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Careercow DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil BurnellFailing middle-aged let's player, fired by Machinima, dumped by his full time girlfriend.

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by A Witty Name, May 17, 2013.

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  1. He used to be a beefcake but he then ate the fucking cake
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  2. I can see some sort of breakdown by the end of the month. It's the start of the "hardcore gaming season", and the first big AAA release gets absolutely trash views. This affects him so much that he literally loses sleep over it after one day. What happens when nobody turns up for The Evil Within 2? And Assassins Creed? and Wolfenstein? He's already thrown a hissy fit over the near guaranteed demonetization of TEW and Wolfenstein.

    He's already using the flimsiest of excuses I've ever heard for the Shadow of War turnout. There aint no boogeyman left for the rest.
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    ProdigalDuke Boundless and bare

  3. It's not his fault for being toxic and uninteresting to watch. It's just that people hate microtransactions nothing he could do dood
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    Xerxes IX

    Xerxes IX Even kebab cats will be removed

  4. Cue Phil being a mega-hipster and saying those games are boring even though he's played AAA releases almost all the time outside of Patron's Choice.
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    Rare Drop

    Rare Drop Decently Made

  5. Phil as a kid:

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  6. What is it about The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 that would get them both demonetized?
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    Vault Boy

    Vault Boy Corporate Mascot of Vault-Tec.

  7. Wolfenstein has nazis in it and evil within is very violent. Violence and nazis are ripe for youtube demonetization these days
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  8. Back in early September DSP whined about various videos that got demonetized on DSPGaming - he tweeted that he expected Evil Within 2 & Wolfenstein II The New Colossus would likely be demonetized because Evil Within 1 and 'Wolfenstein' (I guess just The New Order) were demonetized. We know Mario Odyssey will be ContentID claimed by Nintendo, also I wouldn't be surprised if South Park '2' gets demonetized too.
    EDIT: Why they got demonetized, presumably the gory horror content for Evil Within & obviously Nazi stuff for Wolfenstein.
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  9. Discuss.
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  10. Can that guy ever NOT be a jackass?

    Seriously everything DSP ever says carries so much disdain for the world.

    Good, bad, neutral, happy, sad, sexy, all these feelings and Phil is always the jackass.
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    #33790 ThePlagueTND, Oct 12, 2017 at 3:47 PM
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017 at 6:42 PM
  11. Well, I'm convinced of the opposite.
    His original gameplay is way worst than what TIHYDPs usually highlight.
    I watched two TIHYDPs for Fallout 4 then decided to pick up on the actual PT of him (adblockers blazing) and God is he worse than anything highlighted in these TIHYDPs.

    The guy didn't even figure out how to reload his weapon until part 13 (and all these parts were 25-40 minutes long for the most part)
    His fans were going crazy in the comments, giving him tips about "how to reload" ... in a FPS.
    That's how bad he is.

    Each fight he picks is horrendous to watch. He is using VATS every single time and in the most inefficient way (doesn't care about chances to hit) Then, when his AP runs out he does nothing except waiting for it to fill up again, so he can squeeze another VATS action ... and another one ... and another one... (to a point people in YT comments were wondering if he knew how to shoot the gun by himself)

    He doesn't read simple instructions and pays no attention to dialog, then proceeds to whine loudly that "the game doesn't explain him what to do" or that it's simply "bugged".
    The insufferable amount of dead air of him just going "uhhhhh uuhhhh" when he's puzzled and "hmmmmmmm hmmmmm" whilst stroking his goatee when he wants his audience to think that his brain is being activated, is mind blowing.
    On the opposite side, when he has a revelation (usually some basic shit everyone figured out instantly) he's going "ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhh"

    It's like watching a chimpanzee mimic human behavior.
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    #33791 wohzi, Oct 12, 2017 at 3:52 PM
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  12. Has anyone straight up asked him "Why aren't you using the greenscreen yet?"

    (He even has an empty second bedroom now)
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  13. Decided to check the forum for the first time in months... i regret it!
    Big suprise LittleRambo wants to remove TIHYDP and other "anti-DSP" videos from YT, kind of funny how he tries to create a LTG mob!

    Looks like he has no life other than trying to take down "anti-DSP" videos, right Phil?

    And because of LittleRambos charming personality the thread quickly got out of hands!
    42.jpg 43.jpg 44.jpg 45.jpg 46.jpg 47.jpg 48.jpg

    What happened with the image posting? Used to be able to have the text right beneath the image and images right next to each other sideways!
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    Dragoonism There are no facts, only interpretations.

  14. A number of people have and he excuses it with it taking up to much space!
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    Dragoonism There are no facts, only interpretations.

  15. How is Amityville able to breathe when he's constantly sucking Phil's cock like this?
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    FapCupFanta Delicious and Nutritious!

  16. "instead of blindly hating on a game bc some youtubers said to, to get views sigh"

    I remember a certain someone naming his homefront 2 video as the worst game he ever played... to get views, to go viral. While the game was bad, nowhere near as bad as that certain yter said.
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  17. *Stares in Rich Piana*

    Holy shit, even in his prime he looks like a blubbery dumpster. Was this when he could still leave the house and play his little fighting games? He should go back out to another tournament, not because it would make him money but because I want to see him get ignored.

    >DSP sloppily drives to the nearest FG tournament

    >DSP penguin walks up to the nearest unaccompanied man-child

    "*SNORT* Hey man I'm DSP, you ever hear about me dood? *SNORT*"

    *Insert your own conclusion*
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    NotreallyPutin WHATEVER. IT. TAKES

  18. Hmm, why might I not attend the stream for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War? Let me think of some practical reasons:

    - Your pre-streams go on for an hour, full of repetitive bitter delusional rants and begging for money.
    - Your snorting, burping and throat-clearing are audibly disgusting.
    - I'm just not interested in LotR games... maybe it just isn't my style. I didn't play the first one, so I don't care about the second one.
    - Or the opposite: I'm going to play the game myself and so I want to avoid footage. (This is why 'Day 1' streaming doesn't work for me).
    - You will play the game poorly, making bad tactical decisions, misunderstanding combat, and spending too long in menus. If this is an entertaining game, you will demonstrate it much more poorly than other streamers.
    - Your commentary will be dull and annoying, with lots of "Uhhhhhhhh" and "Did you see that?" and "Oh okay". You have no capacity to tell jokes, to say witty or interesting things, or to riff on what's happening on-screen. You're an antisocial hermit with a very narrow lifestyle who rarely gets to practice conversational speech with other human beings... Phil, you are ill-equipped to verbally entertain people.
    - Your commentary will be interrupted by 'shoutouts' to "GoldenColts who jushh gave me a fiftybit ssheer."
    - Your chat is a toxic room of 5 or 6 mods and cult members who heavy-handedly ban most people after their first sentence.
    - You will inevitably insult the people in your chat, and people you delusionally consider enemies, and worst of all - when you get salty - you'll insult the developers and publishers of the very game you're exploiting to make money. I find this disgraceful.

    But no, you're right Phil, just keep blaming Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit for making people hate the game. That's the answer, it must be.
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    #33798 TheyCallItNPD, Oct 12, 2017 at 5:03 PM
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017 at 5:19 PM
  19. LastRambo logic: if Phil does something you don't like, keep your mouth shut. Similarly, if LastRambo is having a discussion with someone & you don't like it, keep your mouth shut. Even if the thing they're discussing is you.

    That's not how the world works.
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  20. He has no time, he’s always working. If he could clone himself to help with all his work he would.
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