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Greetings and Namaste, welcome to my Holy Kiwi Sanctuary. We congregate in this sacred abode to communicate with the Arcturian Council. What is the Arcturian council, you ask? All things in good time, young Padawan. First we must introduce you to our spiritual guide and channeler of 9th dimensional spirits. Normally we don't offer visitors such...hospitality...but you've arrived on a rather special night and our spiritual master is going to perform one of his channeling rituals. This sort of event usually costs ~$200 a pop so strap on in

Brief disclaimer: His new-age group has a few different names: 5-8 Dimensional/Ascension Collective, Light of Warriors, Planet Star Seeders, etc. I will normally refer to them as LOW because that is my opinion of them their discord is called Light of Warriors and it's how I initially came into contact with them.

Part 1: Science Fiction/Double Feature - The Man


Gay Waluigi Daniel Scranton is a Connecticut native and con-man channeler of extra-dimensional beings. He currently resides in Kula, Hawaii and is married to Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton. What happens when a Latinx and Gringx fall in love? They create a New Agey Buddhist internet cult to siphon money from Marianne Williamson stans. He graduated from a Catholic highschool, it is unclear when he left the Papacy for a different type of crystal ball polishing. Scranton communicates with esteemed beings like Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, the Peladian High Council of 9, the Elders Zion, and others. Do not be deceived like I once was, traveler. There is much more to this iceberg than one man channeling spirits. Prepare yourselves, for our ascended master is performing one of his rituals! Take note of the True and Honest reviews beneath the video.

Help from the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Cassiopeia & Lyra ∞9D Arcturian Council & Daniel Scranton​

(Youtube Link)
“Daniel has such a soothing energy that radiates unconditional love for who you are.”
– Kristien Van Evelghem from Belgium

“I am already feeling a great shift and look forward to what’s next for me. I only touched the surface this time…I have many more questions. Some of them they’ve already answered without me asking for a reading! I know there are many ways I can get my own answers, but I want to be in that space again with them. Hearing the spoken word is powerful. I intend to request another reading very soon. Thanks again.”
-Nancy E.

“That is the Best reading I’ve ever had – and I’ve had lots of readings!”
– happy client Lorraine

I couldn't agree more with Kristien Van Evelghem from Belgium, this man is selling unconditional love for who you are in 20 minute allotments.

The first thing most people notice is his unorthodox technique of "channeling." Our guru uses advanced methods for contacting A list extra-dimensional celebs. Luckily for you, our Hokage of astral projection has decided to teach this forbidden technique to literally anyone with a working credit card. He offers simple beginner recordings starting at $11, but the real meat of his teachings are offered in his Mastercourse set.

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This is where you can purchase his +12 hour course in becoming a master healer. BUT WAIT - If you act now, you can book a private session where he will channel Yeshua, Buddha, or Jared from Subway in 20 minute increments. He charges $3.25 for every minute over the predetermined amount. I understand many of you are True and Honest spiritual seekers who may consider using this man's otherworldly powers to guess next week's lotto numbers. I cannot recommend it, but (and this is true) if you use coupon code: love, you can get 50% off your purchase. This should work with all of his products. So his time is worth about half of his list price by his own calculations.

He also has a free Bed Time Stories audiobook. You still have to put your payment information in to retrieve it - but those Chinese hackers can't rob a man with -$17 in his bank account so here's the direct stream link. I have also uploaded it here to avoid the hassle. The first three minutes can only be described as horny bees and whale sounds.

Part 2: Over at the Frankenstein Place - The People

It is time to share my personal testimony of how I came to know the Light of Warriors. There was a time I was lost like you, Kiwis. In the velvet darkness of the blackest night, I couldn't activate my Kundalini spirit, my chakras were bent like a duck, and I was about to check for the 15th time. I hit rock bottom. Suddenly I received a message from an unknown user whom I shared no common servers with. The username looked strange, and all I received was this strange message with three links: Discord, Discord Info, and their Subreddit. This is where the rabbit hole began.

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This Discord community has too many channels to go through, and it has a few other Discord servers it links to. It's really quite large, but I'm not sure how active the entire network is. This particular Discord seems designed to alert members to new content and direct them to whatever zen-laden corner their little hearts desire. Beneath you will see images linking to their deities subDiscord, their subReddit, and several voice channels.

Here's their mission statement from their rules page:
We are shifting the focus from 5G to 5D and Coronavirus/COVID-19 to spiritual abundance, expansion and prosperity We fight for something mostly by Being, not against something by Doing. As such, these terms and themes of low-negative vibration that distract you from your true inner potential are hereby strictly forbidden to discuss on these grounds. We can only truly overcome destruction with New Creation, not more destruction.

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But why should a degenerate wise adventurer like yourself care about a large discord group linking you to New Age Extradimensional Cult repositories? It's weird that you have to ask, but I'll bite. We're going to briefly discuss some of the people you may come across. This post is not about the people of LOW so I am going to give you two examples to represent the three types of New Age believers:

The Good
You have people like Maricris, who ostensibly married into the grift after falling into the New Age rabbit hole like her husband. She has a website here but it's been down forever. I'll archive it if it returns. Her FB is open, and most of her photos and statuses are about spreading LOVE and GOOD VIBES to the world to combat 5g. These are the normies of the New Age cult. They go to their local farmers market and arrange their crystals to maximize karmatic flow from their wallets to their gurus. Every good scheme needs people like this to make your grift look legit.
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For every lovey-dovey glazed over face you see here, you will also find

The Bad
Who grifts the grifters? In this case, it's our man non-physical being Bashar. His website is linked to Scranton's zone. I'm not sure if these two hang out, but Scranton absolutely adores this man future being. For some unexplained reason, Bashar decided to channel through the body of a Darryl Anka. Here is a video ad for one of his scams. I would like to show you more, but this man is locked behind more paywalls than the Church of Scientology. Any recordings all the way back to the 1980s cost over $10. If anyone finds recordings dm me and I'll do another deep dive. These are the kinds of talentless hacks ascended beings that contribute nothing of value USDA Grade A good vibes to society.

Stay with me, because we're almost to the checkpoint. I know that last guy wasn't your favorite, but I have to prepare you for the darkest part of these internet cults:

The Ugly
This is not a post dedicated to the mentally unwell, so I will show only one member of the Discord I have seen around. Edwin Charles Ellis Jr, Youtube channel, Website (Archive), Tumblr and a few rambling documents. He is a regular on the internet and has delusions about dimensional beings, aliens, government spying etc. I bring him up because his Fuantum content is truly bizarre, and to show these are the kinds of people ultimately being exploited. He's not the focus, but you can find Edwin's contact info including his Discord name on his Website.

(Youtube Link) (Youtube Link)

Part 3: Planet Hot Dog - The Places

I hope you didn't think that was the end of their internet presence. We're at the halfway point, feel free to stop for refreshments if you're all hot and flustered; acquire mustard if you'd like. Let's check these hotdogs:

Another website connected to Scranton & his crew is Lyran Planet Star Seeders. This website is know primarily for its vibe-bending artwork. Remember Bashar? Instead of explaining this website, it would be best if you look through it yourself. It's some graphic art and random documentaries. If this cow is your cup o' tea then you'll enjoy killing some time here.

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Glenn Louis Parker is, apparently, a business consultant, spiritual foundation founder, producer, and confidant of Scranton, per his website testimony. He enjoys making films, helping grifters set up their rackets, and is selling producer credits for up to $50,000. If you can't afford a credit in his film, you may hire his services to commune with the non-existent physical aliens for $150/hr. He also offers business coaching, and I have listened to a few of these free vids so I can condense this monsoon of wisdom into bite-sized concepts for the smooth brains. Glenn has a hip new business model: Crowd Sourcing. The TL;DR is just beg for money on the internet. Funny how all of these New Age goobers are following this man's business advice when it's literally "make a Patreon."

Alert: Glenn is offering free 1-hour conversations to see if you're "Spiritually compatible" for longer term counseling. Do with this information as you see fit.
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(Youtube Link)

It's time for our Reddit Roundup! So what's going on the subreddit? Not much! It has a little over 1k members, four mods, and pretty much every post is from Scranton's website.

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When searching by controversial, you can find some interesting videos by people related to the goobery. I have linked two to spread the positive vibes. The first video was uploaded my the creator himself, is affiliated with this community and might be worth his own deep dive perhaps. Unfortunately, we haven't even finished with LOW so we're going to stop here for a moment and move on.

(Youtube Link) (Youtube Link)

Part 4: Rose Tint My World - The Beliefs

So you've been introduced to Scranton, his associates, and you've seen their strange little dwellings. But what do they believe? As was expected, despite hoards of articles citing New Age gobbledygook they don't have a refined theology. It's as if they didn't want to create rules or a system in place or they might have to be consistent and be subject to scrutiny. Don't be fooled, Scranton does very little speaking but the Arcturian Council can't shut up! (Transcript below) Almost all of his writings on his website are written from the perspective of the Arcturians.
“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are loving the process of witnessing your evolution of consciousness, because we are doing it with you. We are on a journey together, and you are making the most progress of any beings in any dimension in this galaxy. That is because you have moved so far from the truth of who you really are, and the journey back to that knowing is such a giant leap from where you once were. It’s the movement forward that it’s really all about. You get to feel as though you are becoming your higher selves for the very first time, even though you have all been fifth dimensional already.

You are returning home, in a sense, and those of you who talk about going home as if home is a star system, or a planet, are missing the point. It’s not about the star system you came from or originated in, and it’s not about the planet, the moon, or the body that you once knew so well. This journey is about you returning to the you that you have always been, but have agreed to forget that you once were. You are going back to the fifth dimension, but it won’t be the same fifth dimension that you once knew, and that is because of what you’ve been living there on Earth.

You are there having such a hard time because you knew that through hardship, pain, and struggle, you would create more, you would create something better, and you have. You have created a better version of reality than the one that you knew when you were fifth dimensional. Now, you will also get to go home in the physical sense, but that will never be what it’s all about for you. It has always been about and will always be about returning to a feeling, a state of being, a level of consciousness. That’s what you want to really achieve, and that is what’s available to you right now. You don’t have to wait for anything outside of you to happen in order to start knowing yourselves as your fifth-dimensional higher selves.

It is all inside of you right now in this very moment, and we are not even a little bit kidding about that. So what are you waiting for? Yes, having things change outside of you and having everything served up to you on a silver platter is the fantasy; it’s the easy way. Pressing a button so that you can teleport somewhere else where things are much better certainly seems like a very good idea. But if you did that, you would be robbing yourselves of the ride that you are on, and because we are on the ride with you, we can say with certainty that it is the best ride that you could possibly be on at this time.

And if you can appreciate the journey just a little bit more, you can feel what we feel about your journey. In fact, you can feel a bit of who we are inside of you when you match your consciousness to the consciousness that we are offering you right now. Join us here in the lovely and beautiful experience of your joyous ascension.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”scranton-photo-184x300.jpg

"But what am Paladians, Arcturians and all these hippy dippy alien species? Star seeds?? I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND" - You, probably
In case you're not familiar with starseeds, alien councils, and channeling, I'll do my best to explain. Basically, there is this belief that some mentally ill people have a higher "energy level." These energy levels are increased because they aren't fully human, but a reincarnation of an alien species. Each alien species has its own traits akin to astrology signs. How do you know which alien species you descended from? Read a vague article that describes everyone, find which one you like the most or take a quiz, and then claim it. It's not hard. Do you know what your starseed is? Great! Now you're ready to start channeling!

He has a meme page of questionable quality. I will link a few more articles and videos to peruse at your convenience:

New Earth

(Youtube Link)

Interview with Daniel Scranton

(Youtube Link)

How to Meditate

(Youtube Link)

Part 5: I'm Going Home - Summary

The LOW boys are a weird cult of scammers, mentally ill people, and a blend of the two together. They are all incredibly active online with several social media accounts, websites, and Discord servers. Almost all of them are in contact and work with each other. Daniel Scranton is among the strangest of these grifters with an internet activity almost too active. These people believe they are communicating with Sun Tzu, Gandhi, Epstein - anyone for absurd amounts of cash. It's not as though these are particularly compelling impressions either. The only folks weirder than these people are the unfortunate souls who are too whacked out to realize they can spend the same money on Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina Candle and get the same spiritual effects. I truly believe there is more to this group, I keep finding eccentric individuals. Some of these people legitimately believe they're talking to a dead Judean - that's pretty sad. Not as sad as people like Bashar or Glenn Parker though, who I find to be the most egregious offenders. Regardless, to them we're all just insects crawling on the planet's face. Lost in time, lost in space. And meaning.

That concludes the tour. Thank you for reading and keep me updated with what you find.

Channel your Nearest Arcturian Representative:
Daniel Scranton's Website (Archive) - Reddit (Archive) - Discord Permalink - Audiobook (Archive) (Stream) (Direct Download) - Planet Star Seeders Website (Archive) - Planet Star Seeders Email - Glenn Louis Parker's Website (Archive), Film Site (Archive), High Vibration Foundation (Archive) - Darryl Anka AKA Bashar's Website (Archive) - Maricris Dominique Dela Cruz-Scranton (Archive)


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