Orbiter David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce - Crazy Mean Ugly Tranny from SC who spergs about Blaire White and Tommy Tooter

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Jan 2, 2016
Meet David AKA Destiny Price, tranny from Dayton, OH who rants on twitter and google about Blaire White and other non SJW's who refute their nonsense, also a veteran He claims 30 years of discrimination from the USDA firing him over a blood test, he was stopped by his family in the Mid 1980s for trying to go thru HRT then, he has an uncanny resemblence style to Tommy Tooter.

examples below and thank youCredit to @yawning sneasel for the links below

email: david_price@bellsouth.net



Here he is harassing insurance companies about SRS

Here he is in 2013

Here he is now


ALSO, search "Mangudiaforce" on youtube there are videos of people laughing at him on youtube. this one is funny. he threatens to kill some dude from youtube and his mom lol

They're easily trolled, too.



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May 23, 2017
the transfag in the center of the triggering trannies actually looks like a fairly attractive woman. I find this enormously troubling. some translords are better looking women than most women ffs, but for every one of them (approximately 75% of whom are involved in prostitution [really.]) there are probably twenty Destinies and Chrises and other non-passers who are of the ideology=ontology line as regards genderspecialism.


Sep 6, 2016
Gosh, that's a lot of awfully male violent aggression coming from such a feminine MILF.

I only made it two minutes into the video in the second post, but all I could think about was Mr Mackey with all those "mmkays".

I've seen a few 'sjw' trans misgendering Blaire (one has a thread here I think but I forgot the name - a lecturer at college). They're such a bunch of hypocrites.


Jul 21, 2016
@Thanatos this dude makes Bria look stable, don't you think?

It's like someone took Stefonknee Wolscht and gave him Bria's homicidal personality. Jesus Christ, being transgender is one thing, but these people are just mentally ill and will soon end up actually hurting someone, but doing anything about it is "transphobic."


Jan 6, 2017
Yo yo. Here is most of my interacts with David.

This is what started it all. I'd seen someone retweet Blair's tweet of him threatening her and whoever was replying to him. So I decided to pay him a visit. This is what sparked his rage.

laudli.jpg My second message is supposed to be a response to his reply.

What then followed was him coming to one of my videos and beginning to berate me over some Fallout 4 gameplay I streamed.

lshdlasi.jpg lshdlasi2.jpg lshdlasi3.jpg lshdlasi4.jpg

Mostly just did screen grabs of his posts and not my own. While I was having my fun, I decided to do some research on David. It was a bit hard to find but I did uncover this. https://christophercantwell.com/2015/09/23/audio-angry-trannys-legal-threats/

It seems David tried to go after another man a couple of years ago over an article he'd posted on his blog site about having children transition. David would scour through blog for anyone talking about transgenders. Specially trans children. He came across one Mr. Christopher Cantwell to which he began to release his fury upon in the comments. Christopher basically told him to fuck off along with his readers laughing at his 'tism fit. So David began leaving messages on Christopher's phone (he has his number on the site. The messages can be heard in the link above) threatening to sue him if he doesn't take down the article. He then got even more pissed when Christopher posted the messages, leaving more and more until he called the Aiken Police Department on him. You can see how that turned out in the link above. David's information is also in that article.

There was one more post I made after that with research on transgender suicide rates and articles of people who wish they'd never transitioned. This post so upset him that he had it marked as spam so no one could see it. He then took said post, ran to his Google+ page and reposted it so show his 'followers' just how bad I am. Finding it, I started to have a rather long back and forth with him to the point he said he'd try suing me. I regret not taking screen grabs of most of it but here's his last message to me before I responded.

uelriu.jpg uelriu2.jpg

I basically told him go ahead. But that I'd thought about sending his messages over t the Aiken Police along with the threats he made to Blair. To which he turned his Google+ to restrictive and started deleting just about every message he made to me.

He's made the claim that his mother (he says his parents own some electric company and are rich. I'm slightly inclined to believe him because he does live in a gated community) will sue anyone that messes with her baby boy. But this is the same mother his claims would beat him as a young children for being trans. I'm sure the house he lives it is paid for by his mother. He claims to be some world class gamer in the past but every video I see of his isn't anything amazing.
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Feb 11, 2016
I want to know where all the sperging about Blaire not being a real trans person comes from with this one. Blaire's said she's saving up for surgery several times. And why does it matter that before she came to terms with being a tranny she called herself a gay man?

Or are trannies not allowed to be attracted to men? Are lesbian trannies the only real trannies to David?

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