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Feb 15, 2015
In a talk I had with @S-chan this morning, I was told some information about this splinter board and some cows that have had accounts on it in the past. Although this site is not nearly as crazy as School Survival from the outside, it still seemed worthy of a thread given all this past history and the conflict that has been prevalent before.

S-Chan: [Darknedgy is] substantially less lolcow-ish then the original site (although there are amazing standouts (araby <3, duelix, and sire theodore ponyfucker)). none of them are there anymore. except duelix when he has a few minutes to spare, might show up to be banned a few minutes later for the mods amusement.

Just a few things I already noticed viewing the website's homepage. They really try to go for this Sociopath-Community feel right off the bat.


This is the layout of the forum. There are some similarities in the different subforums that they have as compared the original forum that this site was spun off from.




There doesn't seem to be as much activity, but looking into Duelix some more, that user pissed off people so much that they even made a Comprehensive Posting Guide for the tard. He was already covered a bit in the other thread but I found some other content from him worth posting here.


This was when people were trying to dox Duelix.



A thread made by a Duelix alt:


Fagix is another name for Duelix accounts:


Now onto covering Araby, who has his own Wikia entry detailing his exploits.


He doesn't seem active right now either, but this is the introduction to him on the page:

ArabiaMad (more commonly referred to as Araby) and alternatively known as hahaha12345, ihateteachers, andanonymousanonymous was a Dark n Edgy lolcow, notably the only user from Saudi Arabia. He is also the only known Muslim to have joined the forums. He lives in Riyadh, the country's capital. He is one of two main lolcows. He wants everyone to be Muslim, and if you aren't Muslim, you're evil. Araby openly hates America and claims that his country, Saudi Arabia, has the power to cripple the American economy. Other than this, Araby is also know for many forms of trolling, spamming, shitposting, etc.

On to Sir Theodore Ponyfucker then, and yes, that's really his username.

He would often make posts like these:



He was definitely retarded too and this was just a small sample of what kind of posts he'd make on the site.

The site also comes with a blog and its own IRC chat. Those might be worth a look.


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Oct 1, 2013
Wow, it's like stepping into a time machine back to the early 2000s. Seriously, that layout's outdated as fuck.

Anyways, I'd love to see what happened with Sir Theo the ponyfucker.


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Nov 22, 2015
The userbase is probably a split of people who use this site unironically and the people who don't. Now what we need to do is find which one is the minority.


Feb 20, 2016
So it originally began as a self-aware community that eventually stopped being self-aware and became idiotic?

How unexpected.
Most of them are actually quite self aware, and the focus of the site in recent months is more on the Mutually Beneficial Network aspect of it. For example, they were crucial in spreading awareness of the ills of systemd under the domain boycottsystemd.org and then later through the uselessd project. That, and the blog are probably the main aspects of the site now, aside from the irreverent circlejerking (let's just say they've completely outgrown their SS roots by mid-2015).