Orbiter David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce - Crazy Mean Ugly Tranny from SC who spergs about Blaire White and Tommy Tooter

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i'm late but this slapfight is wonderful! for some reason i almost forget that dee is an old troon too, maybe its because he edits his photos like an old fat ugly redneck lady would. i hope they keep fighting and then bring it to the farms. salt please!
I think Dee needs to take on Yaniv, who's a much more active pedo than Tommy.

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Holy shit, this thread is awesome! Plus a tie-in granny-slapfight with Tommy Tooter just to add the cream to the milk, fuckin ay. What perfect entertainment just as the Yaniv case enters a bit of a slowdown. And to think all I had to look forward to the weekend for prior to this was Borderlands 3. :story:


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Dee's been posting videos for awhile on this account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbiBICULzWMZoCi8-Mv_J0A/ (http://archive.md/Abvpl)

Here is a recent video Dee posted:
That poor guy. This is hard to watch.


More from the channel. He's always so angry! He just starts ranting, vid starts in mid-sentence. Directed at "your Australian ass", who isn't the trooning expert that David is.

Edit 2:

This is so unbelievably stupid. Pay some attention to the road you freak. Do these people he films even know they're being filmed.
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