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DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil BurnellGeneral Discussion

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by A Witty Name, May 17, 2013.

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no one can help you


What will Phil's on-stream e-begging tips goal be?

  1. < $1000

  2. $1000-$1999

  3. $2000-$2999

  4. $3000-$3999

  5. $4000+

Article Available:
The Lolcow Wiki has an article on Darksydephil
  1. LOL Burnell is not Italian. No vowel at the end kind of gives it away, its english. (sniped by soapqueen)

    Also, he wants to be "Italian" because where he grew up (Northeast - NYC metro area kind of) being Italian is cool. Sopranos anyone? when phil was growing up being italian was cool (again sopranos helped with this plus godfather, etc) and being polish was made fun of. During the 90s pollock jokes were incredibly popular making fun of how dumb polish people were supposed to be. This is why he really doesnt want to be known as being polish for sure. I remember polish submarine has a screendoor, etc.

    Funny thing is, I think he is like 10-15% Italian at most from the research i did a while back. He is at least 50% polish. His real family recipe is surely Peroggies and Kibasi, not fucking italian food.
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  2. damn i might think of a name that sounds the same.
    also wtf,i typed Burnell italian, 4th search option is kiwifarms thread on the onion man himself
    also,pierogies are literally just dumplings. basic water/flour/meat dumplings that tons of countries have
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  3. Native Phil.jpg
    "Maaaah people used to live on this land, i actually inherit this land and have more right to the USA than any of you!" *SNOOOORT* "Stupid detractor, if i ever see you i will scalp you like my Apache grandparents!" (5 min later) "Maaah Sioux ancesters was great warriors! How i know it? Ever seen the movies?"

    Im guessing he is either a 2nd or 3rd generation american of italian decent, pretty sure the italian part arrived in the USA after WW2.
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    #81923 Dragoonism, Feb 11, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019

    Dragoonism Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen.

  4. I remember him saying a few times before he's 25% Italian on his mother's side. His mom is half Italian and his grandmother is full blooded Italian but born in America, and she was the one who started the sugary sauce recipe. For polishness yeah I remember him saying he was 50% Polish. So he has a missing 25%.

    As for why he's obsessed with Italy so much I just say he's a weeaboo but for Italy, I think he just really liked the food because he always just brings it up with food really as a way to say his food opinions are more right when it comes to greasy ass pizza. I remember in his pizza hut DSP tries its he'd always be like "I'm Italian so I know what I'm talking about."
    Because you know, Italians are experts on greasy fast food delivery bbq smokehouse pizzas.
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  5. If Phil claimed to be native American, he'd try to get that monthly reservation check.
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    CausticMinory RIP Zaibatsu

  6. If you ever feel bad about a financial decision you've made in your life, just remind yourself that Phil spent $130,000 on a dated 1st floor 1 Bedroom apartment with a leaky roof in a bad neighborhood. A condo that, at its most generous estimate, Phil's going to lose $70,000 on (based on the last time he tried to list it). And somehow it's far from the worst financial decision Phil's made in the last 10 years.

    It's not new information, but I like to think back on it every time I take Phil a little too seriously. It's a nice reminder that no amount of lucky can overcome good old stupid.
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  7. Well if Phil really wanna trace his Heritage I have a great story to share

    I was talking to my cousin who is doing a Master Degree in biology, and he was working on his paper when he encountered this article posted on the Journal of Animal Science about DIET of PIGS (AKA DSP tries it)

    the leader author is Tom Burnell

    you can look it up easily, I'm not making this up

    So this is your heritage Phil, you are a PIG


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    N0thingICanDo I'm Pressing Buttons (show controller)

  8. Even though someone like Elizabeth Warren is more Native American than Phil, what would his tribal name be?

  9. Tee'pminaw tribe of Renton, Washington
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    N0thingICanDo I'm Pressing Buttons (show controller)

  10. I checked the Secretary of State websites for both Washington and Connecticut, and nothing shows up in either when entering is name.
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  11. He has a sole proprietorship called "Burnell Productions". You can find it by searching here (choose 'Governing People') under "Phil Burnell". It was registered at the end of 2017 when he was told he had to pay B&O tax.

    "A Sole Proprietorship is one individual or married couple in business alone. Sole proprietorships are the most common form of business structure. This type of business is simple to form and operate, and may enjoy greater flexibility of management, fewer legal controls, and fewer taxes. However, the business owner is personally liable for all debts incurred by the business."
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    Supervisor True & Honest Fan

  12. Oh man I know this is old news but I had some tervin vids playing on my phone while grinding in Final Fantasy and it was some video he made after the Halloween disaster stream, and listening to dark spouting off the next day about phantom people that contacted him saying they’ve had enough and are going to handle things is still really really funny. This dude was so salty and had to say whatever he could while puffing out his chest.
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  13. Soooooo, does anyone remember this thing? This post is from Dec 1st. The great idea, the initiative Phil wanted to start in January? It's already mid Feb and there was no amazing announcement to speak of.

    So either he forgot that, or he discarded it silently, or somehow we missed it. What exactly could he have done? Put up a goal of 200 per day? That was a very late reaction for his refinance plan, bills and taxes, this can't be it. Begging is nothing new.

    This picture could look weird as it blends in with the forum. Cuz it's the forum. Everything below this sentence is done by @actually

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    Wurstbrot Basic Understanding Of Time

  14. I won't lie, whenever Philly boy talks how he's Italian, all I can think about is this
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    The tired cat

    The tired cat Reality is an illusion

  15. Anyone who has seen him make his special Italian sauce (brodo) knows he aint Italian.
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    Ilscuro Faccia Di Cazzo

  16. I totally forgot, but now that you mention...
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  17. So he's willing to take on unlimited liability? Good move Phil you dumb ass.
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    NotreallyPutin Ragequit

  18. Worth not having to file one page of paperwork and pay $50. Effort and parting with money are two things he's going to avoid.

    With his propensity to literally slander people it's only a matter of time before he costs somebody their job or something, gets sued for tens of thousands of dollars, and is ordered to sell his WA condo because the proceeds from the CT one won't pay the judgement.
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    SoapQueen1 speed bump, failed business, retired tism wrangler
    True & Honest Fan Retired Staff

  19. What cracks me up the most about this guy is how the one solution to all of his problems is the one he refuses to acknowledge, and that is to simply get better at his job. That's it, Phil. Get better at your job. He is hemorrhaging viewership because he sucks at what he does. Of course, he would never accept that but at the end of the day that is all there is to it. He has to beg like a pauper because he sucks at his job.

    Now, I don't mean playing video games poorly - that itself has entertainment value in the hands of someone self aware enough to use it to their advantage. I am talking about staying flexible and adapting to new trends, and experimenting with approaches to how best to entertain his audience. We all know he is a lazy sack of crap who would sooner let his ham hocks rot off then move an inch for his "fans" and if given the opportunity, I am sure many other people could turn Phil's shitshow into something at least watchable.

    But that's the issue isn't it? Phil is not entertaining. His callow insulation and muddled pawing at yesteryear's successes have incased him a sweaty gout filled sausage of boring doldrum. That is his worst offense, the tell that he is terrible at this whole live streaming video game entertainment thing - he's fucking boring. All of the good entertainment comes from his kneejerk reactions to things influenced by external forces (too many to be listed here). He himself is not fun to watch. A pissy grump with a sour puss on his face constantly bitching to idiots about his self inflicted money troubles is not fun.

    And all he'd have to do is try. Just try anything at this point. Try making videos, try engaging the chat more like a human and less like human resources, do whacky challenges, stand on your head, dance for nickels - ANYTHING. Try and adapt and listen and the audience would grow, and the money would come in, and he'd actually be fun to watch without all of the drama attached to it.

    I mean, I wouldn't watch it, he's gross.
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    HansGruber Exceptional Theif

  20. He was talking about the new cheermotes.

    His super secret behind the scenes plan that he had Popsicolo working on was cheermotes.
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