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Why will Kat not be on the Halloween begathon (according to Phil)?

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There must be some medical reason Phil can't drive in any game.

Literally any game that requires driving he can't manage competency.
That's because he isn't invested in the games he plays. Do you remember when he played Cuphead? He did not amazingly well but he took way less time than what i thought it would take. He seemed to like the game, but that's like one of the only cases where this has happened (Other occasions being the Call of Duty games).

Phil is like that friend who you are really excited to see him play a videogame you love and you see him meander around and making dumb mistakes because he is just not really into it, or doesn't care about learning the game mechanics. Combine that with his tendency to use the first thing that works throughout the entire game without learning anything new and you have DSPGaming.


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With those provisos, I've tracked ~$891.91 in tips up until today (none during time off of course because no streams).

I only count ~$1289.86 in bits through to the end of February 11th's 2nd stream of PUBG, ~$8.93 less than your count - but this makes sense considering the occasional cheer that doesn't go through for some reason (e.g. Cheer### never seems to work vs. cheer###, sometimes they just don't have the bits).
Subs is the strange one - your count is correct bar me removing 1 'duplicate reshare'. I check the user ID within the same month's file before counting it, so if I see User X resubs for 5 months twice during a month, I don't count the second one, UNLESS the monetary value of the sub has changed (e.g. Prime to $9.99). The one I've removed this month was pretty ridiculous, both sub notifications on the SAME DAY, 2 out of the 3 subs in that stream.
20180203-02 DBFZ 9th:
[20:17:17] * Gargos15 just subscribed with Twitch Prime. Gargos15 subscribed for 2 months in a row!
[21:28:54] * shialabutt_ just subscribed with Twitch Prime!
*This is a duplicate reshare of a sub from 20180203 [20:17] so it will NOT be counted.*
[21:45:02] * Gargos15 just subscribed with Twitch Prime. Gargos15 subscribed for 2 months in a row!
However even if I adjust for that, my $315.50 value would be $318... $18 off. That is the difference for the 3 $9.99 subs, so perhaps that's where the error came from?
Thanks for the tip numbers. As for the sub discrepancy, I double-checked and there were $9.99 subs on 2/2, 2/6, and 2/8. And you're right, I don't currently check for doubling of subs, but I think I could do that pretty easily since the duplicated lines appear to be identical aside from the timestamp. BTW, how do you determine if a cheer went through or not?


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There must be some medical reason Phil can't drive in any game.

Literally any game that requires driving he can't manage competency.
Part of it is because his eyesight is shit and he doesn't wear his glasses like he should. Although another big part of it is his whole furniture and TV arrangement. If you've ever seen some of the pictures he posts of his "office" you'll see that the TV is at some obtuse, fucky angle 6 feet away that obfuscates part of the screen. You can even see on his stream's facecam that he's always at some weird angle.

For example, right now in front of your computer screen (or phone), get closer to the screen, but position yourself about 7 or 8 inches to the left or right of the screen. Now cock your head a little, then turn to look at the screen. Notice how it's blurry, oddly angled, and things are farther than they appear now? That's basically what Phil's shitty TV and couch placement does, except the distance for him is greater. And yet he's too lazy to just rearrange the furniture and recording equipment to remedy this needless problem.

Oh, and naturally the last part of it is just pure :autism: and some kind of legitimate learning disability.


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I remember Rambo told a story about being in a car with Phil and Phil was driving and they got pulled over by the cops, I can't remember exactly what it was for but I think it had to do with Phil's shitty eyesight. Anyway, Phil and Rambo had to switch places and John had to drive home.
That would explain why Phil barely goes anywhere too far from his house. And why it's important that the Soulmaid gets her license ASAP.

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It actually looks fairly nice. By Phil's rock-bottom standards it's fucking Michelin star. Brisket isn't cheap though. I'm beginning to think Phil may not be being entirely truthful about his dire finances.

Also jfc the fucking endless MAH GRRFRIEND tweeting. No way on Earth was this man ever a hit with the ladies. Leanna was probably the first girl he talked to who he wasn't related to. Jesus nigga, be cool


Honestly my guess of him not wanting to play dynasty warriors 9 is because of $$$... The soulmaid cost him $. He took this recent time off etc. Because if not that game then he would have bought something else that is new like kingdom come for example. Not to mention some of his bigger whales like goldencolts and jezal retired

Also his little talk about half way through the stream on what requirements he would need from someone to become a new mod of his was hilarious and pathetic at the same time. Not sure who will step up and fill the void


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For those wondering about how his big return went financially, it looks like he got ~$150 and 20 subs (3 gifted, all 20 at $4.99). Honestly a lot less than I was expecting. No idea what tips he did or didn't get since I didn't watch the stream. Should be interesting to see what happens tonight with Secret of Mana.


"Bring Light to my plight"
So she slow cooked that brisket to put them in sliders? Is Phil gonna teach her how to make his sauce? Or will he constantly check on her to not fuck it up like he did with Leanna?
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