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When will snowkarl return to Phil's streams (banned Nov 3rd)?

  • Never

    Votes: 45 13.6%
  • Within a week

    Votes: 129 39.0%
  • Within a month

    Votes: 144 43.5%
  • Next year

    Votes: 13 3.9%

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Nov 8, 2018


Stroke Face II Turbo

one stroke away from hell / 1651 never forget
Feb 15, 2021
(I am two dozen pages behind and in case this thread will get locked at 10k and before a new one...)

Hello fellow humans and federal crime committers,

I had a lot of fun since I joined in February this year. My personal highlights were Phil's Nazi hat reveal, looking into Derich's degeneracy, Phil's bank leaks and [RETARDED]'s Ascii dicks meltdown. I saw everything of these things live besides watching Derich jacking off of course - thank God.

Thank you to everyone. I genuinely like the different characters, talents, "division of labor" and styles in here. Most of the times there was no sperging or political discussion (in the threads). I can't express how much I appreciate that. The world is crazy enough - I don't have to be reminded of it every fucking single second.

Let's go for more fun and chill! Happy 10k soon!

Very optimistic but it would be funny see Phil having a stroke live on stream or seeing him in court. His lawyers would be like:
rittenhouse - attorneys.png

it's over nein thousand.png
Derich - sleepy.jpg
tweet - disprove with music albums.png


Sep 30, 2017
His latest tweet:

"Tons of news about Elden Ring, the GTA Trilogy, Steam Deck, The Gunk, YouTube dislikes.... ....all, of course, on my day off."

Almost as if the world continues to spin on his days off. Yes Phil, most people consider Wednesday a "work" day....

Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who thinks that the people who watch him have nothing better to do on his day off than 'get caught up on videos on DSP Gaming'. Eh, that might actually be true though.


Aug 29, 2019
I'll be sleeping when we hit 10k so here's an early shit post with a haiku, since Derich brought it up.

Ten thousand pages
A thirteen year legacy
Was it worth it Phil?

Here's to 10k more, probably :drink:

the only other place i've seen a haiku being mentioned unironically, is the autistic GDQ donations, it must be the similarities in audiences ♿

Guess i'm toxic now!

Feb 10, 2021
Dave's myopia never allows him to realize that anything that limits detractor interaction with his content limits overall engagement. He's enabled comments and is now begging for people to leave them because they have to be approved. People barely even bother to quote tweet him talking shit anymore...

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It's rainbow's and sunshine for Phil until they crack down even harder on "hate speech" and demonetize Phil for all the "mouth drooling morahn" comments he has in his videos.

In other words Phil being Phil, riding the company's dick until they inevitably kick him out.


It's a money creature!
Feb 27, 2021
I used to be a long time lurker before starting to post here, ever since the first 100's of pages. Even before that I've been observing Mr Views for a long time. But those days where he gave away empty game cases don't compare to the laughs we get now. The modern DSP is far more hilarious but not in the way he wants. Cheers to 10,000.

Dennis Rodman

Sep 9, 2021
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This one gets to me. I haven't watched the video yet but holy fuck. Please tell me Phil didn't do the counting on his hands to realize that Derich's exceptional ass can't even structure a haiku. 5/8/5, Derich? I thought you chinks were supposed to be able to count or something.
He absolutely did the counting on the hands, and then clapped when he finally got one right. (After several increasingly retarded attempts)

Zappin’ And Spazzin’

"This is NO paradise..."
Jan 4, 2020
I made my account on kiwifarms to compliment the guy working on "The Real Sonichu" comic, I didn't even know there was a DSP-forum
But when I found that out it's been a blast ever since. Phil's a really fucking boring lolcow, the same shit happens over and over with no end in sight, but somehow you guys managed to make the past year go by in the span of a blink.
Also Phil's a faggot


Jun 29, 2018
I'm drastically cutting down reading this thread after 10k. I had already started to lose interest after the bank leaks. The only interesting thing that could happen after that is of he loses the Khando or gets completely banned off YouTube and Twitch.

Honestly, it's just a waiting game now to see how long he can beg and keep enough of his dent head cult members to support his destructive lifestyle.

I doubt Kat leaves him at all as long as she has a roof over her head and keeps most of her money from her job.

I guess there's always a health emergency. But, I think it will just be another bill to beg for as most places just want money coming in and will give you plenty of repay options.

So, this seems like a good place to get off the train. His story will not end well and I doubt he makes it out of his 50s, maybe 40s with the way he treats his health.
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