Daniel Keem / KEEMSTAR - Founder of #DRAMAALERT and Abusive, Hypocritical Cowardly Online Vigilante

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Keem is on a redemption arc, helping Mr Metokur get his YouTube back, should we lock this?

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First hearing about Keemstar/Drama Alert through the Lionmaker Drama, I decided to see what his content is like. Pretty much, he acts like a tumblrina but without the tumblr, and usually sticks to drama on YouTube and Twitter, his main places of causing drama. While he does have points on people like Lionmaker Studios and Yamimash, however, he doesn't act much better. In fact, I think it's pretty safe to say that after learning the truth about Keemstar, he's a hypocrite and an A-Log using the drama around spergs like Pedomaker Studios and Yamimash to not only promote himself, but to trollshield and claim how much better he is than them even though he is an abusive, shitty person himself.

Here's a video explaining just how shitty Keemstar is:

Another video showing how much of a hypocrite Keemstar is:

Recently, Keemstar got his followers to harass and attack a 62 year-old man who was playing Runescape and falsely accused him of being a child predator (even though it was proven that the child predator was still in jail).

He has a history of suicide baiting, abusing his girlfriend/fiance and others, racism, and other things.

Keemsperg's twitter.
Keemsperg's YouTube.
Keemsperg's ED page. (ED may or may not be down but putting the link for when it comes back up again)


The Cow Dullahan
I think he's hypocritical but I'm not sure the "attacked an old man on YouTube thinking he was a pedophile" thing is quiet accurate. From what I gathered, according to him and others, he's just a figure head for the channel. If you look at the channels "about" page it says as much. He doesn't actually gather any of the information himself. And the old man but wasn't his fault so much as an information gatherer not actually checking facts.

He's definitely odd and hypocritical but if he's just the figure head to the channel ... Is he still lolcowsy enough??

DISCLAIMER: Daniel Keem a.k.a KEEMSTAR did not create, nor does he possess or have access to any part of this channel. He is a contracted content producer which according to the YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines is 100% okay.

edit: looked into more stuff. I guess maybe he's worth like... a couple pages. But I don't see much further we'd get with him unless we archived all his DramaAlert videos. He won't produce lawls like Chris or ADF. He's kinda just....pathetic. I mean, he really seems like your average shitty CoD gamer... talks shit, tells people to die, makes racist comments...etc. The only difference is that he's like in his late 30s, has a wife, and has kids.
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Daniel Keem

  • Current Street Address: 12 Cardinal Ln West Seneca, New York‎
    • Skype username: keemtripstar
    • GF's Name: Melissa R. Flack
      • GF's Cell Phone Number: (716) 563-8263
      • Mother & Father: Beverly and Martin (Not his real parents)
      • Parents Home Phone Number: (585) 457-3161
      • Parents Street Address: 816 Chaffe RD. Arcade, New York 14009 (Who would of guessed it was a farm?)
    • Other Relatives: Mary Alice Keem, Diane M Keem, Daryl M Keem, Gerald R Keem, Sarah E Keem,

RJ MacReady

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Not only that, but antagonizing other YTbers and COD trolls. It was particularly good around the time of COD: BO2.

His MO has always been internet celebritydom. It's vain and sad, but par for the course. He succeeded because he identified ADHD gamer children as his target audience before that market became so saturated. I wouldn't go so far as to compare him to DSP, but DSP (and others) succeeded for that same reason.

I will say that his association with DramaAlert is cleverly calculated. Being the face of the channel, he gets the most of the credit for the least of the work, but being "contracted" means nobody can find him liable for major fuck-ups or go after him directly if he antagonises them - the incident with the Runescape player is this system working as intended.

You can tell by that disclaimer that being shielded from backlash is one of his primary interests. It means maximum shit talk with minimum consequence.

Still, I'm not sure I'd call him a cow. Like I said, he's always just been... sad.


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You know, it would be pretty exciting to see if Keemstar is dumbtistic enough to keep googling himself and finding this thread himself. It would be hilarious to see him tardrage like every other cow here who found out about their threads.

This does not mean it is okay for weens or cool guys to link it to him like with what happened with Striker Wolf or Shaner.


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Just like Community Watch needed a rule banning cartoon fandoms, we need a rule banning youtubers who do nothing but rage at each other muh soggy knees or atheism or whatever.
I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one. Sure, ban fandoms on Community Watch because they're all fucking autistic and spergy as hell. However, YouTube is a major source of lolcows, careercows, dramacows, horrorcows, or a mixed breed of lolcow so there is tons of different kinds of space autism that could be milked with various YouTuber cows, including Keemstar, who is a firm mix of careercow and dramacow to say the least. There are some lolcows that use YouTube drama to promote themselves, to get asskissers and a cult-like following, and most of all, to trollshield. Keemstar/DramaAlert is one of these cows.

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