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Meet Daniel W. Dieter, AKA DanielHeroX2.0/Danxgoodwolf.

Daniel is your average DeviantArt drama queen who demands art from random artists he meets, steals artwork, and stirs up drama with people that dislike him. He also draws alot of fetish art, usually based around inflation, weight gain, farts, or diaper faggotry. I had a lot of experience with Daniel, mostly due to the fact that I used to be a close friend of his and apart of his chinese knockoff of the "The Rift"/"Rift Cafe" called "Blimpony Forteam"/"thegrowingjoyofbig". Suprisingly, the journal that I posted in thegrowingjoyofbig announcing my leave using my second account is still up despite me leaving the group almost half a year ago.

Daniel has a pretty huge ego, claiming that he is a "great guy" to people who caught on to his bull shit and he has the "tendency" to "spam advertise" things that he created in Discord servers that he is in, even going as far to DM random people just to try and get them to view his wonderful creations. Whenever no one pays attention to what he posts, he either reposts the same thing that he just posted minutes before or acts like an attention whore and posts comments like "Anyone?..." or tries to stir up drama with anyone who shares a post over his.

Examples of this behavior:

Messages he sent me edited together (Taken straight from my Discord DM history with him):

For some reason, Daniel has an obsession with the character Mammoth Mutt from the childrens show "Krypto the Superdog". He is probably obsessed with her because she has a super power that allows her to inflate herself like a balloon. He even has an art folder in his DA gallery with nothing but images and stories of her. His favorites gallery is even loaded with images of her.

He even has a group dedicated to Mammoth Mutt: https://mammothmuttgroup.deviantart.com

Just like his artwork, his "original characters" are pretty bad and unoriginal too. His art and OCs are almost on par with BlueCatRiolu/Nicholas R. Salerno's. (He is also a white knight of Nick and his "DeviantArt brother"). Most of Daniel's OCs are rip offs of other characters from TV shows, comics, and even characters from other artists. The mass majority of his OCs have 'X' in their names for who knows what reason. He was also caught stealing's Dragovian15's custom species. (I think that they were called Wolfaroos and Dragonroos if I am remembering right.)

Stolen species in question:

What is this UNHOLY creation?:

His "totally original" ponysona. Also, what the fuck is a "FenPony"?:

I don't even know what the fuck this is:

I guess he also has a trash eating fetish?:

His fursona who is totally not a rip off of Ben 10:

A character... Made of fucking diapers of all things:

On Daniel's YouTube channel, he posted a collab with the YouTuber LoonyTurtle and in the process, revealed what he looks like IRL:

He looks like both a hippie and a pedophile.

He also has a Google+ account which is loaded with stolen artwork from sites like DeviantArt and Furaffinity: https://plus.google.com/101950414646166103051

His Accounts:

Archived links:

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Archived links:
His thegrowingjoyofbig group: https://archive.md/nnwwC
His Twitter: https://archive.md/Gr9Ns
His Google+ (With stolen art): http://archive.md/9uujN
His YouTube channel: https://archive.md/l0mYt
His current FA account: http://archive.md/7HTmL
His "brony" DA account: https://archive.md/mL4nU
His "main" DA account: https://archive.md/Qz2P2
"Xwell & LooneyTurtle Website Review" + Face reveal: http://archive.md/EDNnk
His Mammoth Mutt gallery folder: https://archive.md/kEYTq
Stolen species: http://archive.md/9uqP9
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Ugh his artwork is all so low-effort and shitty. I know that's standard for deviantart but still, if you're gonna upload something at least take a decent scan you lazy shit.



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Lmao that diapersona.
Also, a few of your links are switched up. The archive links for his current FA and Google+ are just links to his Twitter archive.

Archive of his youtube playlists, http://archive.md/g4qxL
Pics of his FA gallery,
Pic of all his FA journals, also archive
I also have his youtube videos if they ever go down.

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't notice that I mixed them up while I was copy and pasting them here. I will be sure to correct them.

This was drawn by Ian-exe on FA. According to what I have been told, Ian made this after Daniel kept demanding him to draw Mammoth Mutt for him.

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You know whats funny?

From what I've heard, The reason the first FA account was deactivated and hacked was because he fell for a scam that he could "upgrade" his FurAffinity account.

He has ROBLOX levels of dumbass right there.

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