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He seems to be stuck on a loop lately,. He done the same 3 things for the last week, bitch about Tipster or Quartering, complain about trolls and a "IM MAKIN MONEY" vlog update.

Once he gets out of this loop I'll post an update, but for now here's him saying that channels like Quartering and Tipster are responsible for Cancel Culture because they cover... Cancel Culture?:
Channels Like The Quartering Are Responsible For Cancel Culture


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Stopped clock syndrome strikes, finally: I, too, am sick of the word “simp.” My solution is not to make videos sperging out about it, though.


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Sooner or later the sperging master of archery will pass Perfection's thread. Only one page till he has the same amount of content.
TBF I've lost all interest in Perfection since I learned of the fake court docs, he's still the living personification of everything wrong with weebs: dumb incel who's horny for fictional characters.


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TBF I've lost all interest in Perfection since I learned of the fake court docs, he's still the living personification of everything wrong with weebs: dumb incel who's horny for fictional characters.
Which is why his thread is currently dead (unless someone posts content there).


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Welcome to the David Sanford School of Clout Chasing

Step 1: Find Drama
First thing you gotta do is find some drama. It doesn't matter if you are in no way relevant or have anything of importance to add, you just gotta get in there.



Step 2: Getting Clout
Once you've finally crashed into the drama by giving your meaningless 2 cents, you can finally start focusing on maximizing your clout chasing. You start by making multiple videos on one of the people involved (subjects), you get extra clout points if you go on the contrarian route.



By this point you've cemented yourself as a leading figure in this ongoing situation, you are the moral superior and will mercifully stop talking about your subject as long as they leave you alone.

Hit them with a surprise by talking about them yet again and implying that only dead/dying channels are talking about this for views:

But you dont want to look too one sided in this ongoing situation, making 3 minute long video calling the cause of all this drama a "bitch" should balance out the hours upon hours of content where you berate her detractors:

Step 3: Fighting Trolls / Fanboys
Solely because you're speaking truth to power, fanboys will start white knighting for the person you're making videos on. They will throw their petty insults at you, words like "Simp" or "Clout Chaser" will be used. Make a statement about how people who use those words are losers with no girlfriends. That will utterly destroy their self esteem and will make them stop calling you a "Simp".

Remember to also flex on them about how you're superior to them in every way for something 90% of the population already does.

Step 4: The Rian Johnson Maneuver
Once your naysayers are utterly wrecked by your masterful move of saying people who use "Simp" are basically incel losers, start using their insults against them. This will cause mass suicides from trolls / fanboys.

"I'm not clout chasing, YOU ARE!" is the best strategy to completely "pwn" your detractors:

Look for any excuse, no matter how small to keep making videos:



Remember to say "Fuck You" to your detractors every so often as well:

Step 5: Keep Up The Pressure
If, after weeks of videos and livestreams, your subject still hasn't acknowledged you, keep doing it. He is just scared to acknowledged your existence and watches all your videos religiously. If making videos on them doesn't get a response, start making video on his acquaintances.




Accuse him of shielding others from the same thing he criticizes people of. Hell, accuse him of running dislike campaigns without any proof and admit that you are only doing this to cause chaos because of your ongoing mid-life crisis SUCCESS at life.



Step 6: Profit
You've done it! You've completed the program, by now you're obviously the talk of the Internet and are enjoying a constant stream of likes, plenty of clout and your enemies are destroyed with no hope of ever coming back. Make a farewell video to the topic, exclaiming how you've won and will move on to another topic.

Congratulations! You've completed the program! Remember to pat yourself on the back and HIT THAT DAMN BUTTON!


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So apparently he says he plans to sue kiwi farms. He claims his children were posted on his thread ( this is from his league cast last night )
View attachment 1298605
So I fact checked this :
Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-13-605 – Unlawful photographing in violation of privacy

(a) It is an offense for a person to knowingly photograph or cause to be photographed an individual, when the individual is in a place where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, without the prior effective consent of the individual, or in the case of a minor, without the prior effective consent of the minor’s parent or guardian, if the photograph:
(1) Would offend or embarrass an ordinary person if such person appeared in the photograph; and
(2) Was taken for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification of the defendant.
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