Science Danish doctor warns: Vegan food may lead to mental exceptionalism -


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Chief physician Allan M. Lund at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen warns that vegan food can have severe consequences, such as epilepsy and ultimately developmental disorders.

In Denmark, there is now a debate about the suitability of an increasing number of families giving their children only vegan food. Critics are opposed to scrapping all animal products in small children’s diet.

The problem is that poor food, which for example requires the addition of vitamin B12, can have serious consequences for children. And as a result several children on a vegan diet have been treated at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen.

“Such a diet may involve developing different brain symptoms. With muscle weakness, poor contact and epilepsy. And in the long term mental exceptionalism”, says chief physician Allan M. Lund to TV4.

According to Lund, one should not completely remove meat, eggs and dairy products from small children’s diet without first consulting with a dietician.

In addition to developmental disorders, it can also cause nutritional deficiencies.

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I hope the princess made lotsah spaghetti!
True & Honest Fan
isnt vegan food the same food as meat eaters just without the meat? do vegans and meat eaters not eat the same fruit/vegetables/grains etc ?
They don't/can't get enough vitamin B12 the way they eat. All it would take is one egg or a glass or two of tard cum a day, but vegan homies don't play dat.


you are factually a bad person
i was under the assumption it was the other way around


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Sadly, this probably won’t stop some vegan parents from feeding their kids only vegan food. It’s like a whole subgenre on YouTube. Some of these people include
  • ShineWithPlants- they eat a lot of raw vegan food and raise their daughter with the same vegan diet
  • Ellen Fisher- has 3 kids, all vegan
  • Monami Frost- is vegan and is raising her daughter vegan. She’s pregnant again and is sustaining herself on a vegan diet
  • FitShortyEats- probably the worst out of this group. They are a couple and the woman (can’t remember her name) is pregnant. Couple has an exclusively fruitarian diet (goes beyond just vegan and only eats fruit)


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isnt vegan food the same food as meat eaters just without the meat? do vegans and meat eaters not eat the same fruit/vegetables/grains etc ?
Vegans do not eat anything that comes from animals. This includes a lot more than just meat.
right that's what they don't eat, but other than that it's the same food
Children require meat/eggs in their diet for the necessary proteins/fats for proper brain development. Iirc one of if not the primary reason humans even began to develop the intellect we have today is that our ancient ancestors started eating meat instead of being frugivorous/herbivorous.

A classic example to compare this to would be trying to raise a dog/cat on a vegan diet. It's cruel and only to their detriment.

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