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How much money will MidFirst collect on (including liens)?

  • Nothing.

    Votes: 112 28.4%
  • Only part of the lawyer fees (~$2k)

    Votes: 46 11.7%
  • All the lawyer fees (~$4k)

    Votes: 85 21.6%
  • Deficiency only (~$23k)

    Votes: 34 8.6%
  • Deficiency + lawyer fees (~$27k)

    Votes: 117 29.7%

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When he kept sperging on about spilling water, I don't blame her for shutting him up. Its water Phil. Shut the fuck up, dry yourself off, and go back to your stream.
We often laugh when Phil goes insane over the most simple things because he’s a shut in who has no grasp on reality anymore. But god imagine having to live with that kinda person. Dude spilt water on himself and he runs to his momm....I mean Kat as excited as a kid who just used the potty for the first time


Bro you dropped your pocket
Imagine making $10,000 a month for over a year simply because you've found a handful of people that have diminished mental capacity that think you are a God and literally just hand you their neet bucks because they enjoy listening to you burp and snort.
Now imagine that you've mishandled that money so poorly by spending it on gin and pictures of men that you then have to hold certain aspects of your stream hostage.
The cognitive disconnect you would need to not only fall asleep at night but also to wake up the next day to do it all over again is astounding. No wonder Phil has to drink himself asleep every night, I wonder if there was a time he tried to go to sleep sober and in those last moments before drifting off had a sudden realization of what kind of filth he actually is and now he no longer risks those moments and just drinks and throws money at a mobile game to keep himself distracted from those thoughts.


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I think his aversion to Youtube is somewhat justified.
The algorithm will fucking destroy him because detractor videos get more views in a shorter span compared to the shitstream of spam he uploads daily.
I'd imagine if you search for "DSP stream" while he's "working" you'll get a restreamer or two at the top of the search results.
The thing is, it is solely Dave's own fault that his metrics tanked.

Youtube pushes only 3 videos per day. So when Dave uploaded 20-25 videos daily and only 3 of them got significant views, the algorithm "thought" that 17-22 videos on this channel were shit and would stop recommend it.
Even now, when he only uploads 6 vids, only 3 of them get pushed to his subscribers.

So like always, DSP is his own biggest detractor.
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If Phil genuinely attempted to play with the fans he has now, it would just be a repeat of this incident:
We and Phil all know that he hasn't managed to attract viewers that are any less tardy over the years, he would probably melt from the embarrassment of hearing Jakileez over the mic. He wants to see them interact with his bank account, not interact with them.
This video should be shown to anybody who has a positive view of John Rambo. A pair of absolute cunts for no reason.

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Imagine how Phil's mom would feel seeing him in this state, after that conversation in Connecticut about how streaming isn't gonna last forever and he needs to have a plan B to move on to once it stops working. This is the closest we're getting to it no longer being viable for him and he's choosing to stick his head in the sand and be stubborn as always.
She doesn't realize Phil does have a Plan B, it's called; Plan Beg On Youtube If Begging Fails On Twitch.

...it turns out that he individually sought out individual twitter accounts who were liking and talking about him amongst each other and was therefore going through every tweet he was able to find to block the "trolls and no-life haters".

So he was taking time out of his own life to keep track about all the people who were saying absolutely anything negative or critical about him or engage in anything that he doesn't approve of about anything related to him.
Other than gacha and nightly Kiwi Farms field trips, I bet this is actually why he's up so late every night. Going through every single negative Tweet and blocking every single person who liked it, shared it and/or positively engaged with it.

He's thin-skinned to the extreme. This also plays into why he's so terrified to go back to Youtube, because his Steve Shives-tier block list on Twitch means fuck all on Youtube.

He was using last week to gauge if he should stay on Twitch and he got the support.
Now he needs to use this week to gauge if he should stay on Twitch because he isn't getting the support.
So is this just going to be a forever threat now? In 5 weeks if there is another slow week is that going to be the week to decide if he stays on Twitch? And then again in 10 weeks?
And if he moves to YT, will it just be a threat every other week to... return to Twitch?

This doesn't work as the infinite beg like the daily bills, Phil. There needs to be a commitment made at some point because this one is so retarded, it is going to turn even some of the regulars.
Fat boy loves to have his cake and eat it too.


He'll keep going with this "I need to gauge the viability of staying on Twitch" while maximizing whale support and then when it's too low, he'll move and do the same old turbo-begging. This really is just open wound scamming at this point.


Hi all. New here and just wanted to offer my opinion. I reckon Phil has scared off his casual fans (Those that may have had a sub and occasionally cheered) just through a combination of him increasing his begging levels (My scanner registered a 200% increase in the last two weeks), and the removal of his subs means viewers get no benefit from being on patreon. I mean his Patreon rewards are terrible (They look like they have not been updated in years) and then subscribers literally may have been subbing to get access to his emotes to use on his channel and elsewhere. If you take away the positives then there is just a greedy, snorting pig left on a dying twitch channel surrounded by an increasingly small wall of whales


The only good pigroach is a salty one.
It is open wound, which has me re-considering my assessment. Phil at first looked to me like he was just exploiting this to get greedier and greasier, when he should have been getting his act together in order to survive. Acting like the sky is falling, as usual, not noticing that it actually does have cracks in it for once.

What he fears to lose is the income he has gotten used to for years, not money in general. THAT is his priority, so it IS greasier, and it IS desperation like others say, but it's desperation to keep the high, and made scummier by the fact that he lost his partnership but is still being Phil about everything.

Still technically not taking his situation very seriously, because he should be voluntarily giving up on those six figures instead of sweating bullets over the thought of having no choice, but I see what people mean about the stress making him panic.

So I guess my curiosity at this point is of what Phil looks like when things stabilize financially, but the big money he likes having isn't there anymore. When he's going to be okay, but not really because his standards are inordinately high.


"*Something* your fucking stream?" Could very well be "finish", I personally can't hear it well enough to be certain.

It was already common knowledge that she had him under her slipper, nice and tight, but good fucken lord, if this audio's anything to go by, our Lord and Savior Mister Philbertino "He's fine, he's dead" Burnellini is indubitably, without a doubt, crystal clearly, absolutely, willingly, unwillingly...



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Sorry for the double post but at 0:25 I think Kat says "finish your fucking stream" or is it just me?
I’d be great if it was. I can’t believe he turned the camera on...literally gave people a cringe photo op....THEN doesn’t even change the shorts or take 2 minutes off camera to dry . Just sits right back down and drys off like the ape that he is.

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"*Something* your fucking stream?" Could very well be "finish", I personally can't hear it well enough to be certain.

It was already common knowledge that she had him under her slipper, nice and tight, but good fucken lord, if this audio's anything to go by, our Lord and Savior Mister Philbertino "He's fine, he's dead" Burnellini is indubitably, without a doubt, crystal clearly, absolutely, willingly, unwillingly...

He doesn't wear the pants in the house, in fact he can't even keep a clean pair on!