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His introduction:

"I am a highly logical thinker who spends his days immersing himself in the Infinite. My aim in life is to awaken as many people as possible to this marvellous reality, which I sometimes call God or Tao.

Although I am not part of any religion, I consider the great wise men of the past to be my spiritual brothers and colleagues - Socrates, Diogenes, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Nagarjuna, Huang Po, Chuang Tzu, Hakuin, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Eckhart, and Weininger. If it were not for these fearless men, and those like them, the human race would be in total darkness."

His writings:

-- My Literary Output --

Genius Realms - A new blog site devoted to stimulating peoples minds with deeper forms of logic and unusual lines of thought. It features possibly my best writings so far.

Wisdom of the Infinite - An incisive book that rivals Chuang Tzu and Nagarjuna at their best. It begins with an examination of cause and effect and ends with an analysis of emptiness. It takes the reader's mind deep into the Infinite.

Woman: An Exposition for the Advanced Mind - A full-frontal look at the psychology of women (and men). Not for the faint-hearted.

Genius News - A magazine series that features the best philosophical discussions from Genius Forum and Genius-L. Plenty of Zennish wisdom, memorable quotes, inspired passages from past sages, and thought-provoking cartoons. Co-created with Dan Rowden.

Life and Death Magazine - A satirical magazine put out by the Society for the Elimination of all Truth.

Cow Te Ching - An improved version of the Tao Te Ching. Deals with the fundamental taboo that Lao Tzu balked at.

The Book of Wife - A humorous look at marriage, from a philosopher's perspective.

Letters Between Enemies - Correspondence between the renowned sage, Kevin Solway, and myself. Focuses on the personal side of the philosophic life. Spiritual dialogue at its finest.

Ne Plus Ultra - A fracas involving my expulsion from the Ne Plus Ultra forum by a hysterical mob of academic intellectuals.

Larkin Debate - A formal debate that was ostensibly about the nature of enlightenment, but turned into a fascinating psychological drama. Features plenty of insights into human psychology.

A short biographical sketch of myself (including photos) can be found here.

Contact me: davidquinn000@optusnet.com.au
A sample of this man's superior intelligence:


A few years ago I wrote a book called The Wisdom of the Infinite which detailed some of the logic involved in reaching a perfect intellectual understanding of reality. Reaching such an understanding, however, is really just the first step of the spiritual path. It is the easy part. The real business of spirituality involves applying this understanding to your daily life – indeed, applying it whole-heartedly to such an extent that it utterly consumes your existence.

This is the stage where philosophy transforms into spirituality and all subsequent progress is driven by desire, courage and character. It is the stage where terms like “faith” and “gnashing of teeth” begin to have real meaning. It can be a lonely and frightening road, but also one filled with wondrous sights. It is like being dropped into a hostile world which has no interest in truth and one has to fight demons on all fronts – both outwardly in the form of other people and their sheer loathing towards anything that forces them to become more conscious, and inwardly in the form of one’s own hesitations and weaknesses. And then, every now and then, one slips into heaven.

Many people who seek the truth are motivated by the wrong reasons. Their desire for truth is borne out of a disgust of mainstream life and a hatred of the lies and falsehoods which permeate society. Their disgust is essentially a desire to escape. This is fine as far as it goes, as it can take you some way towards the goal, but if it is not sublimated and eventually replaced by a child-like love of truth for its own sake, then there will come a point where you will stop and go no further. For as your intellectual understanding develops and creates distance between yourself and the world, the driving force of disgust will peter out and all you will be left with is a hollow conceptual understanding of things and an impoverished daily existence. The disgust needs to be transformed into love, for only then will you be motivated to push on when the going gets tough. Only then will truth come to life and reveal its countless treasures.

Don’t be fooled by lesser attainments. Set only the highest standards for yourself. Aim for the stars. If you are not experiencing the full nature of the Infinite in every moment – concretely, directly and consciously, in every situation you find yourself in – then you do not really know it at all. That is how you should always be viewing the matter. The whole of God’s nature can be found in a crumpled leaf or a speck of dust if you know how to look. The key lies in having the courage to look.

If you truly desire the truth, then it helps to burn your bridges to the world. If you can extinguish all other avenues of fulfilment, if you can place all of your eggs in the one basket of truth, it will force you to make the truth the centre of your life whether you like it or not. Spiritual success is a product of total commitment. If you can take the plunge and reject the world completely then not only will you quickly find nirvana, but it will save you a lot of unnecessary suffering as well. Kevin Solway makes the analogy of crossing a busy street to get to the other side (where nirvana resides). If you hesitantly venture out a little way and then stop, you will quickly be battered into submission. But if you can stride out with clarity and purpose, you will reach the other side in no time. Then you can take your ease.

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