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Big ups
Code what are you doing man? Cat has redhair and that snapchat icon has blonde hair....

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Code what are you doing man? Cat has redhair and that snapchat icon has blonde hair....

Kat also spells her name with a "K", not a "C".

Getting some Wings flashbacks here. That sweet sweet chargeback fraud. Don't you dare question it.

Setting aside the blatant "LOLOPS" of this, if Phil didn't acknowledge the tip (or insulted the person or whatever), could one reasonably (again, be generous here) claim lack of fulfillment?
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What is Castiel's twitter?
Interestingly, I mistakenly assumed the Twitter handle was @CodeCastiel, but found that the account was suspended for breaking ToS.
He gave a gifted sub two days ago.
Also, I noticed he made a comment on Mr.Huth's video about the 1K cat, simply shilling his video and asking people to watch it. Which I find inappropriate. He seems to have removed the comment.


In regards to Phil being disproved to never have said "it was a huge reveal", he also said it was "super special" and "big". Not the same thing as huge, but there is no doubt he was inflating the importance of the reveal slash announcement.

@MoonRocker Phil is not going to play WoW Classic due to trolls.

Phil plans to return to PUBG specifically to further torment @PieceofShet.

"I'm just being honest with you." [1] [2]
Over-sensitive ninnies. [1] [2]
Gratuitous plugs a necessary evil.
Phil's favorite alcohol.
"I am not registered anyway, as anything anymore."
Married man saves princesses.
Sudden gas leak.
Sudden alien abduction.
Are you retarded?
TeeSpring HQ shirts.
"Please consider my associate King Mazel Tov."
The end of Rumpelstiltskins. RIP.
Phil actually baiting for the possible multi-millionaire viewer.

Points for anyone who can name an adjective Phil has used to describe one of his chat crown badges in the past. I find it hilarious that he has described the four-year one as "gorgeous", and the two-year one as "regal."

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Probably has to do with him lying to Phil about Code's trolling. Code was dumb enough to brag about fooling Phil with that one. Told Yusuke to feed him a line about "oh his account was hacked, that wasn't really him that was trolling"
Is there some operational benefit to these brain trusts planning their little projects in public like this that I don't know about? ISIL and antifa are apparently missing out, not communicating via bullhorn.