Dave Rubin / The Rubin Report / @RubinReport - Boomer conservatism's doormat, claims to support "free speech and big ideas" but refuses to interview anyone but basic bitch conservatives, wrote a shit book full of errors

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Aug 9, 2014

Dave Rubin, born David Joshua Rubin on 26 June 1976, is an American "political commentator", "comedian", YouTube personality and talk show host. Formerly a member of the Young Turks, he is now best known as the host of The Rubin Report on YouTube. The show has become incredibly popular in the past five years, and the channel currently boasts 1.18 million subscribers as of this writing.

In and of itself, that's not a write up to get anyone on this site particularly interested, but if you read on, I'll show you that behind that glossy exterior lurks a story that is equal parts sad and deeply pathetic.

I've written previously in this post that I've considered giving Dave a lolcow thread. At the time, I said it wasn't justified because he's too boring. I still don't think he qualifies as a lolcow, but due to recent developments, I think he deserves some kind of thread on here, so I'm putting this in multimedia for the time being. If anyone thinks it needs moving, go right ahead.

The Young Turks Days

As I said in the previous section, Dave first came to prominence as a member of the infamous progressive YouTube political commentary show the Young Turks. I'm sure most people reading this are more than familiar with who the Young Turks are, and if not, I've linked to their thread here, but yes, his colleagues during this time did include Cenk "Buffalo" Uygur and Ana "I'm fucking better than you" Kasparian.

There's not actually much of note to say about this time period, and I'm only bringing it up for background. The only vaguely interesting thing to mention is that Dave was one of the few people on the Young Turks willing to defend Israel, resulting in a debate with Kyle Kulinski which did not go well for him:

Leaving the Young Turks

Dave left the Young Turks in March 2015. His stated reason for doing so was increasing disillusionment with Cenk Uygur and Ben Affleck's attacks on Sam Harris for his criticisms of Islam, an event which he describes as his "political awakening". And you know what? Fair enough. I can definitely understand looking at those two morons screaming at a man making reasonable observations and thinking to yourself: "I don't want anything to with that shit".

Around this time Dave, having previously been a Bernie-loving leftist, began to reorient his show to feature people from the other side of the aisle, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Mike Cernovich and others. This brings us to today.

Dave Rubin - The Internet's Punching Bag

Now that we're up to speed, let me describe what a typical episode of the Rubin Report is like.

Actually no, even better I'll show you what a typical episode of the Rubin Report is like:

I know that's a comedy video, but it's frightening how accurate it is when compared next to a real episode of the show. And bear in mind, this was made by a fan of Dave's.

Episodes will open with Dave giving a tired spiel to the camera about how "the left is no longer liberal" and "we can't be afraid to discuss ideas". All stirring stuff, or would be if he and the rest of anti-SJW YouTube hadn't been saying the same thing for the past four fucking years. The interview proper will then begin and Dave will sit there and basically act as a doormat to whoever he's interviewing.

Some people (and Dave himself) have tried to defend this by saying he's just an interviewer and that there aren't many interviewers who will just let their guests speak and that this allows him to get a handle on their views. The problem with this is twofold:
  1. As you'll see further below, although Dave is primarily known as an interviewer, he has also to some extent positioned himself as a political pundit.
  2. Dave only ever interviews people he agrees with, despite billing his show as "the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube".
Dave has been asked time and time again, from both sides of the political spectrum, to diversify his interview subjects. The only time he interviewed someone who was genuinely from the left recently was Marianne Williamson, who he got on because he wanted to make fun of the nutter, only for her to turn the tables on him.

Kyle Kulinski, David Pakman, Sam Seder and others have been banging on Dave's door to be interviewed and he has run and hidden every time, giving pathetic excuses as he does. People have even suggested he has some alt-righters on the show to mix things up, and the reaction's been exactly the same. Of course, Dave isn't obligated to interview anyone he doesn't want to, but, when you bill your show as "the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube" and the big ideas are just the same thing over and over, people start to smell a rat.

However, Dave is not unjustified in being afraid of having people outside his bubble on his show, because anytime he ventures outside it, he quickly gets owned.

His own subreddit has become a haven for people shitting on him over his constant disingenuous behaviour. An AMA he did on the r/Classical_Liberals subreddit quickly turned into a massacre as people began holding Dave's feet to the fire on why he wasn't holding Trump's feet to the fire despite saying he would. and generally calling him out on his bullshit:


The level of disrespect some people give him is honestly rather heartbreaking. Larry King interrupted an interview with him to answer a phone call from a family member in one of the most awkward clips I've ever seen, and even people who've been on his show and been friendly with him in the past have turned on him:

Appeasing the far left.png

Also, Tommy Sotomayor had a hilarious freakout upon discovering Dave was gay and was disgusted they shook hands:

And Dennis Prager admitted to Dave's face that he only sees Dave as useful idiot to further his own goals. Ouch.

Don't Burn This Book? I wouldn't even use it as toilet paper

You may have read all that and been thinking to yourself: "So what? Just seems like a bunch of whiny drama queens going after a harmless YouTube talkshow host. Big whoop."

Well now dear reader, we get to the thing that convinced me to make this thread.

Dave has recently released his first book:


This is the blurb:


Oh wow, how edgy, provocative and insightful. Sure does feel a lot like 2016 up in here.

Now that the book's out reviews have dropped and... let's just say they've not been kind. The Spectator gave it a scathing review, which is incredible bearing in mind that they're on the same political wavelength as Dave. Here are some of my favourite excerpts:


This one in particular made me howl with laughter:


Dave has reacted to this criticism with very good grace, and has definitely not egged on the idea that this review is a hit piece:


He has also definitely not accused anyone giving it a negative review of being a dang dirty troll:


And it's not like the positive reviews are only coming from people Dave knows either:


Gee, all of these actions are reminding of someone else who behaves in a similar way, why can't I put my finger on who...


Oh and no book like this would be complete without the boomer trick of saying Hitler was a leftist. Although I think this might be the most absurd take on that I've ever seen:



Although the above has been pretty snarky and negative, I do want to say that I think Dave seems like a genuinely nice person and I used to be a huge fan of his. But Dave's brand of anti-SJWism is slowly dying and nowhere is that more apparent than in his tanking viewcount, the overwhelmingly negative reaction to his terrible book (which he would've been better off releasing in 2016 - lord knows why he didn't. I can't imagine the research was particularly taxing) and the fact that he gets very little respect even in sympathetic circles anymore. It's a sad story of one man's redemption and an even bigger fall from grace. Would Dave have been better off if he'd stayed at the Young Turks? Probably not, and his profile would be lower, but I imagine as time moves on, barring another political awakening, he'll be left even further behind as history continues its march, and I'll be very surprised if he's remembered as anything other than a footnote.

External Links

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Jan 1, 2020
Dave Rubin’s interviews with Larry Elder and Tucker Carlson are probably his best to date. He’s a lot of things, but he will always, for me, be remembered for being the guy who was going through a phase of what it is like to not have to accept the “politically correct” opinion. It used to also be Jordan B. Peterson, until his drug habits almost caught the best of him.

Though, that’s just my own opinion.

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Aug 15, 2016
Dave Rubin is the ultimate big brained centrist: not very well informed but smuckles about horseshoe theory nevertheless. Has safe guests on because big brained centrists, despite being against censorship as if that’s edgy, are generally afraid of ideas ironically enough.

Thing is, big brained centrism is dying off as it doesn’t offer any solutions other than to kick the proverbial can down the road just a little bit longer. He’s nowhere near as relevant as he was 3-4 years ago; his type of fence straddling no longer cuts it.
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Sep 12, 2019
at first i thought this was supposed to be a lolcow thread because of the way OP is formated and structured, but it's posted in offtopic/multimedia so i guess it's just to talk about the guy and his show? good decision tbh, this guy is way too normal and boring to warrant a lolcow thread

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Apr 2, 2018
Rubin is a hack with absolutely no editorial consistency whatsoever. He'll invite outright cranks on his show and nod in agreement as they spout the most uninformed right-wing propaganda imaginable, but as soon as Marianne Williamson went on his show and suggested that America should raise it's minimum wage, suddenly, he changed his tune and started frantically offering objections left and right.

It's pretty clear that Dave knows who his target audience is, and it's perhaps even clearer that he cares far more about pandering to that than he does about any notion of truth or journalistic integrity. I doubt the man has a single, solitary principle worth speaking of.


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Aug 9, 2014
this guy is way too normal and boring to warrant a lolcow thread
Yeah, I was inspired by the Dennis Prager/PragerU thread which started off in lolcows and got moved to multimedia. After seeing the shitshow that was his book launch, I thought it was time we had a thread for discussion, but he's not a full-blown cow. Not yet anyway.

Speaking of, here's some stuff which got left out of the OP.

Here's Dave sniffing his own farts over how many big-brained ideas he's heard recently:

He has no fucking clue what the reactionary right is:


This is extra funny because pre-"political awakening", he was complaining that not being a reactionary meant he got fewer retweets:

World's smallest violin.png

He claims he's in favour of single-payer healthcare and is against Obamacare, but then describes something which is analogous to Obamacare when describing his ideal vision of a healthcare system:


If you've ever got time, search "blocked by Dave Rubin" on Twitter. He's very trigger happy with the block button.

I brought this up in another thread, but he spoke at Liberty University, a Christian university founded by fundie crank Jerry Falwell, and described them as "defending fundamental liberal values - free speech, open dialogue, personal liberty". Anyone who knows anything about that college knows what a crock that is:


Whatever the fuck this cringe is:

That time Blaire White and the social autopsy chick screamed at each other incoherently was some of the funniest shit I've ever seen.
The "social autopsy chick" is Candace Owens, one of the biggest conservative grifters out there at the moment.

That actually segways nicely into his interview with Joe Rogan, which was a total embarrassment for him. Joe Rogan isn't exactly the most hardball interviewer out there, and he still made Dave look like an idiot. Dave tried to argue at one point that yelp reviewing could replace things like building codes, and got absolutely BTFO'd by Rogan. There probably is a persuasive libertarian argument to be made around that, but Dave isn't nearly smart enough to do it.

That's not even the most cringe-inducing part of the interview though. That honour goes to the part where he argues with a completely straight face that Candace fucking Owens could successfully run for the US Senate:

It's even worse because in an earlier part of the interview, Dave admits that he was supposed to do a speaking event with Candace and fellow grifter Charlie Kirk, but they ditched him to go and hang out with Kanye West and get interviewed by TMZ. This resulted in Dave having to face an auditorium of SJW college students by himself and he barely held his own:

For the record, I think the girl in this clip is one of the biggest cunts I've ever come across, and I agree with Dave's conclusions, but he's absolutely fucking appalling at putting his arguments across. This should've been an easy kill, instead it's just a painful slog.


Sep 12, 2019
He's not cow material, he's too banal. As far as those in his line of grift go, he's fairly harmless.
he's not as edgy and confrontational as ben shapiro, not as smug and full of himself as sargon, not as degenerate and unhinged as milo, not as absurd and verbose as jordan peterson
he's the most well-adjusted of that whole clique (not that this says a lot)

The Pink Panther

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Jan 15, 2019
he's not as edgy and confrontational as ben shapiro, not as smug and full of himself as sargon, not as degenerate and unhinged as milo, not as absurd and verbose as jordan peterson
he's the most well-adjusted of that whole clique (not that this says a lot)
He's forcefully milquetoast, but I think he's a glutton for sick humor. Dave Rubin reminds me of the sort of guy who is nice on the outside, but likes to see shit burn on the inside. He's way too nice of a person in the way he presents himself...I'd figure something is up.


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Aug 9, 2014
Dave continues to react well to negative reviews of his book:

Butthurt 1.pngButthurt 2.pngButthurt 3.pngButthurt 4.pngButthurt 5.pngButthurt 6.png

Or, to sum his reaction up in a single image:


This tweet's really rich:


"If you leave a negative review of my book, you are literally burning it!"

He's half right. There are some sick burns being laid down on Goodreads and Amazon.

Ooh look, he's appearing with Boomercon #467819 - a moron who advocates for Intelligent Design. How thrilling!:


I also found this historic Tweet which beggars belief:


What happened to the marketplace of ideas Dave? Once the heat gets a bit much for you, you go crying to Twitter Support who you've (rightfully I might add) slagged off plenty of times in the past for reprimanding or banning your buddies.

I thought my Brianna Wu comparison may have been a bit much, but the more I see, the more accurate it seems.


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Aug 9, 2014
Double post, but it turns out Dave plagiarised a line from his book from Bridget Phetasy, after specifically saying he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t even credit her.

Again, this is a conservative outlet that’s calling him out, not the Es Jay Dubyas he’s been whining about on Twitter.

Also, this might be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen:


Dave has spent years rightfully railing against SJWs for their language policing, but the second a Christcuck does some language policing, he gets down on his knees and begs for forgiveness.

Grow a fucking spine.


May 15, 2016
Dave was just on The Fighter and the Kid podcast with Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub:

EDIT: He comes at around the 15 minute mark. I watched about 40 minutes of this podcast and it’s basically them talking about the WuFlu and Callen and Schaub treating him as if he’s some kind of authority on the matter. Also, it’s funny to see Rubin be the least gay guy in the room for once.
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