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Do you like comedy? I like comedy.

Yeah, Danny here's a fucking joke. Today, Danny is known for being a "famous" trans stand up comic, author of really fucked up erotica/poems and of course twitter activist. But that wasn't the case, up until 2005 Danny was a regular fat nerd, had a fat wife and two fat kids.

Let's watch how we went from fat Dan to tranny Jen.


2007 - The Seed is Planted: After spending too much time reading about gender and feminism he came to the conclusion that all his favorite poets and movies were genderqueer.
2008 - Trouble at Home: He tells his wife that he is actually totes a girl. She understandably tell him to stfu, never bring that up again and to stop pursuing this. All in vain.
2009 - Tumblrbody.exe: He gains 100lbs and starts cutting himself like all the cool tumblr kids, still pouty at his wife for not accepting that he is a girl.
2010 - Girldick denied: 50 more lbs, more cutting, can't have sex with wife anymore.
2011 - Too fat for suicide: Suicidal tendencies, never comes to fruition because he would get tired before climbing high enough to kill himself. Seriously.
2012 - Pig with makeup: At 400lbs he buys his first female outfit, feels guilty about it, throw it all out and stops talking to his wife too. (What a wonderful home life!)
2013 - Killing himself... again: Another dramatic suicide attempt that he never pulls through. Boring year.
2015 - Enter the tranny: His wife is dead inside, gives him some makeup and oficially gives up on her husband.
2016 - The Rat King Grows: He has a lot of tranny friends now and is pretty much who we see today. Year highlight is after Orlando's gay nightclub shooting his wife gives him a dress. I loved the way she told him she wanted him dead, savage af. He didn't get that tho.

Timeline based on this: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/so-youve-decided-not-to-transition-2e6293f655db (https://archive.md/65RGQ)

Now let's explore his many faces in greater detail.


He is a published author of a series of books called the Dolly Chronicles (@Tempest 's favorite series), let's see what it's about:

"During a brief respite from a blustery winter, Mistress and Dolly go for a walk in a park, but a walk isn't all Mistress has in mind for Dolly. She has a plans including snow, ice, bondage, and a friend that just happens to be in the area. Throughout her pleasures and pains, two constants remain: the love of Mistress and the scarf wrapped tightly around Dolly's neck."

Nope, i'm out, let's move on.


All of Danny's poetry is based around being tranny, "lesbians" and other classic autogynephilia topics.

It's all archived + the pdf at the post end. I'd like just to point out a few of my favorite pieces.

Even more years later, you got me high;
we watched anime.
You rolled, you lit the shake again,
then passed it to me first.
I should have known the blank
eyes of a predator,
but I trusted you.
After you dosed me,
after you fucked me,
you took a shower while I cried.
You were
laughing, your trespassing
a misdemeanor in your mind.
We are not men,
who goes first must be negotiated,
discussed, contemplated. These new
queer feelings leave a fresh taste, heady feelings
in my mouth,
and I wonder if your lipstick
tastes as sumptuous as it looks.
"Alone on the train,
on our way home,
you put your hand
up my white skirt
and made the
wrong parts
feel right. I
forgot the world
and remembered
only you."
I told you my new name while we went to get our children.
You were driving your van and I felt that love or anxiety
that told me I was going to spill my gooey guts.
I watched your face as I said my name and you laughed.
You laughed at me. At my name.
The laugh-lines on your face we
made together–etched into corners of your mouth
made by 20 years of days and nights–bloomed
in the late afternoon sun.

Weeks later,
When the morning breaks and the sun skitters across
sheets and over your outstretched hand,
The freckles make the shape of a lion.
With my finger, I trace the face, the mane.

Your eyes open and you look in mine.
and those laugh-lines bloom again,
I say good morning, and you say the same
and I say I love you, you say the same
and then you say my right and proper name.

Under the sheets,
I hope you will
whisper my new name
like my old one,
because when you do
you will speak
to my heart.


Before the one mentioned in the time line, this are the best ones.

Ruining holidays as a tranny 101: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/i-pass-on-turkey-this-thanksgiving-95e5785e442d (https://archive.md/nkTr6)

You are not the father: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/i-am-not-the-father-but-i-love-my-kids-3330866449cb (https://archive.md/hORkh)

@Tempest diary: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/the-lonely-sissy-problem-a31a78f31f41


Trannyversary: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/i-turn-6-months-old-today-87e38570b741


I wasn't always this insane: https://medium.com/@JenDurbent/i-didnt-always-know-i-was-a-woman-1680dcab19f9 (https://archive.md/QxpLw)


I've capped all the relevant posts at the end of this post, lemme just highlight my favorites:
Man by day, tranny by night, Bat tranny!
bat tranny.JPG

A rare moment of clarity
moment of clarity.JPG

Ghost of the future tranny:
ghost of the future tranny.JPG

Remember how i called him a tranny behemoth? Check these out:
tranny behemoth.JPG

>"girls taller than me"
He is @OwO What's This? neighbor then lol
behemoth feet.JPG


A lot of the usual rat king tranny stuff and interactions, a collection of them will be archived at the end of the post. I only want to highlight my favorite story, i like to think this guy is his nemesis.

fannypack attack1.jpg

fannypack attack2.jpg

Totally happened!

Also this:
limp dick.JPG

hello deadname.JPG

Oh... I have some bad news...
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Also this thread could never happen without the help i received from @Ride.



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6'4 400lbs size 15 shoes

There's nothing about this Troon that screams, "woman", he can't even pass as in mannerism as a gay man like Blair White.
I am so tired of these sickos and their cheerleaders thinking long hair, ugly moomoo =WOMAN, BABY!
I don't believe this bariatric abortion wears a size 15 shoe in women's. I've met a few German cis-women who wear a size 15 by American standards and look nothing like this.