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Video description:
In this episode of Dank Swordz TV, anarchist sword thug and Internet personality Tyce Andrews reviews the deadly Marijuana Straight Razor available for $9.99 at various retail stores. This was filmed several months ago along with our first sword review but I REFUSED Steadfastly in uploading any of the Dank swords episodes because I live my life in the fast lane as a responsible, racially-related adult I did not want fans to get the "Wrong idea" On whether or not I am actually on Tyces side.. Hint, Im Not, IF there is ever a race war I will be on the BLACK side, Just for everyones intel anyways, Because I respect African Americans, And related content such as Ferguson snd Michael Brown. But like who says i dont love the fans lol? Theres been a lot of fan Requests to see more Dank Swords, And also like, Tyce was nice enough to Help me by selling me weed on a "House Call" Since I could Not go outside, He actually gave me a discount showing he is in fact CAPABLE of not being a TOTAL asshole and also SEEING AS I AM THE COMMANDER And a person who can be NICE to those who are NICE to me,AND FOR THE FANS, I have decided to actually unleash this video online dude by giving it to CIADude420 who actually edited it with fairly sick music and clips for your viewing pleasure dude. Thats basically how its done
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Thank you based [REDACTED]
Yes, thank you [REDACTED] for sharing this episode of Dank Swordz TV. Had it went on longer, we could of seen Tyce review some analchest katana or analchest axe.
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Bless us O Commander for this bounty we have received and/or watched.

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agreed, this shit is so fucking good!

EDIT - LOL @ the kill confirmed MW3 hahahaha


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Jace on the youtube comments said:
17 minutes ago

Just so every one knows this upload does not mean I will be friendly with tyce or that I endorse his behavior. This is archive footage. After all i dont hang out with fake friends who actually bail on me and F*ck me over when the chips are actually down.

Also I wonder if there's a way to tie these to an affiliate program with Cheap Online Knife Site or whatever, because these are highly effective at making me want more cheap silly knives.


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Short and sweet, I dig it. This must have been filmed during happier times before the Jace/Tyce falling-out.

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