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DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil BurnellGeneral Discussion

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by A Witty Name, May 17, 2013.

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no one can help you


What will Phil's on-stream e-begging tips goal be?

  1. < $1000

  2. $1000-$1999

  3. $2000-$2999

  4. $3000-$3999

  5. $4000+

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  1. Well dave said tonight he’s never fired a gun in his life, so it’s highly unlikely he would be carrying one, although I guess dsp is the kinda guy that would buy a gun without any gun knowledge for defense

    I’m pretty sure he also said he’s never owned a knife before, specifically when that random streamer said dave got banned from a tournament for pulling a knife on someone, might be wrong though

    Was actually a entertaining stream, dave was full clown mode, but god is his battle royale gameplay garbage. He treats it the same way he treats real life; do everything possible to avoid other human interaction and make a fool of himself when it eventually happens.

    He also mentioned seeing if the Halloween stores were open yet, and tervin got confused when kat got thrown into the story, which I found odd because it’s obvious. Dave doesn’t leave the house except once a week when kat drags him out, it’s really fairly sad.

    Drgnkiller had a quote earlier about him claiming him and kat have hobbies together they’ve never shared and “thank god we never revealed certain stuff that could've been used against us...." not sure what planet lives on but what kinda hobbies you all got that could be used against you....sounds fishy....
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  2. Communication Mishap.PNG
    ... wait. Now... doesn't this pretty much have to mean...

    1. He forgot he paid for it, purchased it twice somehow (gin), and now has a spare code, wasting money
    2. Was given the game and had already purchased it himself, or was gifted it by two sources, probably because he was worried one would fall through or he wouldn't get it in time, wasting other peoples' money
    3. Has agreed to promote the game and somehow received two codes instead of one, and is glossing over the fact that he apparently got the game for free

    'Communication mishap' is textbook Dave semantics for "I've done something that I'll get eaten alive for and it was entirely my fault."

    Well, how depressing.
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    #69602 Surly Muppet, Sep 14, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  3. If you can't win in real life, push wins in videogames so hard as if it would be real life.

    You guessed it, he won.

    Has to retweet his amazing accomplishment in finally winning a Battle Royal.

    Uploading the footage of his first ever win. What a machine of a man, make him spread his seed so mankind will be gifted with the power of winning a single round of yet another Battle Royal.
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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  4. Was this win as embarrassing as his 1st PUBG win? i.e hid like a bitch and only won because the zone killed the last player?

    Good for him for winning though.

    He won you know.

    He definitely won. Just in case you forgot.
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    samovski feelsoldman

  5. Its against fcc regulations if you fail to properly disclose you got the the game for free.

    A recent high profile example of something similar would be when those 2 CSGO players "found this site" and didn't properly disclose they owned it.

    He couldn't gloss over that fact without effectively breaking the law. Though I would wonder what a "halp guys the irs and now the fcc are after me" emergency vid would be like.

    I really hope for Phils sake he doesn't own a gun he would shoot himself or Kat before he connected a shot with an assailant. And I don't mean shoot himself because "muh depression" I mean he'd shoot himself due to incompetence and you know he'd blame the guy at the gun store for not telling him that pressing the trigger fires bullets.
  6. As far as Leanna actually wanting to marry Phil, I believe that may have been the case at one point, but that was early on in their relationship, when Phil was still toward the peak of his YT earnings, and she thought she would never have to worry about getting a job or bringing in any sort of income outside of the dozens of dollars a month she'd get from her fucking soap bars.
    Once she ended "being forced to" get an actual job, I think she started forming an exit strategy of some sort, whether it would be moving back in with her parents, or some "Tyrone".
    I think when Phil and Leanna discussed that whole "magical proposal" they planned out, it was during the aforementioned peak earnings time, and when Phil went ahead with the mundane proposal that he ended up doing, she was already well past the point of wanting to marry him, despite not rejecting his notion immediately.
    I think some people are kind of soft on Leanna now that she isn't around. There's no doubt in my mind that she was a gold digger from fucking jump street, in her own way. I don't think she had intentions of divorcing and taking all of Phil's shit, but I think it's pretty clear she never really wanted to work for a living, and either didn't realize Phil's income had potential to drop as quickly as it did, or she just really never gave any serious thought about the mid to long term future.
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  7. I think years of living with dave is what drove her away more than any money or job. It’s been statistically proven that dave drives away everyone close to him by being a shit head. And they way he talked he definitely absurd her emotionally to a degree.

    If you wanna bring it back to his money “trohbles” it’s more like the less money he made the more toxic and negative he probably was towards her. Her having to get a job probably didn’t help considering she was basically already working a job as Daves nanny. Nobody wants to come home from work to have to take care of an ungrateful mongoloid.

    Leanna probably genuinely did like dave to some degree beyond money when they first met, I mean she was a teenager and he had(and still has) the maturity of a teenager. She probably saw him as this cool internet guy with the same interests and hey he’s secure financially too. But people change as they get older, and people change when you live with them, especially at Leanna’s age.

    I also think her getting a job and just interacting with actual people more again and making friends opened her eyes to just how ridiculous the gout lord is, if my lore is correct he made comments more frequently about her not being home for dinner and being out with friends. It’s like a robot learning to go beyond its creator lmao

    Don’t get me wrong I think she was somewhat of a gold digger, it’s kinda hard to imagine someone being attracted to dave without adding money into it, but I do think there was something there between them at the start, something that years of low key abuse and mistreatment killed, his like everything else around the pig.

    It’s also not so much people are being soft on Leanna now, it’s just compared to the constantly MIA, stump of a personality that’s the current Kat , Leanna sounds like a fine whine. She at least had a personality and online presence and gave dave a hard time. She was just more entertaining than this girl who can barely form cohesive thoughts
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  8. They were both equally annoying. She grew out of it, he grew further into it.
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  9. That made me chuckle.
    But yes, Leanna was more interesting.
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    tarni rhineland conqueror

  10. I'm still surprised Leanna hasn't made a statement revealing the inner-workings of the Gout Cave.
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    BrunoMattei Vincent Dawn
    True & Honest Fan

  11. She probably signed a NDA (:_(
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  12. It would be fascinating, but I won't fault her for remaining silent.

    I haven't talked about my ex-wife in a public forum and I won't.
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  13. Why the fuck would Dave marry Kat? That's so odd and uncharacteristic. They both stated they refuse to ever have children or a family in a sense so what's the desire to marry? Unless you are looking to "settle down" and make babies, get a place etc. There is not a real motivation to get married. The cons against men, first of all, are so blatent and in your face these days it's just plain dumb to even want to marry unless it's to form a family. Divorce courts are brutal to men, Child Claim Courts are brutal to men, Alimony is fucking brutal, joint credit is brutal, government taxes become worse when married. It's just such a bad bad idea. The only one winning in this is Kat. All she has to do is marry his ass and spend a year in that marriage then file for divorce and demand that she "stays within the means Dave provided while together" and bam! Dave's writing a minimum of 2 grand a month in alimony while she gets to enjoy the lifestyle "Dave provided" without Dave lol. What a fucking moron
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    BoomerPhil Sock of Bryan Dunn
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  14. 3500 pages. Still can't play video games right. Chris Chan can even do that you dumb dick head
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  15. Everyone forgets Leanna pressured Dave into marriage.

    She literally guilted him with a fake ring and he was too much of a clueless, dense dumbass to take the hint until his chat pointed it out and then he did the bare minimum necessary, which is why she dumped him.
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  16. yes, let's not forget chris did better at a game, AT A HIGHER DIFFICULTY than phil
    let that just sink in.
    Mr. MUH 10 YEAR LEGACY (which is funny since someone i follow on youtube had been talking about their 11 year anniversary of making LPs, and i've been on youtube for more than 10 years so big whoop) can get outplayed by chris-chan.
    Phil "Hide and hope everyone kills themselves" "have the chat play for me" "run into the brick wall over and over until the brick wall gives way" Burnell has less skill than our favorite playstation humper.

    bless chris
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    ZehnBoat Good for health, Bad for education

  17. DSP likes Blackout now after shit talking it for 2 weeks. This is obviously because he got money during it and finds it easier. When he has a "slow day" and starts losing more, all of a sudden it'll suck.
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  18. Phil spoke for both of them and said they didn't want kids. Kat has not, to my knowledge, said shit. That could be a legit sticking point.
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    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  19. Really makes you think doesn't it?
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    Pubic Enemy #1

    Pubic Enemy #1 Oi m8 wot if ur mam was an email

  20. I remember the week in preview where he announced their engagement. He made it sound so pathetic. They were sitting on the couch watching a movie together and he was like "Wanna get married?" and she's like "Sure" and he made her pick a ring from etsy.

    Never forget when him and Panda both played RE0 for the first time.

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