sexual partners. A real vagina is made to accommodate a penis, and protect itself against said penis. The thing with a neovagina is that it does not clean itself or have the correct bacterial growth or pH to ward off infections and bacteria. It's pretty much a festering melting pot of bacteria, dust, lube and whatever else is shoved up there.

The vagina is skin-lined and under normal conditions is colonized with a combination of skin flora as well as some vaginal species; a study of vaginal flora in a mix of transgender women with and without symptoms of odor and discharge found Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Enterococcus, Corynebacterium, Mobiluncus, and Bacteroides species to be most common. Lactobacilli were found in only 1 of 30 women, and candida was not found. There was no correlation between the presence of vaginal symptoms and any one particular species.
These findings suggest that vaginal discharge and odor in transgender women is unlikely to due to common causes in non-transgender women such as bacterial dysbiosis or candida; indeed the lack of a mucosa or low pH are consistent with this study's findings of rare lactobacilli and no candida. In most cases discharge is most likely due to sebum, dead skin or keratin debris, or retained semen or lubricant.

Since the vagina does not contain a mucosa
, routine cleaning or douching with soapy water should be adequate to maintain hygiene.
Even if Canada is ultra-progressive when it comes to trans people, this is still putting your partner at risk of serious infections and bodily harm.

Daniel still thinks it's valid, and even necessary for trans people to not tell partners that they are trans.​

Dany waited until the last possible second to tell this poor straight dude that he was, in fact, making out with another dude this whole time. :stress:
After that video, people started telling Daniel that this is fundamentally wrong on many levels, but he continued to double down on his belief that it was legitimate.

He also proceeded to say that biological women or non-trans people were not allowed to speak on this issue.

He proceeded to say that it isn't lying since he's a real woman! :shit-eating:

During the whole ‘’super straight’’ sexuality fiasco, Dany had some choice words. (For those of you out of the loop, super straight is for people who wouldn’t date trannies. So, most people.;))

People who don't want to date trans people don't care if they're your ''ick''. That's. Literally the whole point of an ick :story:

What's interesting about Daniel's current take on letting your partner know if you're trans is that he had the exact opposite take only a year ago.​

I wonder what made him change his mind so drastically.


Daniel doesn't mention his family very often, only mentioning his parents and sister in passing.
Family TikTok.jpg
However, in this video, 5 MONTHS POST OP! (Q&A), he mentions cursing his mother out while he was recovering from his chop.

Digging deeper, we find out that his mom actually nope'd out back in July of 2020, maybe even before that.
This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

He doesn't mention this at all on his TikTok, only saying his family is supportive and loving.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.


Dany is quite popular among trannies online, since he is one of the only ones in his community to have had bottom surgery. One of his funniest orbiters (to me at least) is an obese MtF named Cameron Gragg.
Old candid vs Instagram vs reality... :shit-eating:

Cameron has been begging for money to have bottom surgery and finally be a Real Woman. Meanwhile, Cameron changes nothing about his appearance, other than makeup and face tuning. Daniel barely promotes Cameron’s gofundme for bottom surgery, only having it linked on his spam tiktok account.
It seems Dany only keeps him around because he makes him look more womanly by comparison. They often have live Q&A sessions together on Instagram, where Dany looks like a greek goddess compared to Cameron.

Wow Dany, you're such a great supportive friend! :story: Cameron looks so genuinely sad here.

26th April update: the GofundMe is no longer linked on his TikTok and Dany hasn't been live with Cameron in a while. They might've had a falling out. I'm leaving Cameron here because he looks funny.


Daniel is super active on social media, posting daily on his Instagram stories, going live almost every other day and always posting new TikToks. He has a ton of milk to give. He also has future potential, as he is planning on having more work done (I mentioned FFS in September, but possible labiaplasty arc in the future?). His comments regularly descend into madness, and him responding and giving attention to trolls just gives them more reasons to shit on him. Dany is also a copium addict, so he contradicts himself constantly and can't see himself for who he really is: a sad little gay boy with no balls.

Disclaimer: I'm not transphobic. The decision to misgender and deadname Daniel is a deliberate one, because I personally do not respect him. If some of you feel more comfortable using his preferred pronouns and new name, you won't be bullied for it, and you're welcome to call him whatever you'd like. If you're LGBT yourself, you're welcome to contribute your experiences and opinions, as this thread is not meant to be an attack on the community as a whole. If you are trans, please do not feel alienated from contributing to this thread.

Social Media:​

Instagram: (a)
Makeup Instagram: (a)
TikTok (shadowbanned): (a)
New TikTok: (a)
TikTok spam account: (a)
Youtube: (a) Full video archive here
Onlyfans: (a)
Facebook (inactive, still using his deadname): (a)
Snapchat: @danyyy333
Twitter (not very active): (a)

OP Updates:
18-04-2021: added Snapchat username and more plastic surgery info.
19-04-2021: added new family info
20-04-2021: added OnlyFans dump
21-04-2021: main TikTok banned, added new TikTok
26-04-2021: added videos to SRS and Misogyny sections, more OF content. @adee.ah TikTok is back, but shadowbanned. Added Twitter. I somehow forgot he had Twitter. Oops.
28-04-2021: added Youtube video archive, changed boy comparison image, removed some non-pertinent OF content, added makeup Instagram archive
02-05-2021: OP revamp. Added older videos to Misogyny and Men sections, added more images and new sections (pregnancy fetish and more transition info)
10-05-2021: changed his username for his spam and his new TikTok.
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A True Shithead never reaches peace.
Decent OP. Things are archived and info was straight to the point. My only issue is that this person you chose to do a thread on doesn't seem like an extraordinary cow. Just one of the many tranny cunts. As you can imagine, all of them kind of follow this same routine, with perhaps the exception of Dany telling women he's just like them but better.

However, I will admit there have been people I thought wouldn't make a good thread, and later on grabbed my attention through a sperg out of some sort.

Hopefully Dany does the same thing soon. Otherwise, I fear this will be dead in the water.

P.S Cameron looks fucking horrendous, like the fat kid from the sandlot.


Danke Yung Hurn, du bist der Beste
True & Honest Fan
Generally, I put the social media at the bottom, but I don't know if that is a rule. Good OP :semperfidelis:

Gaia Soraka
My only issue is that this person you chose to do a thread on doesn't seem like an extraordinary cow. Just one of the many tranny cunts. As you can imagine, all of them kind of follow this same routine, with perhaps the exception of Dany telling women he's just like them but better.

However, I will admit there have been people I thought wouldn't make a good thread, and later on grabbed my attention through a sperg out of some sort.

Hopefully Dany does the same thing soon. Otherwise, I fear this will be dead in the water.

Thanks for the feedback.
I found this dude and wanted to post him in the Tranny Sideshows thread, but once I started writing my post and digging a little deeper, I realized he had cow potential. He's no Kevin Gibes, but has potential nonetheless.

I read your OP and it's very good.
Your thread could be good for Beauty Parlour board.
Nah man, Rat Kings. Danny's a pied piper for tikttok trannies.
I was thinking either Rat Kings or Beauty Parlour, under Snowflake. It seems to me that he'd be a better fit for the Beauty Parlour though, but that's not for me to decide.

Generally, I put the social media at the bottom, but I don't know if that is a rule. Good OP :semperfidelis:
Thanks for the tip! I didn't see it as a rule in the OP 101 thread, so I'll probably just leave it there. I can also spoiler it.

Also, are there too many unspoilered videos? I had started by spoilering all of them, but when I previewed my post it was just black spoiler tabs, which doesn't make for a very interesting post... :shit-eating:

Gaia Soraka
Seems Dany is a True and Honest influencer! He recieves Colorpop PR boxes now.

This is an extremely lazy way to show off products... Idk how you can be a ''brand ambassador'' and post stuff like this. At least turn on the lights...

He's also posted a few more TikToks proving that he does, indeed, get straight men.

Liking transphobic men when you're trans isn't a flex. It's like James Charles saying he prefers straight men :story:

So he admits that being trans makes you less desirable to men... I see...

Gaia Soraka
Also, that informed consent law in Canada is pretty interesting, especially since he comes right out and admits that he never tells anybody up front.

From what I gather, informed consent only applies in Quebec, as it's not federal law. Canadian law only states the age of consent.

I'm not sure if other provinces have similar modified consent laws.

Gaia Soraka
... good job op i actually read this one.
Thank you, I appreciate it. It's a long one but I tried to make it as readable as possible.

I've always find it funny that whether a tranny calls themselves mentally ill or not depends on the situation and the audience
Dany either begs for pity or has a god complex, it's never in between. He never stated outright that he had a mental illness, as that would make him look bad.

When he asks for pity, Dany makes sure to specify that things happen to him through no fault of his own, probably by omitting facts. (ex: dozens of videos of him being rejected by men simply because he's trans)
His narcissism is too strong to admit any wrongdoing or flaws on his part.

Gaia Soraka
Dany has come out as bisexual! I guess the search for a man was so unsuccessful he has to try women...

He posted this video, which didn't seem like much to me until i saw the comments

Apparently this song is a "bi anthem", and he's been liking comments confirming this.

Also, Dany is horny.


Gaia Soraka
Daniel is spreading lies about HRT again...

He posted this video, with the caption stating:
Hormones don't change bone structure or fat distribution, Dany. You look fundamentally the same as you did before HRT, you just wear more makeup. It's incredibly misleading for him to say this to his young audience.

Daniel has also promoted this video on his instagram story:
When you press on the link, however, you see this:
What's the point of putting it on your story if it's not even out yet? :shit-eating:

I'll do a TL;DW when it comes out.

Gaia Soraka
He’s gotten all this work done and still hasn’t fixed that potato nose.
He's only gotten lip injections (twice) so far, he's planning on getting more work done. He'll look even worse than he does now.

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