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When will the begathon(s) for federal taxes happen (Up to 2 choices)?

  • April

    Votes: 23 7.0%
  • May

    Votes: 135 41.2%
  • June

    Votes: 121 36.9%
  • July

    Votes: 57 17.4%
  • How many begathons will be held (choose 1)?

    Votes: 48 14.6%
  • 0

    Votes: 6 1.8%
  • 1-2

    Votes: 101 30.8%
  • 3-4

    Votes: 66 20.1%
  • 5+

    Votes: 97 29.6%

  • Total voters


Most people don't lie about their drinking habits unless they feel it's becoming a problem
Most people aren’t Darksy Dephil

more and more he sounds like an SJW
He wants things their way but for completely different reasons, he doesn’t give a shit about justice for anyone but himself, so I guess replace the social part with just Phil. So he’s a PJW
Ah, talking shit in his bubble yet again. Phil, it's well-known you read here, so please feel free to make an account, and @Haunter and I will happily verify you. Then you are free to duke it out with all the evil detractors you like. Ask @BSV.
The only way you'll get Phil to start speaking on KiwiFarms is if he is also given admin rights so he could just ban anyone who insults him
He'll never go anywhere on the internet that doesn't have a mute button readily available

Iron Hamster

Calculated chaos
Phil acknowledges too many things posted here that he either reads this place regularly and/or his underlings report daily.

Katherine likely has her own vices and she's relying on Phil to live in her nice gated community, so she's not in a place to tell Phil not to drink or not spend thousands on wrestling gacha.
Ah hahahahahahahaha! My post about 'pre-streams' really kicked sand in his vagina.
Darksy has been really sure that he's going to hit the 100 streak yet says he thinks it'll end immediately after that. I wonder if a few weeks ago there was a behind the scenes deal with a few whales?
He has a long way to go considering he's only on like day 6 after the reset.


Benny Harvey RIP
Liver disease treatment begging arc forthcoming?
phil would die before he goes to a doctor, he knows the doctor will say things he doesn't want to hear
he probably went to the doctor only for his gout, got told to cut red meat and start exercising. then went home to cry, looked up stuff online, found the whole cherry juice thing, then ack ack acked as he declared he was smarter than a booksmart morahn


He don't
True & Honest Fan
Liver disease treatment begging arc forthcoming?
I rated a rainbow but in the cold light of reality a health scare is one of the few negative circumstances I can think of that Phil can't BS his way out of. Sure, he can get treatment depending on the diagnosis but there's no getting out of paying for it. He won't be paying for it, of course, but it'll be fun watching him beg hardcore to cover yet another problem of his own making while simultaneously acting like he's the picture of good health as he suddenly needs to schedule dialysis during his precious days off.


Sega 3DS System: Fronting Sonichu
Faggot whale named dsp has immediately dropped 100 bucks again. Good work, Jeff.
Yeah, that's really killing watching his streams. It's funny to watch him writhe around during his chill streams talking about the vest goal and how much time he has left to play, but now it's feeling like a foregone conclusion he's going to get to his 100 vest streak and the absolute minimum he's doing for his fans shelling out over 10k is disturbed to say the least.
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True & Honest Fan
Just went on a random ass rant about Tut.
Makes me wonder if the email address for the "dsp" tipper is the same as Tut's (or something similar).

Faggot whale named dsp has immediately dropped 100 bucks again. Good work, Jeff.
Based on the messages, it's not Jeff. Jeff always tipped silently and didn't write in such a plainly re.tarded manner.