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Jul 15, 2016
David Bandel is a wannabee game developer, and programmer. He spends most of his online time sperging, attention whoring, or being an internet tough guy. David also has a massive superiority complex, and David enjoys bragging about his intellect.

David Bandel has been picking fights for attention on the internet for over a decade now. David is very easy to spot by his arrogance, and antisocial behavior. A google Search of his alias sharpnova which he uses almost everywhere made him super easy to dox. It also revealed most sharpnova profiles are used by David simply to be an internet tough guy.

David also identifies himself as an alpha male.

David's Facebook

David literally has no friends on facebook, even though he uses it. The only responses he seems to get come from his own family members. possibly because they are the only people who can tolerate him.

A facebook search of his name reveals many salty comments and mostly power leveling, and sperging.

Some science sperging.

David power levels at an indie developer

A community is happy to see him leave.

David attended college in Texas. His level of education is listed as his highschool however. Because of this I'm assuming he dropped out of college. He once worked at Metlife home loans for nearly 2 years. Since David spends a lot of time on the internet, and has no other jobs listed anywhere I believe he may currently be unemployed.

Despite his interest in programming, and some college education he has yet to make one single game of his own.

He instead compensates for his failures by power-leveling at other developers, and criticizing them instead.

His antics caused him to be banned from the DigitalMZX community back in 2004. He responded by insulting the intelligence of the entire community, and then white knighting himself with an alt account. He was outed and had a wiki page dedicated to the incident. Which he vandalized in retaliation before being banned yet again from the wiki.

This wiki page alone links to many of his antics.

David trying to white knight himself and being outed and banned lol.

After his alienation from Digitalmzx David's eccentric, and arrogant behavior only continued. 11 years later He can currently be found on newgrounds pretending to be a 16 year old girl.

Recently David under the alias of Sharpnova made a thread there mirroring his behavior of 11 years ago.

David's social retardation has not changed with age. Despite similar behavior getting him banned, alienated, and mocked in the past David only continues to flaunt his ego. After once again being made fun of for his arrogant and eccentric behavior he once again white knighted with an alt.

Notice how little effort David even put into even trying. Both accounts have very similar icons. He makes no attempt at all to even mask his arrogant personality either.

After being called out David believing he is "smarter" than everyone only continues to white knight himself, despite being outed.

David then "trolls" with another topic. Titled "I have no friends please help."

Once again David is mocked, despite this David only responds in his usual salty, and arrogant manner.

David's Steam account.

Also some steam sperging.

David seems to have a massive hate boner to successful developers. Here is a steam thread where David gets banned by the games developer. Bottom of page 2 he gets banned.

On the third page a user claims that David's trolling or harassing of indie devs has been ongoing. Looks like someone is very jealous.

David's post are a saltmine of sperging, attention whoring, and unwarranted self importance. At least 11 years of being trolled, and socially rejected have not changed David at all. David still wants everyone to know what a special snowflake he is.
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