Manosphere Davis M.J. Aurini and Jordan Owen - Dysfunctional Creators of The Sarkeesian Effect and their farce on display

I have some new info that may be of some interest. So, I run in the same circles that Aurini once did and have been in personal contact with him several times, and in recent Aurini has basically cut off all contact with his former associates (Matt Forney, The Bechtloff etc.) and has basically joined a pagan cult. Now it’s time for a little context. The issue leading up to the initial debate involved Bechtloff harshly criticizing the Catholic Church, from the standard secular issues, ie the massive corruption and pedophilia problem that runs rampant in the Church, to more deeper philosophical and theological issues between Aurini’s Catholicism and Bechtloff’s Protestantism.

Bechtloff’s continual attacks and critiques of the Church led Aurini to basically start to plead with him to cut it out, but since Bechtloff is a stubborn bastard and won’t so easily back down he persisted which led to a great strain being placed on their friendship. I would give specific examples of this, but since this drama evolved over several months and took place over several hour long livestream, some of which that have been completely purged from the internet, I can’t really give you any concrete examples from this period. Also of note is that around this time Aurini had come into contact with a woman who goes by Heiðrūn, a Norse pagan priestess founder and leader of a group called the Free Folk that will take center stage in a bit. Keep in mind that Davis was associating with an open pagan and endorsing a group with strong pagan over and undertones while still professing to be Catholic.

It all came to ahead when Bechtloff hosted a debate between Aurini and a Baptist preacher who goes by Pastor Tom.

The debate was over the legitimacy of the Mary fetish in the Catholic Church, which Aurini had converted to after the whole GG, Sarkeesian Effect saga. In my personal opinion, he didn’t do bad in the debate, but since he was going up against a pastor, an extremely well read one at that, he obviously didn’t come out looking the best.

So, after this debate, Aurini hops onto another stream with a pagan acquaintance of his called John Steele, and during this stream made several statements about Protestantism which both Bechtloff and Pastor Tom take umbrage with, given that they were blatantly false.

So Pastor Tom makes a response to Davis in the form of a podcast in which he goes over what specifically Davis was dishonest about, at some points coming very close to calling Davis a liar. Unfortunately I cannot post the link to the specific stream since the Pastor took it down out of embarrassment for Davis than anything else. Bechtloff also comment on the Steele stream and compared Davis to a cornered animal, which he said with clear sympathy in his voice that was obviously not in anyway inflammatory.

With both of these criticisms coming his way, Davis had a massive sperg out and made a very shitty livestream that announced his disassociation with the people involved (The Bechtloff, Pastor Tom, and Artistic Layman) because he felt they had attacked his “sacred masculinity” or something like that, I can’t remember. After he was done, the stream was deleted, but I do remember something very clear from it because of a little microdrama that happened in the greater macrodrama. Davis mentioned that a Protestant had brought the statements from Bechtloff and Tom to him, which plays into a conspiracy theory that I have.

Now that the two were basically done, this led to people taking sides in the whole thing, since both Aurini and Bechtloff had overlapping viewers, which now brings in my role in this story. I created both Bechtloff’s and Aurini’s Discord servers and was serving as head admin for both, and ultimately decided to not really take a side in the whole thing since in my mind it produce something of a conflict of interest. I still watched both of their shows and was on friendly terms with both of them. Ultimately besides a few jabs occasionally it was pretty peaceful for several months, except for the microdrama I mentioned.

Enter Tom Bombadil. Now Tommy boy, was basically a Davis fanboy who would shitpost in Bechtloff’s server constantly. He identified as a Protestant at the time and would make several weird defenseses of the Catholic Church. Now, remember when I mentioned that Davis said a Protestant gave him the statements that started the beef? Well here we have a Protestant who is an Aurini megafan pestering and shitposting his defenses of the CC in the Discord server of the guy he has beef with. Yeah, really makes one think. Now I can’t reliably prove this aside from just speculating, but imo it would make perfect since. Eventually, his antics got to the point that a literal rivalry was formed between him and another member, Gratowl, with them hurling insults back at eachother. Their rivalry got to such a point that Bechtloff and myself ended up hosting a debate between the two of them.

Eventually he grew tired of just fucking with Grat and moved on the just generally shitting up the server and even sending screenshots of it to Aurini. Eventually we got tired and threw him out, but he eventually came back and shit the place up again and we kicked him again. Davis also threw him out of his server aswell which proves that fanboying is never a good idea.

So other than that everything was pretty quiet until Davis had another falling out with another friend, this time John Steele. What was it over? Philosophy? Religion? No, it was because he got into an argument with Aurini’s new female cohost over a movie and he basically told her to learn he place as a woman. Steele told this to Bechtloff, and afterwords he and Davis did a stream together trying to clear things up, and it seemed that they may have been on track towards a reconciliation. Then, Bechtloff and Steele did a stream going over what actually went down, and needles to say we were all intrigued.

So, now enter Heiðrūn (Hadron Collider) and the Free Folk. Aurini had stumbled upon Hadron a few months back and had interviewed her on his livestream show. The two became all chummy chummy and eventually she became his cohost. Now, Hadron is pagan witch/priestess/vala who runs a group called the Free Folk. What this group basically amounts to is networking for Viking larpers with a heavy racialist theme involved. Keep in mind that Aurini is a Catholic who had months previously criticized the alt right for racial fetishization. Oh they also sell soy candles. Now I don’t know weather or not that would have the same effects as the consumption of soy but the fact that the meme of soy is so strong in the circles this is aimed at just amounts to poor optics.

Bechtloff went over the website for it in a stream , which pretty much destroyed any hope for a reconciliation. Then in either October or November, Davis’ YT channel was terminated after getting bombarded with strikes from near five year old videos, which ties into another drama that I’m not going to get into here, just know it involves Jim Goad and some hoe. The termination of his channel made Aurini move over to Twitch, but unfortunately not even a fraction of his audience followed. Now every Saturday he drones on for hours with his new pagan cohorts shilling what basically amounts to a cult to the small audience watching.

It was mostly ignored by Bechtloff until someone tipped him off that Davis would be doing a stream rebutting all of the Becht’s criticisms that hadn’t died down. This made Bechtloff stream snipe Davis, and needless to say everyone was disappointed. The stream Davis did had nothing to do with Bechtloff and everyone was left just shit posting, including myself on both streams. Again the whole thing died down until I was in a Discord call with Davis in which he told me that he considered banning me for shitposting. I later found out that he had blocked a former associate for the same thing and has cut off ties with Matt Forney for the same reason. The whole situation was discussed here in the first fifteen to twenty minutes.

So here we are folks. The absolute state of Davis Aurini. Let’s hope for a redemption arc.
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Oh I was talking about the commenter. Yeah I already know Dumb and Dumber are high off their own farts.

Bechloff believes Aurini is doing gay ops on him

Lots of new shit this past week from Forney, Bechtloff, and Aurini. The endless alt-lite homos going after each other online. So great. There is this line from True Detective Season 1 that applies to these posers so perfectly, "After a certain age, a man without a family is a bad thing." These douches are like bad roommates that air every minor conflict as if it's a crime against humanity.

Makes me miss good old Owen Aurini Productions with the chat logs and the fume vids flying back and forth week after week with heated cross-allegations of incompetence, fraud, and encopresis. Bechtloff just can't match Owen as Aurini's slump-shouldered opponent.

Back with some major updates. So apparently Aurini was so assmad at Bechtloff that he was plotting to have him kicked off of PayPal and the bank, and possibly have him arrested. This plotting was done on his Discord a few months back and I’ve just now gotten word of it. So apparently one of Aurini’s little exceptional individual Munchkins, who goes by AnonymousBosch on the Roosh V forums and SpirituiSancto/Parrhesia on Discord was playing gay ops for five weeks on Bechtloff collecting info on where he lives and goes to church in an attempt to dearm him and as I already stated get him arrested.


Here Bosch also claims to have gotten into contact with Right Wing Watch in an attempt to get Bechtloff’s internet bants exposed to the world. Like I said before, exceptional individual Munchkin. Also Aurini who goes by The Drunk Paladin chimes in giving his support to his little cockgimp.


Next the Mouth Breathing Machiavelli brings up “using” Matt Forney as a warning to Bechtloff, because targeting a friend of Bechtloff is somehow a deterrent in the deranged mind of a wannabe Sigma, Gamma faggot like Bosch.


Next, the frothing mouthed spastic tries to justify his gayness by claiming that the Bechtloff Discord server doxxed Davis’ Pagan Bitch Queen Heidron (Hadron Collider as we call her) and that we somehow threatened Aurini with Metokur during his last pants shitting parade. Neither one of these things are true.


In these screenshots Bosch claims that he has a degenerative condition that has left him deaf, legally blind, and suffering from constant seizures which has caused him be “beyond giving a shit”. How he continues to function on the internet in this state is a mystery, but the fact that the dying sped has decided to do this in the precious little time he has left speaks volumes to his pathetic life, but also to his aforementioned clinical faggotry.




The flailing Helen Keller wannabe then tries again to justify his SJWisms by claiming that getting Bechtloff arrested would be an act of “love”, but as our favorite Mexican Jew Common Filth would say, “Love basically means cum”.


In this next sideshow, Bosch claims that he thinks Bechtloff will shoot up a branch of Harvest Bible, a megachurch that Bechtloff has been harshly critical of in the past, based off of...........complete fairy dust.


Next our favorite bald magician on paper claims his current legal situation is a “MAJOR weak point” for him which he uses to justify doing all of this to a man he once considered a friend.

Here the dying sped Bosch claims that Bechtloff and Forney are trying to get him placed on a watch list, which isn’t happening.


Next Bosch claims he wants to make Bechtloff “as famous as the Covington kids”. Very right wing and trad.


And finally Bosch brings up trying to deplatform Pastor Tom, a pastor who has virtually nothing to do with this besides beating Aurini in a debate.


And that’s it. Apparently AnonymousBosch has a history of being a dox threat making sperg on the Roosh V Forum, but because I’m too lazy at the moment I haven’t looked through that rabbit hole. But here we are. Aurini the doxxing faggot and his contemptible little CockGoblin have been exposed. I cannot believe that I actually somewhat respected this man at one point. So yes, he can go fuck himself and rot in piss.

Y'all niggaz be missin' out on the Twitter drama where Aurini gets into a hilariously petty slapfight with Porsalin and our own @oddish. Even the esteemed and honorable Dick Masterson would soon be dunking on Aurini's ass:
Davis Aurini vs. Porsalin (1).png

Davis Aurini vs. Porsalin (2).png

Davis Aurini vs. Porsalin (3).png

Davis Aurini vs. Porsalin (4).png

There were some Tweets that apparently are no longer visible, but my least favorite idiot (and former Aurini buttbuddy) Matt Forney dutifully archived these in the initial onslaught. Never thought I'd be linking to Matt Forney for content that isn't making fun of him, but here we are:
Davis M.J. Aurini said:
EZ you already posted about how Gamma you are: kindly fuck off, nobody wants your opinion. You're the sort of man who would cry in the closet while your wife was getting raped.
:story: I just love how vicious Aurini gets and, through all this, obsessed with sex. He goes from schoolyard pantsing to rape in a matter of minutes.


itsa me, oddguy
Y'all niggaz be missin' out on the Twitter drama where Aurini gets into a hilariously petty slapfight with Porsalin and our own @oddish. Even the esteemed and honorable Dick Masterson would soon be dunking on Aurini's ass:
View attachment 765267
View attachment 765264
View attachment 765265
View attachment 765266
There were some Tweets that apparently are no longer visible, but my least favorite idiot (and former Aurini buttbuddy) Matt Forney dutifully archived these in the initial onslaught. Never thought I'd be linking to Matt Forney for content that isn't making fun of him, but here we are:

:story: I just love how vicious Aurini gets and, through all this, obsessed with sex. He goes from schoolyard pantsing to rape in a matter of minutes.
Yeah, both Matt and Aurini followed me on YT soon after I started making videos, which is highly embarrassing. Like I told Aurini, no one cares why he wouldn't even create a white ethnostate. He also demanded Porsalin interview him or some shit. He also told all of us that making fun of him is liabel and is a crime, and I had to explain to him that he means slander and that its a tort. Porsalin ended up making another video laughing at the situation. What a stupid shitshow. And I was even being nice.

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