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They said this bomb was clean
I guess the progressive candidate lost the primary
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I'm no Buddhist monk, but even I can see how David's desires leads to suffering. He's full of desires about how the world should be, and how many things he needs to be content. When these aren't fulfilled, he suffers. But then he turns to SocJus, which teaches that this suffering is an injustice. It is malicious violence against him or his proxy, perpetuated by evil people with hearts of greed and bigotry. However, SocJus also teaches that the unprivileged lack both agency and responsibility, therefore David's only remedy against his suffering is to scream it to the mountaintops, to not only seek out to all of these unhappinesses, but attach to them and never let go, because all of these second arrows are the social currency of Twitter. What a horrible way to live.


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It's that he won't get his insurance to pay for treatment for things like prostate cancer if he is down as female on his paperwork.

But that's not an issue, because transwomen are women, gender is a social construct and therefore troons can't get prostate cancer provided they Woman hard enough. Right, "Olivia?"


They said this bomb was clean
David Hill Jr. The millennial
David Hill Jr. The violent psychopath

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It's almost as if people nominate good games and not hacked together buffy rip off anti cap screeds.... 🤔
Tards like Dave always act like their "products" are high art masterpieces that only the truly talented can create, and always deserve the highest acclaims and blowjobs from everyone, and anyone who doesn't recognize their brilliance is just a basement dwelling sped. I got drunk over a weekend and made a whole-ass rough draft of a home brew Trailer Park Boys RPG I only shared with personal friends and local gamers. Completely non-lethal and mostly based on "social" combat, it had everything from rules on being a welfare cheat, weaponized piss, sobriety instead of health, and being able to say something so stupid everyone loses their turn trying to figure out what you said.

This isn't hard.
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