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No man fears what he has seen grow
At least his sister seems normal (As well as successful). Do we know if his ex has anything interesting on him or are they the time to just remain silent so they can forget a bad relationship?

Reupload pls. I badly want to see it again.
I have changed computer since than, so I haven't found it on my hard drive yet.
i did found some screencaps though..

hiding in my room1edit.PNG
hiding in my room2edit.PNG
hiding in my room.PNG

I usually don't have any problems with porn but this was pretty revolting, Daniel (or a Daniel lookalike) fucking some 40-something MILF in a low-end porno...
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casE sensiTive
I honestly can't tell if he is serious, trolling, or a bit of both. His life feels like too perfect of a train wreck to be real, yet his behavior is so consistent over such a long period of time for this to be an act. I guess truth is stranger than fiction.

Either way, regardless of if this stuff is made up, he is still a very fucked up person. Normal people don't talk about all these things on youtube, real or not.

LN 910

Why don't we have all the twinkcels sent to prison? Virginity solved.

casE sensiTive
I watched a bunch of his videos and at this point I really want to believe he is a troll. I just refuse to believe that someone could be so lazy and selfish and shamelessly broadcast it to the world. Everything that happens to him, every excuse he makes is just so fucked up that I can't help but think it's fake, or at least exaggerated.

However the most baffling thing is just how much support this gets. If you look at his comments, especially on the older videos, there's a whole lot of people relating to him and calling him brave for being a man child. These people genuinely believe him and look up to him.

He's banning people for bringing up his taxes. He brags about the money he makes, says he is financially independent of his wife, and has no job. His Youtube income is obviously taxable but he's not filing taxes. Maybe the Japanese government might be interested in his recent earnings

He's banning people for bringing up his taxes. He brags about the money he makes, says he is financially independent of his wife, and has no job. His Youtube income is obviously taxable but he's not filing taxes. Maybe the Japanese government might be interested in his recent earnings

After all This Time he's finally found his dream girl.
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bad weird
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seems like he nuked a lot of his channel after this video dropped:
video from a bigger channel dropped on him:

edit: i actually dont know why he deleted what he did so not gonna speculate.
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IN 075

He responded the Elvis The Alien's video on him;

Right after making videos about his "cereal life";
>"short video"
> 14 minutes
Daniel, nobody wants to know about your wife's yeast infections or your "fiveskin".
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Christ this twat is a piece of work. He can’t possibly be married. I know he keeps saying “my wife” and I’ve seen videos of her, but she can’t possibly be that desperate to marry this sorry exscuse for a man. He’s seriously a walking disease. Between his STDs and yeast infections, he must smell like a pair of CWC’s soiled MLP undies.

Imagine being a horrible cunt. Then, posting videos of you being a horrible cunt. Then, gaining support and money for being a horrible cunt. God his parents must be proud.
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^I'd think if he wasn't kinda attractive she wouldn't be with him. Which means they'll prob break up in the future at least when she reaches a breaking point and has had enough of his shit. Also if your wife has that many yeast infections in a year than maybe she should prob regularly take the cream just in case.

Also since she's had it four times in one year she might have an STD(taken from:

"If you get four or more yeast infections in a year, talk to your doctor or nurse.

About 5% of women get four or more vaginal yeast infections in one year. This is called recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVVC). RVVC is more common in women with diabetes or weak immune systems, such as with HIV, but it can also happen in otherwise healthy women."


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Apparently the sack of shit got divorced:

Then literally a week later makes this:

Also old news but this thread is slow so who cares. So remember Tomo L...The older woman he snogged a few years ago. Well her UK friend Konaito was beefing with Daniel.

Tomo and britbong chad hanging out:

Its nice to see that leech getting called out on his bullshit. I'm really kicking myself for not saving Tomo's old videos on Daniel. One in particular she was describing having sex with him one "romantic" night...fucking nuclear level cringe. Funniest shit I've seen in years. Currently working on archiving all his stuff and uploading it to MEGA, since the usual tools seem to be busted for newer youtube videos. If anyone has older stuff he deleted let me know and I'll add it.
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