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When will the tip goal return to $200m

  • Never

    Votes: 20 9.4%
  • After the first day of missed $100 goals

    Votes: 33 15.5%
  • After the next month

    Votes: 41 19.2%
  • Before next month because of "bills"

    Votes: 119 55.9%

  • Total voters


He was using last week to gauge if he should stay on Twitch and he got the support.
Now he needs to use this week to gauge if he should stay on Twitch because he isn't getting the support.
So is this just going to be a forever threat now? In 5 weeks if there is another slow week is that going to be the week to decide if he stays on Twitch? And then again in 10 weeks?
And if he moves to YT, will it just be a threat every other week to... return to Twitch?

This doesn't work as the infinite beg like the daily bills, Phil. There needs to be a commitment made at some point because this one is so retarded, it is going to turn even some of the regulars.

So is he just going to keep putting off investing ten minutes of work into improving his streams? Three months from now, he'll still be deciding whether or not it's worth it to add bttv. It's a little hard to take your feigned distress seriously when you're completely unwilling to put forth even the smallest effort to improve the experience for your audience. Yesterday he said emotes *should* be added by the end of the month, but he's had to do so much lately that he just hasn't had time - working on his Patreon for example.. So I check his Patreon and nope, hasn't done shit. Maybe he logged in for the first time in years and said, "whew, that's enough for today".


Its ezpz in audacity.

Select some of the annoying hiss
Effect > noise reduction
Get noise profile, this is audacity learning what shit you want cut out
Select everything
Effect noise reduction again
This time hit ok.

Oh I know. I meant I was actually using audacity at that very moment to do all that lol. I might mess with it more to see if I can make her voice a little more clear but I doubt it. I might have to use my Pro Tools.


The only good pigroach is a salty one.
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So the game is bad because it is what it was promoted as?
Find it kind of hilarious each time he comes across a game that requires him to think a bit extra, despite his claims of superior experience and knowledge of games, and he starts complaining that he have to put in extra work, that is what lazy self entitled elitist people does, not casual gamers!
Once again, Phil demonstrates exactly why his opinion on video games wouldn't be worth a shit even if he wasn't The Guy, or Worst Gamer Ever. He has no valid argument here, because nobody is making him or anyone else play Returnal, and anyone who, just based on price point or amount of advertising, expects the exact same kind of experience out of a game that is clearly different from a lot of others is a fucking idiot.

But more importantly in Phil's case, we know the real reason he's bitching about the game, and trying to lie about it: he hates the genre, because it's all about the opposite of what he is, which is living on easy mode. He loves those day one views, and so when something like Returnal comes along and promises those but comes with a challenge he's not up to, the bitching commences. He did it before even playing the game, so he's full of shit for that alone.

This would be bad enough if he didn't also insist on trying to sound intelligent, but he does, and it's nauseating. Just play the games that don't make you repeat shit and STFU, pigroach. You have no business standing on a soapbox, expecting everything to be the same shit over and over.
Its things like this that show how sheltered and uneventful dsp's life is. A normal person would just be slightly pissed off and then go change and be done with it. Not dsp though, this is the most interesting thing that happened to him all week so he has to make a huge deal about it.
Really shoots in the foot his assertions about having a life outside the streams.


"*Something* your fucking stream?" Could very well be "finish", I personally can't hear it well enough to be certain.

It was already common knowledge that she had him under her slipper, nice and tight, but good fucken lord, if this audio's anything to go by, our Lord and Savior Mister Philbertino "He's fine, he's dead" Burnellini is indubitably, without a doubt, crystal clearly, absolutely, willingly, unwillingly...


Who else is hoping for Kat to break into Phil’s stream and do this?:


Due to being gifted with a set of extremely bad ears, I can't understand the audio even with the enhancement. Can someone provide a transcript of what is being said?
The most clear thing she said was “I don’t care” in a nasty shrill way. She also mumbles something about “your fucking stream”. Otherwise everything else can’t really be understood.

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Who else is hoping for Kat to break into Phil’s stream and do this?:
Kat clearly doesn't take his bullshit very lightly. If their "marrige" is actually on thin ice or at least regressing, she might be more vocal about things that Phil does and we could potentially overhear things again, like if some major catastrophic event like an exploding can of soda implodes on him this time.

It remains to be seen though. Like wasn't this the first non Instagram creep shot snippet of Kat in almost 2 years?

Wasn't even a clip of her as well, so who knows how fat the horse has gotten.

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Derich with those burning, hard-hitting conversational topics.
Seeing this is Derich, does he mean the food or is this code for something like a cleveland steamer?
I wonder how many of his whales make more than 400 bucks per day.
That's by no means a small amount.
Most don't take home $400 a week.
How many times is Phil going to flip-flop on what he says? He says that Danganrompa V3 is getting close to wagequitting, while New Pokémon snap gets called “the ultimate chill game” for having an even shittier response. And then there's the bullshit about subs, which he claims that he's looking for a way for subs to come back. But this is after earlier saying that he's going to stop looking at solutions for the time being.

Holy fuck he's losing it.

Also, who wants to call it that Phil's threat to move to YouTube after this week if things don't improve is another empty gesture?
He's not losing it. He knows exactly what he's doing. Trying to extract the greatest amount of money for the least amount of effort. He thinks just saying he's going to do something should net him cash and most of the time does.
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POV: You just had an "incident" on stream.
He could have finally gotten his 5 star gold hall of fame hogan too.
1:30 his time. I’m sure he accomplished a lot of work once the stream ended
Wow. Nobody has realized that.
I don't know about you guys, but I definitely hear her saying "I don't care". Twice. It's pretty clear now with the audio enhanced, at least for me.

Holy shit, she just abuses him lmao
She probably stopped by to get some of her stuff if it was her.
like an annoyed parent.
this shuts down talk of her being gone and him lying about it, which he also hates.
lmao. Not in the least


hey philbert, check this out, your ex is doing really good. i bet you like to see that

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How many times is Phil going to flip-flop on what he says? He says that Danganrompa V3 is getting close to wagequitting, while New Pokémon snap gets called “the ultimate chill game” for having an even shittier response.
Because his fans picked Danganronpa V3 so when tips are low he can bitch and moan about being forced to play a slow game. "You wanted this! You yes YOU!" However he's the one who just blew $60 ($70?) on Pokemon Snap so when it doesn't get enough support he opens the valve on the copium tank all the way. Phil Burnell is a successful business man who never makes mistakes and nothing is ever his fault.

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That was an interesting audio clip. Kat sounds like she had to put up with Phil's bullshit all of the time and she doesn't want anything to do with Phil while he is "working". Just imagine how she feels hearing about how sad their frozen Orange Chicken Stir fry was.


Why can't people just be normal?
Who wouldn't tell Phil to shut the fuck up as he's standing there droning on and on about spilling some water on his pants? How many of these over embellished stories about nothing do you think she's had to sit and smile through since moving in before she started blowing him off in the middle?
He literally sounds like a little kid with an overactive imagination going on and on trying to impress her/get her attention. It's so sad.


Someone said a while ago that Phil is your basic suburban mall rat who grew up in the same area he always lived as a kid and young adult and never branched out of his comfort zone (those crazy stories he's told over the years are exaggerated as fuck, calling him a king of hyperbole is an understatement, maybe even an
most of his stories are from movies and tv shows that he changes shit in, he is into movies more than games and im sure thats how he spent his childhood watching movies constantly cause he never had any friends. so he has a lot of material to pull from