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Silicon Valley: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Techbro Manarchist. It's mission: to boldly go where every cisheteronormative patriarchal racist trashheap has gone before.

Darryl McAdams, which responds to the alias of Rebecca Valentine, is an alleged lvl 1337 haxxor 34 year old tranny that's currently prowling the bumfuck streets of San Francisco. It runs some company (filed as non-profit) called "Queerious Labs" which claims to be a hacking organization, as well as a "experimental art and technology creative space" whatever the fuck that means. When you're done pondering over the world's first achievements towards stopping manlet shaming, take a look at the Manifesto for what can only be described as the fever dream of some meth-addicted ex soviet officer who found a re-awakening at an LGBT center. But let's talk more about that later for Darryl is quite the character. When he's not discussing obscure non-legible terms, Darryl is busy prioritizing his main goal in life, getting back at those gosh darn internet nazis; as the manifesto shows, it's seemingly convinced the internet boogeyman run the show on every major platform.


When it's not busy with fighting internet evil doers, Darryl spends time apologizing for communist regimes which have committed unspeakable atrocities against human life, why? Because, is it not clear capitalism is the blame for all his life woes?

Now I know what you're thinking and the answer is yes. The hideous avatar Darryl uses is actually a disturbingly accurate rendition of themselves, I guess it gets some points for breaking that stereotype:

Pre Troon Life

Before we dive into the good bits, some background first:

What fascinates me is the bits of Darryl's life pre-transition painting what almost looked like it was going to be a rather successful and promising career in the field of computer software. As the alumni records show, Darryl got an associates from Broward Community College in physics, a bachelors in linguistics in NY and was working towards a doctorate University of Maryland College Park. While at Maryland, he started developing some voice recognition-related software known as language engine, which of course has its own twitter that hasn't been touched since 2017, used to promote his blog. Up until 2015, Darryl's life was full of high potential for his future, which is why I'm curious about the events that occurred in this 2 year period from 2015 to 2017

During that time, something occurred which heavily skewed Darryl's outlook on life and would start a gradual fall down into transexualism, far left -isms and degeneracy. Sometime in 2015, Darryl dropped out from Maryland College Park, I don't know the exact details other than evidence indicating that it was during that year. He spent the next several years living back in his Florida address with family. It was likely during this time (in-between Maryland and California) where Darryl experienced his falling from grace and changed his focuses for life. By mid 2017, he started to adopt his tranny identity and had come out of the closet to his family by the end of that year. Although he alleges he knew his identity ever since he was 13. (His claims)

At some point in 2018, Darryl moved to California, which considering his twitter ramblings and future endeavor, was likely done with the intentions of starting his own silicon valley-type story. It was after moving to California when Darryl finally got his name change and surgeries done (see below). On February 14th, 2019, Darryl made his wet dream reality and founded Queerious Labs with some other like minded uruks:


Anyway, moving back to the tranny shit:

Gender Identity

Sweet mother of shit. (https://archive.vn/CMHfu)

Sometime in 2017, Darryl decided he was trans non-binary feminine, what exactly makes him non-binary is lost on me as he uses she/her pronouns instead of the weird ass enbie lingo. He's been on HRT since approximately October 2017, filed to get his name changed June 12th 2018, which was granted on the 21st of the same month. I've attached the court records at the end, but for quick reading, here's the core info:

Darryl hasn't received bottom surgery yet, although he has had his testicles removed. This of course was all done after he moved to California from Florida, so his Florida voter registration still shows his real identity lol

Like many trannies, Darryl is extremely repulsed by his true name, which is quite unfortunate for him as he's left quite a paper trail of it, so he is eternally under the attack from his alumni records, his old blog, and even his own DSA membership texts. Some dude archived his twitter account prior to his gender bender twice in 2017 and 2016. Did I mention he really likes to let you know he's trans? To the annoyance of anyone who approaches the biohazard, Darryl is incredibly attached to his attention whore label as it consumes a large chunk of his online sperging. A lot of them quickly detail just how out of touch this freak is with society.








Have fun digging because there's 160,000+ tweets between this and his alt account over the course of 13 years, meaning he's been tweeting an average of ~34 posts per day. He also spergs about his genital bungaloo on his reddit, because of course he also contaminates that cesspool.


And of course, there's Darryl's faggot ass business non-profit organization Queerious Labs, where he does whatever he sees as work with several other lolcows on a daily basis. The building is just a 10 minute walk from his apartment of ineptitude (guess which room is Darryl's) and as you can tell, it's an absolute fantastic palace of candy canes and sugar plumps that any job-seeking-gender-minority would absolutely love to work at.

As far as I'm concerned, Darryl's tranny dream team haven't done anything of note aside from archiving random shit, just as you expect from a team of self proclaimed hackers. With an amazingly efficient 3 day working week, which is comprised of nothing but events cleverly named "Friday Hack Nights" and "Weekend Hack Hours", the Queerious Labs is much less an organization and more akin to an LGBT meetup project where Darryl hopes fellow degenerates drop by and raise him hope so that he can post-pone his suicide letter by another week. At least I presume, I have no clue what goes on there and imagine a caged up shitbox with tinted windows ran by a testical-less troglodyte isn't exactly a town hotspot.

One can only imagine what kind of deep fried autist would join such a group, but it's likely others who like Darryl have some kind of personal vendetta against what they dub internet nazis. Darryl really really hates these evil internet nazis to the point he probably sees himself as some kind of modern day revolutionary through his glorious slactivism.




So what has the level 9001 ELITE HAXXOR done to fight the alleged nazi menace on the internet? Well recently, as you likely heard, there was a massive info drop from a bunch of dumbass far right discord servers from some group of autists who named themselves "DDoSecrets" as if they're the main character in some William Pierce novel:

https://ddosecrets.com/about/ / https://archive.md/cYlge

and well our ne'er-do-well makes a cameo in the credits. (funny enough this is how I found them)

So did Derryl perform the ultimate haxx and info dumped all the server? WHO CARES! Not like anything of value was even found in that gay shit.

However, this does showcase how seriously Darryl sees himself as, to the point he's actively attempting to be involved in groups to do whatever he can to strike at some phantom force that's always around the horizon.


Name: Darryl Raymond McAdams
Changed name: Rebecca Valentine
Date of Birth: 3/10/1986 (34 years old)
old addresses: 2225 NW 6TH TER, WILTON MANORS, FLORIDA
27 Edwards Pl, Huntington Station, NY
Higher Education: https://archive.md/WBB0w

Seriously, look at this picture again. How the fuck do you ruin yourself that badly?

Main twitter: https://twitter.com/beka_valentine / https://archive.vn/ZduMP <--all the magic here
Secondary twitter: https://twitter.com/ternaryaug / https://archive.md/dbxkJ
(pre transition archives https://archive.md/v1aXb --2017 , https://archive.md/tnKxz ---2016 )
https://twitter.com/languagengine / https://archive.md/ovVDe
reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/psygnisfive/ / https://archive.vn/uaryG
Company site: https://queeriouslabs.com / https://archive.md/cz5b1
Company Manifesto: https://queeriouslabs.com/manifesto/ / https://archive.md/nKDfi
Company twitter: https://twitter.com/QueeriousLabs / https://archive.md/qcdhe
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/QueeriousLabs / https://archive.md/SXwIF
Old Blog: http://startupstudygroup.com/languagengine-blog-you-must-be-nuts-why-im-building-language-engine/ / https://archive.vn/uiVmj

Special thanks to @AlexJonesGotMePregnant for assisting with research and the dox.


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It's weird that the trauma happened in 2015-2017 while he was presumably living with his family in Wilton Manors, as it's one of the gayest places ever. Possibly even gayer than SF (in present days now that internet millionaires are causing housing prices to skyrocket, pushing out the plebs, gay and straight) or key west. That doesn't seem like a recipe for trauma, or a difficult coming out to his parents, since a skyhigh portion of residents of Wilton Manors are LBGTQ. They're even talking about building a LBGTQ-only mega senior living complex.

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