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When will the tip goal be raised from $150 (set July 22nd) to $200?

  • Never

    Votes: 50 6.4%
  • Within a month

    Votes: 378 48.3%
  • 2+ months

    Votes: 77 9.8%
  • Tax begging time (December-March)

    Votes: 277 35.4%

  • Total voters


Highly doubt it because it's Phil. An average plumber's presence will make him shrivel and that is more money that could be put towards gacha and booze. His house is probably a fucking mess. Really puts it in perspective of how wasteful he is by buying something that large when half of the space isn't used for anything to the point it supposedly breaks down when it's not being used.
He's seen enough porn to know what happens if he lets a plumber in the house.


What tf was the point of that whole rant after Snowkarl said support had been low? Literally two days ago he was flat out saying things like, '$28 in tips, guys? C'mon that's terrible'. He's done this repeatedly and then spazzes out when somebody essentially repeats the same thing.

I think he set a record in that prestreams too for quickest turnaround / memory hole when he said, "I have to pay lawyers because of shitheads commiting crimes against me and saying I spend money on frivolous things.... Okay, Superchat says 'don't worry, Phil, the trolls will never win'... WHO THE FUCKS TALKING ABOUT TROLLS WHY ARE YOU BRINGING UP TROLLS???". Amazing haha


Headed for Hell Cell
Isaac Himmler is going to accidentally synthesize Zyklon-B in his shower drain.
In case there are any paypiglets lurking here to report to their Goutlord, who may take his words as advice to try if their own drains are clogged, DON'T do what he said. NEVER mix cleaning products together. Depending on their chemical makeup, you could create chlorine gas or chloramine gas, both of which are deadly. Read the labels always.

I may think you guys who bankroll a manbaby like Phail are laughable and pathetic, but your family doesn't deserve to suffer a poison gas attack.


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As already said, he's lying about all of it. His bankruptcy showed that he has no bank accounts or retirement accounts. There was no savings then. The bank leaks show that he's not saving anything now either.
THIS 100 percent. Lawyer fees my ass….guarantee this nimrod talked to a bank person from India and is acting like it’s the FBI.


Headed for Hell Cell
He actually said that this extremely minor plumbing issue would cost a thousand bucks? Does anyone have a clip of that? It’s LITERALLY about a 50 dollar fix. At most.
I wonder if there's any supplemental damage to his pipes. His kahndo is 30 years old and he admits to doing no maintenance himself. Who knows what kind of ticking timebomb he's living in.

This shows how much his parents failed him by not even teaching him the basics of home repair, or reading labels, or being an adult.

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I wonder if there's any supplemental damage to his pipes.
Given the drainage is probably PVC, not much. His parent's house would have rotted metal pipes if he pulled the alleged drain cleaner stunt there and walked away.

Also not sure why he's guaranteeing anything but I guess that's our daily dose of stupid.