Video Dank Swordz TV #2: Marijuana Straight Razor Unboxing+Review -

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This was hilarious. If you decide to put out more of these, how about Tyce reviewing a cordless sawzall or some useless object with a lot of blades like one of those TV infomercial vegetable choppers?
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im crying laughing right now at the idea that tyce is so reprehensible even juggalo forum posters will actively refuse to associate with him and if anything gets posted in that forum that leads the juggalo crew to believe [REDACTED] i'm gonna start banning and SWATting people en masse, starting with josh and working my way down eventually culminating in my own ritual suicide via airsoft

they think brianna wu is an "asian chick that cheated at cod"
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I think you should scatter some more juggalo references into future videos if you're going to be #pranking them. It always bugged me that Jace and Tyce professed to be juggalos but never really talked about it when every juggalo I've met IRL couldn't shut about it.

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Still worth watching? Since when has it NOT been worth watching?

Personally, I don't give a shit if it's [REDACTED], it's still fucking hilarious, and something I want to see continued in the future.
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