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DarksydePhil Fan GeneralInfighting and Cringe Galore 2 (Moderators, et al)

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Kona, Mar 28, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. Feel free to discuss the DSP fan, commonly found in their natural habitat, Tumbleweed Forums.

    People of Interest:

    KGhaleon / Keith L Pickard
    A handsome brony with cold steel for a heart. Enjoys (not) being a fan of Phil.

    Part enigma, part devoted fan, is there any humanity left?

    Incredible moderator, with a mental age that may even be higher than 10. Information pending.

    Nich2240 / Nicholas Thompson / Pineapplehead
    A heroic double agent who increases in power every day, and may one day stand up to Phil and free them all.

    I'll do my best to keep this updated, so new friends can come and enlighten themselves.
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    Kona ?????

  2. It must be so hard to be a fan of Darksydephil nowadays. He banned pretty much anyone with an IQ higher than 70 off his shitty forum, now we got people just sitting there out of spite, despite giving zero shits about the person they were a fan of like KG, genuinely autistic invididuals like Lastrambo who are balls deep in the gang war mentality that no matter what the fuck DSP does that's messed up, he won't acknowledge it, hidden plant trolls that are competing with the bronsgeests in their 24 hour ops, cases of severe bipolar disorder like alucardvidracul/burn etc.

    It's like these people hate each other more than those darn evil detractors. They can't even make a simple discord to talk with each other out of paranoia and fear of disapproval from the person who runs that shithouse of a forum.
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  3. I was just thinking this the other day when I was watching a bit of stream. His chat is like a group of people who don't like each other, trying to convince each other that they like each other. It explains the constant "friendly bants" they do. The first one to not participate get culled from the group. The forums seem like a place where people who don't like Phil have found the perfect way to slowly eat away at him.

    Amityville is the perfect example, the way he defends Phil with such tenacity makes me think it's an act. The only people I've seen defend such general fuckery with such passion are ironic trolls or mentally challenged fan-girls. It makes me think of the old Justin Bieber or One Direction exceptionals. They could do whatever they wanted and their fans would find excuses and defenses. most of them at least had the excuse of being too young to understand their misguided thinking.

    Nich comes across as a masochistic abuse victim, he knows what's gonna happen, he knows he shouldn't take it but he knows he will. Sometimes you see a spark of defiance, those moments when he remember he's actually a man and not a bitch. But in the end he always bows back in with his tail between his legs. It's hard for me to form a genuine opinion of him, sometimes he seems like as normal a fan of DSP as you can get. Maybe he's just bored and likes it rough?

    Mrs Wagginz is just a bitch imo. I don't think there's much else to say imo.

    Never had anything to do with KG so I won't say anything about him, wouldn't have anything to add that I'm sure plenty other on here could.
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    samovski Not Russian

  4. Individually, none of them really provide too much of value. Nich's the fan who gives advice and disagrees with Phil oftentimes, Amityville is the loyal knight sworn to protect Phil's honor, MrSwagginz is the ban-happy mod with a power-trip and fragile ego, and KG is just a horse fucker. But you blend them together in the King of Hate Stew, and you get a very interesting mixture.

    And you can't forget the side characters, like Lastrambo and ThatDogGuy. The forum being a tiny community of only the 7 most dedicated Phil fans just enables their eccentricities.
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    Kona ?????

  5. I feel like TKOH forums are a day time drama and they're all actors in it. Anyone got a favorite? Good or bad, just post your fave. MDCfan is my fave, he likes to do long winded reviews about stuff in a nice big wall of text. Awe inspiring.
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  6. Just curious does anyone know what Mrs. Wagginz looks like? Other than the back pictures with designer clothes?

    PantsuParty Jimmy Norton's Sex Slave

  7. Nnno, no favorites, they're all fgts. That cancerous forum is where I draw the line. Zero interest. Screencaps or links posted here are good enough for me. I trust everyone's judgment as to whether something is funny or interesting enough to migrate over to where I can see it. That website is just more than I can bear.
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    Nurse Ratchet

    Nurse Ratchet Q. ARE WE NOT MEN?
    True & Honest Fan

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    True & Honest Fan

  8. I'd briefly considered compiling entries on the "Dickriders" gone by. There's a lengthy list of former fans to chronicle. Some of these would include, to pull some suggestions by @BatChatillon , UmbranAlchemist, JamieScoins, Sammy Samosa, hardcoreparkour, Icureditwmybrain, Ginosaji, and Ashish. To go further, Dickriders from the generation previous, like Drillbit and Green Antics for example. Besides archiving the insanity it'd give a broader view of how their personalities relate (a most pointed category here would be each of their meltdowns and disappearances). But I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.

    God Revan in particular would be a character the current cycle of "Detractors" would find amusing. In 2016 it was agreed this guy was deserving of his own thread. If he was around today he'd have one for sure.

    On top of all that, he was an LTG fan

    Shoutouts to @BuckBumble , one of the great Detractors from the generation previous.
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  9. Ashish was hilarious because he got owned trying to pass off his own sock as his girlfriend on the Twatter. Ashish consistently brought the LOLs daily.
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    PorkchopSandwiches G I Jooooeeeeee

  10. Yeah me and @TheyCallMeTXT busted Ash doing that. He's still a fan but a lot quieter these days. Guy was a bit obsessive over anyone criticising Phil. He tried getting revenge by making a fake detractor account called @TheyCallMeFan and making some fucked-up anti-DSP tweets with it, before switching back to his normal Twitter account and crying about how evil detractors were by screenshotting his own tweets from the alt account! We knew early on it was him but let me him roll with it, he deleted the account once knowing we knew it was him.

    There's been crazier fanboys since but he was a desperate kind of fucked-up fanboy.
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  11. See, that's some funny info someone like me that hasn't been around that long wouldn't have known.

    I'm not sure of a good format to relate that kinda thing for the newer "Detractors". Brief entries with synopses of their meltdowns is all I can come up with.

    Some of the exits I've witnesses and have read about:

    KingJezal: One of Phil's biggest financial backers. During the January Doxening, offered him the ultimatum of either complying with the doxers or he'd leave, pulling his suport. Phil chose not to comply.

    Jelsea: Long-time Phil supporter that would gather information on "Detractors" for him. Finally became irritated and leaked the conversations.

    BeTheSaurosRex: A mod that was a thorn in his side, was accused (with little evidence) by Phil of telling others not to donate. Would appear soon afterwards in WingsOfRedemption's chat.

    Ginosaji: Mod that became annoyed with Phil when he belittled the Scarface video game (and also didn't like Leanna). Lashed out at chat and Phil until he was finally removed of his status.

    Greenantics: Financial backer and mod that claimed to have all his information hacked, disappearing forever.
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    #12 Haunter, Aug 31, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
  12. FYI, Ginosaji is not only back but back as a mod (though he's not a sub or donator, that I can tell), and I'm pretty sure BeThe is back as well under a different name. Can't recall what it is at the moment.
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    True & Honest Fan

  13. I thought i read somewhere on KF that Amityville and ThatDogGuy are the same person?

    Ilscuro Faccia Di Cazzo

  14. Not proven 100% but that's either true or they're two fake fanboys working together.
  15. BeThe is still around under a different username. Most of Phil's chat, including mods, know who he is but Phil either doesn't know or doesn't care enough to ban him again.
  16. I find Jakelikescats to be fascinating personally.

    He's either the lone reasonable fan in the chat, or the smartest of the deep cover detractors.
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  17. Just curious, which fan of his draws all of the awkward fan art for his streams?
  18. The coloured fan art is by Derichloveslemur, supposedly inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I've not heard anyone mention the sketches that started appearing after. I'd assume they're by Derich as well.
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  19. From what I can see, MiraiMisaki's got the makings of a Lolcow deserving to orbit the DSPhere.

    Rabidly anti-left/anti-SJW etc., Mirai's channeled those frustrations into writing a webcomic, https://tapas.io/series/_SuperNova_

    On his twitter account he steels himself for the challenges his assured success will bring, and denounces the nay-sayers that are sure to follow.

    Mirai's picked up the term "Detractors" to label his perceived critics

    It's important that you know he's a Christian

    Seems to deserve "victim status"

    According to his twitter slight, Mirai and Super Nova's artist "GlowingSky" had some sort of falling out with the webcomics site Webtoons, choosing to start again on the competing platform Tapas.io.

    The series as it appeared on Webtoons: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/supernova/list?title_no=171777

    There was also an attempt at crowdfunding the publication of Super Nova as a graphic novel

    According to this, http://www.thecrowdfundingcenter.com/?page=project&id=978C3D , Mirai lists his location as Singapore.

    His Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MiraiMisaki
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