Lolcow David Merrill Gill / aspergius1 / aspergius5 / Cornelius Esperanza - A 40+ autistic, parent-hating, Trump-loving, Christian musician and sexual harasser of autists worldwide

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David Merrill Gill is perhaps the most autistic motherfucker to ever log onto the World Wide Web. David has spent years ranting about how his parents, who are his legal guardians, are literally gatekeeping him from gaining access to sweet autism pussy. He's been ostracized by the autism community for his angry rants and his OCD-induced pursuit of nudes of other autists of all ages. He's also produced a Christian music CD of himself singing his own original content. He has managed to somehow fly under the radar of KF up until this point, while having countless callout posts dedicated to him strewn across the Internet. The underlying theme of David's life is that he wishes to have a heartsweet to spend his days with, but because of haters in the autism community and his parents, this will never be possible. David's life is the literal personification of watching grass grow; however, seeing it through his eyes in his posts and video diaries makes for one wild ride. So please meet David, the old fuck who can't manage to keep his balls in his pants.


Sex Pest


One of the most prevalent and humorous things when it comes to David is that he is a complete and total sex pest. David literally mows through Facebook groups finding women to bother to the point where he is removed from the group and moves on to the next. The weird thing about this is that it seems to follow a pattern with David, and it is very OCD-like. David will slide into DMs with a gril and begin asking questions about their pubic hair and private areas almost immediately. He will then start asking for lewd pix and ask about them going to the bathroom. His game is hilarious and luckily people pissed off about him have already taken receipts of their interactions with him.


David blames his sex obsession and the harassment of others on a book that his school therapist had him read when he was 13. The book is called "What's Happening to Me?" A Guide to Puberty (archive).


While David recognizes that his sexual compulsions are creepy and cause problems for him when it comes to getting a mate, he doesn't seem to care.


Nevertheless, he does dumb shit like join a thousand autism Facebook groups and sign up for autism dating services.


Underage Girls and That Downie Chick in the Bathroom
One disturbing thing is that David doesn't really care about age. In content collected by people who have interacted with him, there are receipts of him talking with an underage girl below. While this could cast some shade on our hero David, he's one bold dude and you have to respect that. Perhaps even more disturbing than David being gross with a teen is the recollection of his first and only sexual experience. When David was younger he had a friend with Down's Syndrome. As seen in the caps below, David claims to have taken his Downie lover into the bathroom for privacy and well... she didn't say no! And c'mon, who can tell whether a Downie is cumming or crying?


Photo Jan 01, 1 11 11 AM.jpgreceived_1542047195864639.jpegreceived_1542047202531305.jpegreceived_1542047205864638.jpegreceived_1542047215864637.jpegreceived_1542047232531302.jpegreceived_1542047239197968.jpegreceived_1542047252531300.jpegreceived_1542047265864632.jpegreceived_1542047269197965.jpegreceived_1542047275864631.jpegreceived_1542047279197964.jpegreceived_1542047282531297.jpegreceived_1544311742304851.jpegreceived_1544311748971517.jpegreceived_1544311755638183.jpeg

This isn't uncommon behavior. Spoiled below are more examples. He's being watched by a ton of people so there's a bunch of these caps around.
1 David Gill harrassing me.jpg2 David Gill harrassing me.jpg3 David Gill harrassing me.jpg4 David Gill harrassing me.jpg5 David Gill harrassing me.jpg6 David Gill harrassing me.jpg7 David Gill harrassing me.jpgDavid Gill harassing Emily Marie.jpgDavid Gill harassing Kirsten McCloskey.jpgDavid Gill harrassing another male.jpgDavid Gill harrassing Jacob Kovach.jpgDavid Gill harrassing Marlena in both post and pm.jpgDavid Gill harrassing Michael SanAngelo.jpgDavid Gill harrassing Shannon Lake.jpg
The Positively Autistic Incident (archive)
Today on the show we will be talking to David Merrill Gill. David has High Functioning Autism and is a singer and songwriter from Texas. We will be talking to him about how his condition affects him and his life with music. Also we will be joined by Nicola and she will be talking about the latest news in her life on the spectrum. Also, we will be playing some brand new songs given to us and telling you a bit about the person behind them.
David took part in an interview for a podcast in 2012. The interview covered his life and feelings about being an autistic tard and what it has meant for his life. Jump to 3-4 minutes in and that's when he starts getting fired up. He ramps his shit up quick. This interview is an absolute gem of a dumpster fire where David claims he cannot talk about his problems with the autism community because "cops may be listening" and several times he explicitly wishes there was assisted suicide for those with autism. The interviewer wasn't ready for this torrential storm that would be coming for her. Her positivity makes it even more hilarious.

This isn't the only time David has professed suicidal thoughts as he has written about this ideation on his Facebook other times.

Suicide Threat.jpg44.png45.png36.png

Christian Music Performer

David has a strong love of music. In many of his videos, he shows off his prized drum set and has even set up campaigns to fund a new drum set after his mom began selling off pieces. David also created a Christian rock album called "Water of Life". The album included 10 songs which are included below. He also posts frequently on a karaoke site.

He blames his poor sales on iTunes on people thinking he's a creep and he left his old church for not helping him push his Christian album.


David has been trying to put together a follow-up attempt, but that hasn't worked out too well. Sadly, the music industry is literally the only job he will accept.



Normally, when parents are in their 80's, they are being cared for by their children as they are in their dotage. With David's parents, it doesn't work that way.


Since David is literally not allowed to leave the home without his parents' say-so, he spends a great deal of time on Facebook whining about how he wishes he could live his life on his own terms. These rants include discussions of how he needs to figure out how to steal possession of the home from his parents who have told him outright that they refuse to give it to them when they die, to explicitly stating that if his 81 year-old dad wasn't able to defend himself, he would kick his ass.


David's hate for his dad runs pretty deep. They go so deep that he literally wants the dude arrested for not letting him live out his tard fantasies of leaving the house, being a famous musician and getting disabled vagina.


David shares some similarities with OPL as his parent's names are Barb and Bill (not Bob) and he is much closer with his mother than his father. He is so much closer, he will often give running commentary where he cheers for her to win fights with his dad. He even wants her to divorce him while they're both in their 80's. These people are miserable together.


LMAO his dad even had to cut his internet down to prevent his tard son from harassing women and girls on the internet unsupervised.


While he is closer with his mom than his dad, both of his parents seem to hate his guts. These three hillbillies seem absolutely miserable and as though they practically hate one another. While they have other children, David lives at home and will for the rest of their lives. He, on the other hand, already knows when they're gone he is gonna be shipped off to a tard home as they have told him they will not leave the house to their creepy, autistic manchild of a son.



His plan was to have the internet help him wrest control of the family home away from his parents. He still seems to believe he will make that happen. While he realizes he couldn't afford that, he doesn't give a shit. He wants his drum set and game room, dammit!



Upon their death, David will be shipped off to live at Marbridge (archive), which is a Harris County, Texas tard home. David is really fucking freaked out about this. At one point they were going to send him off to live there, but he chimped out at the person in charge and they decided to hold off until they're gone.

About Marbridge
In 1953, Ed and Marge Bridges founded Marbridge in an effort to create safe residential care for their son, Jim, and other adults with cognitive disabilities. From the beginning, Marbridge charted a dramatically different course compared to the institutions of the day.

Today, more than 250 adult residents live and work on the Marbridge campus where adults with intellectual disabilities are given unparalleled opportunities to learn, experience, and achieve a whole new life.


Whether or not he can be successful there is questionable at best. His parents jammed him into an adult-tard day camp and his response was to tard rage and throw a major tantrum to get disinvited from the place.


One last thing on his parents. Have you ever heard of spasmodic dysphonia (archive)? I hadn't, but apparently this is some real shit that David's dad has. It basically messes with your throat muscles and makes it hard to talk sometimes. His poor dad struggling to speak triggers the fuck out of David though.


Autism Community
To put it mildly, David is at war with the autism community. His problems with the autism community on the internet go back many years, and are evident from some of the callout posts which have been made against him online. These posts typically revolve around him and his sexual proclivities. David is also quite upset about autists and Aspies who have been able to find love in the autism community with one another.

Because of his behavior, he commonly gets blocked by people and for some reason screeches into the void about how he wants to contact them.


Doing a quick search on his name...


...his history is evident. These callouts typically note that he is a sexual predator who will ask for gross favors from people. He has been called out on autism and ABDL forums. (archive)
A Yahoo Answers post (archive)
847963 (archive) (archive)

David's politics are generally what you would expect from a lolcow. An ardent Donald John Trump supporter, David would like to brutally attack liberals over their political opinions. His profile in A&H has yet to be determined.



David is great at documenting his day-to-day activities, but he does not reflect much on the past. That's probably because his entire life has been absolute trash and he hasn't done a single thing of note other than produce a god awful Christian rock album (more on that below). He did have a website up once where he had written a four-part bio on himself. It was subsequently taken down, but someone else managed to copypaste some of it just for posterity as evidence of David being a complete shitstain for his entire life. tbh most of the bio is boring except for the last few paragraphs so I suggest skimming down to there.

When the movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial had debuted in 1982, I had been deeply touched by it. At Christmas in that year, I had gotten as a gift my very first of what are now over thirty stuffed dolls of the movie character, which I affectionately call The E.T. Family. Why I named them that is because I think those other extraterrestrials that were out with him in the forest at the beginning of his movie, all collecting Earth plant specimens for their botanist (plant scientist) work, they HAD to be his relatives, not just colleague botanists. Some of the stuffed dolls I have given names. For example, two of them I have named his mother and father; Marilyn-Margaret and Harold respectively. Others I have named E.T.'s younger brother; Mason, who wears a red hoodie jacket with the family name of E.T. on it. Another is named E.T.'s uncle; Roy, who wears a blue hoodie jacket with the same family name embroidered on it. Other relatives include E.T.'s older brother who has my middle name; Merrill, cousins Jonathan and Samuel (The latter has a liking for ice cream and cake!), sister Annabelle, aunt Gladys, grandmother Gertrude, elder uncle Wayne (who is two feet tall), grandson Henry, cousin Timothy. So most of them are like little babies because of their sizes."

"Musical instruments had always interested me as previously noted, especially the piano and drums. In about 1979 or during the early to mid-1980s, I began taking piano lessons from this woman I'll call Mrs. Spencer, who would also teach them to one or both of my older sister's daughters. We had gotten up to the fourth or fifth book of the book series Peanuts Piano Course by June Edison, before I decided to cease and desist on the piano lessons. This doesn't mean I am not interested in bettering myself on that instrument. My getting back to learning it more will come, I just don't know when. As for the drums, the interest in them had started when I had gotten this toy trap drum set for my birthday in either 1978 or 1979; the Disney Rocktet trap drum set. By 1984, I would get my first proper drum kit, a Ludwig one that was piano black in color, with silver sparkle inlays on the hoops of its 14" x 22" bass drum. The snare drum were a Ludwig Supraphonic in the depth by diameter size of 5" x 14", the rack toms were 8" x 12" and 9" x 13", and the floor tom was 16" x 16". The drum kit had been purchased from a Kingwood doctor who advertised them for sale on cable television or the local newspaper. I have since graduated from that kit and now own two Ludwig John Bonham/Led Zeppelin-themed drum kits; the Ludwig Classic Maple "Zep Set" in Natural finish, and the Ludwig Limited Edition Stainless Steel John Bonham drum kit, complete with the needed 14" x 26" bass drums, with my eyes on two more such drum kits down the road in the future, before calling the collecting of them quits. Also happen to be the proud owner of two Ludwig timpani drums, a Paiste (pie-stee) 30" Symphonic Gong, 34" Paiste Round Orchestral Gong Stand, and ten cymbal bags worth of Paiste drum set cymbals from their 2002 and Giant Beat lines!

Just before that first year in junior high school is when I believe I had stopped viewing another favorite PBS series; The Electric Company (1971-1977), the sister series of Sesame Street that taught reading skills. The last two seasons of 1975-1976 and 1976-1977 that played in reruns up to then were what many others my age and I remember the most. There is no memory I have of ever having viewed the series while my family and I had been living in northern California, though I certainly know of viewing another PBS series during that time; Zoom (1972-1978), produced by PBS member station WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, which also played in reruns into the early 1980s. Once I tried submitting a story for their soap opera parody As The World Zooms, after which I had gotten this letter with a postcard and show logo stickers inside it. I think they were telling me gently with what they had sent that Zoom had completed its production run long before my story submission.

The second year of junior high school; seventh grade (1984-1985), had been an improvement over the first. Paul Roser had taken over by then as Creekwood Middle School principal. I was becoming more and more comfortable with attending there. Classes for that year included Texas History, Plastics, Earth Science. But during that school year, with the onset of puberty, I would experience something which would scar me forever, that being the being exposed to this hardcover illustrated book on the subject; What's Happening To Me? (1975), which my psychologist at the time; William J. Schulman, had been foolish enough to give me to read without consulting my parents about it! He committed equal foolishness with giving me its companion book published two years before that to read also; Where Did I Come From? (1973).

Such an exposure to a book like What's Happening To Me? contributed to poisoning my mind then on the issues of love and sex, including and especially with its graphic illustrations, giving me the idea that it's quite all right to discuss the latter issue early on in getting to know a female human being when it's really not. I just wasn't able to comprehend how that and love are supposed to go together, just couldn't look at them right, which still dogs me now. It was scary to see more of what I had been exposed to a long time before. 13 had been too early an age to expose me to the book, and I think it would still have been inappropriate to do so even when I had been older!"

Social Media
Facebook: (archive)
Twitter: (archive)
YouTube: (archive)

I would like to thank @Visitor, @emspex, @Ride, @Melchett, @neural, @BILLY MAYS, @Desire Lines, and @Okkervils for helping me download shit, make OC, and sort through all of this and try to find the funny in this classic lolcow who has somehow managed to not get spotted.

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This music video is so bad that it would commit suicide before David.

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I was asking about the online creeping.
it’s most definitely not limited to one teenager, there’s no difference to him between going after a grown adult his age and a disabled teenager. the only barrier to him is finding someone who will stick around longer than 5 minutes for him to creep on. his hunger for tard pussy is insatiable.


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Mar 6, 2017
Does his dad actually have some sort of power of attorney over his son or is he just lying to him? Say if he ran away from home would the police hunt him down because he has the tism?

I have no idea how power of attorney works