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When will the begathon(s) for federal taxes happen (Up to 2 choices)?

  • April

    Votes: 32 7.3%
  • May

    Votes: 141 32.1%
  • June

    Votes: 139 31.7%
  • July

    Votes: 101 23.0%
  • How many begathons will be held (choose 1)?

    Votes: 74 16.9%
  • 0

    Votes: 10 2.3%
  • 1-2

    Votes: 120 27.3%
  • 3-4

    Votes: 92 21.0%
  • 5+

    Votes: 135 30.8%

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Yeah. I'll just set them on fire. Piece of cake.
Phil also said he is a little overweight, but not to the point where he would get gout. But he did get gout. This literally means he was overweight enough to get gout. That's the bottom line.
I don't know why Phil continues to say he's "a little overweight". He's fucking fat. He never leaves the confines of his home, spends over five hours sitting in a chair, playing video games, and drinking energy drinks, calls lifting groceries a workout, and has to walk around his room to "prevent bloodclots" like a patient in a geriatric hospital. Phil has to be in his 300s in terms of pounds, and the only reason he doesn't look the part is because all that weight fell into his gut due to booze and overeating.

He's three years shy of forty. Phil needs to go to a fucking doctor and start taking care of his dumb ass before he drops dead of a heartattack on stream as much as I'd personally like to see that, tbh I mean, CHEERS TO YOUR HEALTH PHIL!

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I don't doubt that Phil believes that he is only "a little overweight" because of what the scale says. What Phil doesn't know is that the scale does not tell the whole story.

Phil has no muscle whatsoever and that is what's keeping that number on the scale lower than it should be. There's merit to his claim that he's below 200 pounds because of it. That means absolutely nothing when you're probably at 185 and rocking about 35% to 40% body fat, which is exactly what's going on here.

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Sidenote, I'm watching Tevin's 'Man VS Meme' video that was uploaded today and I'm doing some paperwork, I glance over, and just as DSP starts making a joke about picking up chicks in his car back in the day, his moob cleavage is fucking blatant:


This is disgusting, why do fat guys insist on wearing tight shirts?
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It is business related, and I still own it.
Let's have a little blast from the past and just laugh at Phil.
This was his business card in 2015.
This is a business card an adult male used, was proud of and thought was professional.

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This rivals CWC level of info dump.
The address he used on here is a UPS store. Who the fuck did he plan on handing these out to?


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DSP doesn't know what this thing does, but he obviously knows that trolls will use it to insult him and his wife?

I feel like DSP says some variant of this at least once per month: him explicitly stating he doesn't know what something is but intuitively he knows it won't work.

Also, what the fuck? How did Kat get involved in this?

That's how terrified of human interaction DSP is; anything that he can't heavily censor MUST be a troll idea.
My favorite part about this is how Phil insults his fans because of a hypothetical situation HE made up.

This quote is a few pages old, so just to remind everyone of the context:
Shooti Shoot of War 3 has a stream expansion. His audience can give him free loot (so far so good) but they can also occasionally name enemies. This is where Phil hyperventilated and just from the get go assumes that he will be spammed with insults towards him and his wife. The person who explained him what the extension does TWICE gets a bit disappointed, as other streamers don't have that problem, Phil should just give it a try to crank up the interaction. And Phil attacks him in a "NO YOU JUST WANT TO INSULT MY WAIFU YOU PIECE OF SHIT"-manner. If people want interaction then they should talk to him! Followed by radio silence, chat had enough.
But hopefully you all know the autistic context. It makes me smile.


Let's have a little blast from the past and just laugh at Phil.
This was his business card in 2015.
This is a business card an adult male used, was proud of and thought was professional.

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This rivals CWC level of info dump.
Wait, Hold on. HOLD THE FUCK ON!

Is this real? Huh? I always thought its a joke someone made. This cant be real...

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Is he kidding with the chat extension. Literally the only thing chat can do is spawn in people in stream chat and items to help the streamer, if they aren't terrible. It is LITERALLY Gearbox handing streamers a free interaction tool. How. . .how does this guy slot EVERYTHING into some conspiracy to bring him down.
I think it should be noted that Phil, in his greedy little mind, probably thought that the extension gives his viewers a free way to interact with him, so it’s a bad thing. All interactions for Phil must come with money attached.

He wants to be one of those successful silent play-through youtubers, its just that he has to beg in-between gaming moments.
I firmly believe that if Phil is able to get his piggy cucks to pay him the same amount he’s getting each month to just sit around all day watching WWE while scratching his balls, he’d drop video games in a New York minute. The only reason he sticks to it is because he doesn’t know any other activity that’s as low-effort and as rewarding financially.

He’s lucky that he’s able to find stupid people to fund his life, because he pretty much painted himself into a tough corner if ever his streaming career dies out.