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When will the begathon(s) for federal taxes happen (Up to 2 choices)?

  • January

    Votes: 144 28.5%
  • February

    Votes: 226 44.8%
  • March

    Votes: 217 43.0%
  • April

    Votes: 180 35.6%

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Phil was just asked to provide his last 6 months of both of his PayPal statements and he talks about how he's only going to take a break to take a monster shit.

And he desperately needs tips for 3 "important" bills he has to pay.


He is rocking hardcore and says he has three big bills he needs to pay by the end of the month. Says he worries about his chain smoking mom getting the wu flu. And now he's going,on a screed saying no vile detractor content and says today is going to be a rough day with trolls and glad he has multiple mods here.
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He don't
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Because it's the current shit going on in the world, he needs something to talk about. Fucker hardly ever leaves the house and has next to zero social interaction so he's pretty well off at not coming into contact with it.
Sure, if he makes his grocery store-working wife run through a decontamination shower every night before she walks in the door. The grocery is the one place all people are still going to and Washington is an epicenter.

It's not an inevitability but it's certainly not out of the question that he'll catch it.