Video Dank Swordz TV #2: Marijuana Straight Razor Unboxing+Review -

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Dude, this was still great, even knowing it's [REDACTED]. The way Tyce looks as he is flipping of the screen in the begging is intense.
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This is great. Editing is fantastic, that's something that always made me suspicious about Jace before the big reveal. Not enough to think it was fake, but I always wondered who edited all the intros, graphics and shit.
CIADude420. I had assumed he was a deep cover troll good with video editing, but I had no idea he was [REDACTED] until the big [REDACTED]. Also, Dank Swords is still just as funny knowing the whole thing is [REDACTED].
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I rate this video 4.5 skulls out of 5. Half of a skull was deducted because Tyce is not wearing the skull mask. Hopefully we get more Dank Swordz!


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I can't wait for the skeleton war mod for MGR.
I'm gonna expect all the sick bladez that appear in dank swordz to show up.
I believe "blaze canceling" will be a mechanic where you gotta know when to toke up to land some sick nasties.
Police officers are filled with dew apparently.
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