Orbiter David Price / Destiny "Dee" Price / MangudiaForce - Crazy Mean Ugly Tranny from SC who spergs about Blaire White and Tommy Tooter

Sofonda Cox

True & Honest Fan
Dee Price has a sense of humor.
Dee Price understands the clear lines between consensual sex acts and molesting children and animals.
Dee Price can formulate coherent sentences that don't revolve around threats, puerile rhymes and bad comic
book catch phrases.

Tom is a loony dickhead who can't avoid the long arm of the law long enough to succeed at anything ("Tom will kill!!).

You're an old man. Game's almost over. It's this how you want to spend your final years, Sir?


They climbed aboard their silver ghost
Oh but they are accurate and resemble something you would do Thomas. You did raped a child and you did finger a dog.
We do get you are angry that you took hormones and it did absolutely nothing for you. Good thing too. No one wants a dog fucking pedophile running loose in the women's public bathroom. but as i have said Tom some of us are meant to be women. You not so much tom.

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Just look Thomas and i am sure everyone here would agree ( you look like the butler out of rocky horror picture show )

this is not feminine tom.

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Women do not pick their nose and eat what they pull out. By the way that is one big fat giant beak you have tom.

Now tom we do know what you lust after most of all

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Oh I am so sure you are getting your howl on right now tom.

This dog turns you on huh There old man.

You do get you brought this all upon yourself Right Thomas?

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Now do what you do best tom rub that bald head and scream at you tube for a while.
We are waiting for a good laugh. SO KEEP IT SHORT no one wants to watch 2 hours of you rage typing and screaming every 18 minutes. AND NO WOUNDED GOOSE horn.
What a SEXY woman!!!

Dee Price

ugly tranny, david_price@bellsouth.net
Person of Interest
What do we really know about David "Destiny" Price? I think Lulu at AMB summed it up well.
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Hmm mud did love to coddle you huh.

Do get trying to win favor by trying to make someone else look bad is a really bad move tom.

It is not a good idea to try to slander another not for you anyways. You are on the bottom of the rung of social class and society so it just makes you look like a mud flinging chimp.

Oh wait you are chimping out. Ok go on tom keep sperging out rage post.

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