day 1....again - 7/21/19

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oh my god that has been soooo long and sooooo boring and the only thing we got to know is that she is doing weightwatchers again and that she bought a new journal. she wants to try 100 days of weighing in again, so get ready for that garbage.
but one thing was funny. bitch thinks people are gonna still believe her after yesterdays video.
she is starting to like in some other dimension because there is not enough space for her in this one.
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she's up 5 elbees at 567 and blames it on drinking lots of regular soda, which is sure to help her tooth situation
For a gorl who claims to know all about the counting calories, she's still stupid enough to drink them. But hey, she knows what works for her!

I look forward to seeing what zero point item she goes overboard on this time around.

EDIT: Archive of the video
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day 1....again

- Same outfit, new video. (Always better to monetize TWO videos instead of just make one long video, right GreedyLynn?)

- "I know you guys hate me!" (We do.)

- "You need to choose what works for you." (Nothing has worked for you, IgnorantLynn.)

- "A lot of people actually liked it when I was weighing myself a lot on camera." (Except for the fact that you didn't show yourself being weighed, and 'forgot' half the time.)

- HumbleLynn needs headpats for maintaining an unhealthy weight in the 560 range during her *checks the log* 12 ACTUAL weigh-ins resulting in a weight GAIN of 5 pounds.

- NEW PROGRAM! Back to Weight Watchers!

- AMBERLYNN SEES YOU, HAYDURS! SHE HEARS YOU! (But still believes SOMEONE out there still thinks this is her "trying".)

- LogicLynn bullshits why Weight Watchers is the "better program" than a one-on-one weight loss doctor's program. CHOICES, Y'ALL! She gets to make CHOICES! (And admits she has always then made the WRONG choices and FAILED and QUIT!)

- New journal! Specific to 100-day goals! I guess if you discard 100 unused journals, you win a new magical journal to replace them all!

GOAL #1 - Log on Weight Watchers for the 100 days.
GOAL #2 - Weigh in daily (unless no scale is around because she's somehow travelled away from Pillow Mountain for an entire day).
GOAL #3 - Lose 50 pounds. (Admits that would be 517.4LB, which means she's starting at 567.4LB)

- Bullshit reading from journal and her dumbass answers.

New Day 1 "Weigh-In" (complete with usual fans blaring): 567.4 LB

- Amber is grateful for all the men who moved the dead tree out and restored power because she got her A/C and fans back on.

MICROGOALS FOR TODAY: Log on to Weight Watchers, distract herself from "boredom hunger hits", and drink 0-calorie liquids.

- But she hasn't been BINGEEN. Just eating when bored. And drinking full-calorie soda.

- So much reading verbatim the journal prompts... So many things for her to journal... (Can't wait for several minutes of her reading off the answers to everything she writes on every new fucking video to drag that timer to the 10-minute monetization mark. Because she "MIGHT share" from this personal journal. MIGHT.)

- Reminder that her scale is TOTALLY accurate and she wouldn't lie because at the weight loss doctor, she was wearing clothes and BIG EARRINGS that took up 2 pounds. Remember that video?

- At 9:43, as the video is over, she DOUBLE-POSTS the SAME weigh-in just to make sure the video hit the 10:00 mark and she can get the extra monetization/ads. Fucking disgraceful.

TL;DR: New 100 Days of Failure Program.

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