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They said this bomb was clean
Oh Dave we have been saying that from the start.
I'll spare you the tweets but he's been ragging on AC:Valhalla pretty hard (shocker, I know) you would think he would stop playing it if he hates it so much.
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As a younger Millennial myself, I would like to thank David Hill for reminding me why I unironically like the Baby Boomers and their culture. In my personal opinion, the Baby Boomers are unironically the true greatest generation in American history and fuck all the climate catastrophe shit.

If the climate is killing us all then GOOD. Us Millennials and Early Zoomers get what we fucking deserve and I'll gladly accept all the top hats, trashcans, crescent moons, and jigsaw puzzle pieces I get for that.

Also, Elvis Presley was a national treasure and is far preferable to whatever pretentious punk or indie shit that Dave is probably into. Elvis is definitely a lot better than Crass or The Clash, I can tell you that.

Hell, if it weren't for the success of Boomer stalwarts like Elvis and The Beatles, neither punk or indie would exist and we'd still be stuck in the jazz era.

Also, I lol'd at Dave implying that Boomers voted for Elvis. Sort of reminds me of the Tim Wilson bit about The Bee Gees and the 21-year old kid not knowing who Lyndon Johnson is.

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"They have temper tantrums any time they don't get what they want, and we have to feed them and change their diapers." Projection ain't just for movie theaters, Dave.
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The best part about this is that Hill isn't even a Millenial. He's a 70's Gen-Xer larping as someone twenty years younger.

This is one of the things which bothers me about him/her, I actually have a great deal of sympathy for teens first stumbles into politics and how deeply angry they are. But this motherfucker is almost old enough to be my dad but talks like my niece's blog if she was more of a try hard.
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