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When will snowkarl return to Phil's streams (banned Nov 3rd)?

  • Never

    Votes: 45 13.6%
  • Within a week

    Votes: 129 39.0%
  • Within a month

    Votes: 144 43.5%
  • Next year

    Votes: 13 3.9%

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Radical Goodspeed

Biological Sex Exists
Sep 2, 2015
This is the only time anyone else is going to celebrate your accomplishments sincerely, you pale fuck. More people care about this thread count hitting an arbitrary number than did your birthday this year, Phil.

Let me add my voice to the chorus that I'm thankful that I never crossed the threshold to becoming as massive a faggot as DSP. If I woke up as you, I would kill myself on camera.

Guenther Steiner

He does not FOK SMASH my door!
Apr 27, 2021
Been lurking the farms for quite some time, but never made an account until recently. Mostly checking in on CWC on occasion. I didn't start really following the gouty pig til about January 2019, around page 3950. 6000 fucking pages of snorts and salt. Intrigued to see what the writers have in store for us in the future. Keep on keepin' on all you sick in the head nudniks :tomgirl:


So Zesty
Aug 5, 2021
Here's my shitty photoshop job to celebrate this great achievement.


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Lost Pillstream footage
Nov 23, 2020
(I am two dozen pages behind and in case this thread will get locked at 10k and before a new one...)

Hello fellow humans and federal crime committers,

I had a lot of fun since I joined in February this year. My personal highlights were Phil's Nazi hat reveal, looking into Derich's degeneracy, Phil's bank leaks and [exceptional]'s Ascii dicks meltdown. I saw everything of these things live besides watching Derich jacking off of course - thank God.

Thank you to everyone. I genuinely like the different characters, talents, "division of labor" and styles in here. Most of the times there was no sperging or political discussion (in the threads). I can't express how much I appreciate that. The world is crazy enough - I don't have to be reminded of it every fucking single second.

Let's go for more fun and chill! Happy 10k soon!

Very optimistic but it would be funny see Phil having a stroke live on stream or seeing him in court. His lawyers would be like:
View attachment 2705275
If Greer is still able to keep living his lawsuit fetish, I'm pretty sure Phil would escape the American legal system.

Then he would die by a stroke on stream and the camera would be on for hours until Khet arrives.

Serf 'n' TERF

Psychological abuser of Philip Paul Burnell
May 6, 2021
Congratulations everyone on 10,000 pages! It's amazing that you all have so much to say about a man who has done so little with his life!

Anyway, I wanted us all to celebrate this momentous occasion so I gave Fred Meyer's in-store bakery a call and ordered us a sheet cake. The girl on the phone was sweet but kind of slow... I didn't quite catch her name, she talked as if she had a mouth full of marbles but I think it began with a K.




Let's cut it up and have a slice!

But it's only fair if the Mature Adult of the Hour gets the first slice - gee, I hope he likes it... Let's see what he thinks.


He loves it! The guy LOVES it!
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