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How much will Phil ask for during his Christmas begathon?

  • $0-$999

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • $1000-$1999

    Votes: 24 17.8%
  • $2000-$2999

    Votes: 51 37.8%
  • $3000-$3999

    Votes: 21 15.6%
  • $4000+

    Votes: 36 26.7%

  • Total voters


Gin fueled nights
Phil tells a pretty fake story about how he fell asleep on the couch and Kat came downstairs to call him to bed. He wakes up startled, jumps up and his old man unfit ass gets dizzy and twists his knee or something. "Funny" story.

EDIT: during this storytime, he emphasizes that he cancelled PSVue and got Hulu instead, with Kats free trial.


The North American Jape
DSP just informed us that he hurt himself last night. He pulled a muscle in his knee standing up off the couch after he fell asleep on it...

So you’ll have to excuse him if he’s a bit slow moving today.

Old man Phil.

Edit: damn ninja’d


While watching a cam girl horror movie called fittingly enough Cam last night, my mind went to Phil as I saw the title character debase herself for virtual tokens. Obviously Phil is not as attractive, talented, or motivated as your run of the mill cam girl, but he could take a page from their money-making book and change up his game a bit. Paypigs crave agency; they want their monkey to dance for them; that is why Phil’s patrons spoon-feed him instructions on getting through video games. So give the people what they want, Phil. For example, how many people would tip 5,000 bits if it made Phil hook up a car battery to his testicles (no nudity would be shown, of course) or 2,000 bits made him eat half a jar of mayonnaise by itself? Just brainstorming ways to save the house. Feel free to use these ideas, Phil.
Honestly this is the basis for my assertion that if he leaned into the Detractors he could make bank.

How much would people pay for him to play Tevin in SSB? In SF4? How many cheers/tips could he get to let people pick his characters?

In regards to his financial risks, I also recall him saying the bank gave him a hard time with the loan application due to his 'work' being hard to define. I believe he insulted the bank saying along the lines of they weren't up with technology / people earning from the internet. Ironic now he's begged for $$ ever since he moved.
This is why I suspect Papa Burnell is cosigned on the Adult House

Would you rather have DSP or Boogie as a roommate. Serious food for thought.

Anyways, I'm not sure where the marriage rumors are coming from, though I haven't been following the streams at all recently. But, considering he only offered to marry Leanna because she forced him to, I doubt he marries Kat.

And speaking of Kat, do we think she'll be around for the Christmas Eve podcast/whatever the fuck? Phil seems to waffle on whether she will or not, probably having trouble convincing her after last time. I hope she does, maybe she'll actually say more than 10 words the whole time. I want to believe she's not a nonverbal autist.

But honestly, the thing I miss the most is still Cooking with the King. Why not monetize that as s a reward? Easy dosh. At least until he fucks it up by either being an extra buffoon or taking it too seriousl.
Someone asked him in chat and he said he "really wants to" marry Kat but they're "paused" because of the tax problem.

I'd rather have DSP, less damage to the floors and the furniture. Plus at least Dave is what he is, Boogie has like 15 masks he wears.


The North American Jape
Should prob post in the pertinent thread so this’ll be my last post here.

I anticipated he would’ve been done with prestream 30 minutes ago. He’s already taking a pee break.

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