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Didn't Chuck already pay himself when he pocketed the money from his Kickstarter with Zoe Quinn that was never delivered?

I don’t know if Chuck or anyone other than Zoe got any money from that scam. Tingle was quick to start screaming that he wasn’t involved with it other than lending his name and it wasn’t a scam, despite evidence to the contrary on both counts.


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Will he sit next to Jake "secret gamer girl" Alley?

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Will he sit next to Jake "secret gamer girl" Alley?
There isn't any conventions this year and possibly none until 2021 or later, and you haven't been in North America for like three years so you wouldn't have been invited to Jack shit David. Why are all troons such compulsive liars?

Didn't your wife claim she was sexually assaulted at a convention David by colleagues who attended (2013)? Claiming she was groped at another (no listed date of this happening).

Also, you still sound like a man David
At least your wife is easier to listen to.
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How often do you think David has a genuine smile in a day? A week? A month?

I don't think David Hill has ever had a genuine smile in his entire adult life.

Dave's a pretentious malcontent and honestly shows so many red flags of being an abusive sociopath it's not even funny. He's either the most pathetic internet tough guy this side of Tyce Andrews or he's an honest-to-god soulless sociopath who can't hide his power level on Twitter and is probably even worse of a scumbag in real life than he is on Twitter.

The thing Dave completely refuses to acknowledge is that his whole beef with Zack Smith is because him and his wife picked a fight with Zack in the first place. Dave is so used to just attacking people who he can just roll over on that when they went after Zack, he unwittingly went after someone who would punch back at them super hard. That’s on them!

Sure, Zack may be a creepy, agro, super punk asshole that’s shitty to women. But out of all the people Zack has had stupid fights with, David Hill is by far the most deserving of everything that’s come back at him in that regard. So no Dave it’s not about “diversity”, it’s about you being a dick and picking the wrong fight with the wrong guy.
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Always tickles me that She reads this thread. I'm amazed she's not come on to defend herself, she is incredably stupid afterall.

EDIT-on the off chance you read this Olivia, it's really inspiring how having a sex change turned you from a fat cringey doofus into a fat cringey doofus. I'm hoping one day you'll transition into someone who is a least more likable than Zack. Also the way you talk like 14 year old gives me 2nd hand embarrisment.
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