Manosphere Davis M.J. Aurini and Jordan Owen - Dysfunctional Creators of The Sarkeesian Effect and their farce on display

Anonymus Fluhre

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Not on me, no. I believe the table was registered by one of the honey badger's friends with a plus 2 or three extra table helper badges. The names on the helper badges is what I've heard were false. I suppose it should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm no fan of thirdwave feminism any more than I am of mgtow shit, but you don't got to a con to start shit, then cry when the con ends it, whoever you are, that's not "limiting your freedom of speech". Whatever reason it ended, it was on them for proverbially throwing the first punch, not the con.
Well we'll know the truth in November. The HBB have lied a lot during the whole 2015 bullshit and tried to get other cons involved to get more money, but so has CCEE during all of this.
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Cole Blooded

Aurini is claiming that there is a conspiracy on youtube to censor his videos and prevent them from spreading "as fast as maybe they ought to be" because he's "smart enough to be dangerous," and that Anita Sarkeesian is somehow behind all of this. lol

He also did an "Advice on Becoming a Filmmaker" video...I can't think of anyone that would be lower on the list of people I'd turn to for advice on that subject.

Just catching up but.... HAHAHAHAHA! Oh god this one had to be a parody on purpose. The first 30 seconds are filled with so many basic technical errors it amazing.

His awful background video cutting to black before he fades out his titles.
The completely mismatched audio levels, with the title music blaring and his vocals almost at a whisper.
The fucking lighting, oh my god the lighting, you do know you have a face, right Jordan?
That framing, you can tell he tried to do a right third thing but he places himself off the line so he can shover that skull and books thing in but then it's just fucking off balance, and not in a cool artsy way.

That's all before he gets a single full sentence out.

Never change J, never change.

Bryan Dunn

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Davis aurini is honestly a legitimately cool guy. I can't find it now but I interviewed him with BlackFaceKermit about the falling out of Jordan Owen

Myself, MisterMetokurs gf, and BFK had alittle bit of a tismstorm with him that led to amazing results.

I was going to stream the sarkessian effect with BFK & friends as a farewell to the kop show on hitbox, Jordan decided he would get his lawyers to shut me down by threatening Hitbox owner Danzig to not allow me to show his "intellectual property". Now I had purchased the movie to show it off and mock it with Jayde, Jim, BFK and others on stream.

This led to all of us calling him a cuck. Davis Aurini caught wind and reached out to us. We were skeptical but once we talked to him it turned out he was a decent guy and had some fantastic stories of Jordan Owen being a diaper shitter, literally. Jordan then made sock accounts to fuck with MisterMetokurs GF and BlackFaceKermit

What REALLY set this into motion though was Jordan ADMITTED he USED GamerGate people to make himself 30,000 DOLLARS. Something I bet @Dynastia would find interesting.

Now this event led to me and @TheRalphRetort having a downfall because ralph wanted to defend Jordan Owen in his own drunken stupidity.

Jordan also thought I was a film artist stealing his work? I don't know.

Enjoy the dump

bryan art show.png
Anita's overhyped PO Box reveal.png
owen fan.png
Baby Jordan.png
derr who's jade_.png
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Bryan Dunn

KoP & Exceptional Detective @ 2209 E 3rd Ave, FL
True & Honest Fan
Good for him, I only got about $1,500 out of them.
Well you made the gamergate community watch so I thought you'd find it funny how he scammed the fuck out of people in GG

Well you made the gamergate community watch so I thought you'd find it funny how he scammed the fuck out of people in GG
There is no scamming GamerGaters, the exceptional individuals gleefully fling money at anything that even suggests the idea of it "upsetting the SJWs", I think if you polled those dipshits the majority of them would have said Sarkeesian Effect was well worth the money.

Look at this shit. They gave this sub-Deviant Art bullshit a quarter of a million dollars.

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