day 1....again - 7/21/19

Lou Wrong

Butthurt about Buddyloids
I read the thread title on the side bar and immediately knew which forum it would be in. For fuck's sake, just eat less.

Christ, what a cow. A LITERAL COW. A smug cow, who thinks she's better than those around her when she is clearly the worst one present everywhere she goes.

It's always simultaneously day 1 and not not day 1, let's be real here. She's so fat she's broken time.
You mean she's a black hole?

Jesus, who are the idiots that follow her and believe the crap and lies that she throws out there?

In the beginning, maybe she really did want to change her life and get healthy. But through the years, she learned that controversy gets her you tube bucks, so she's killing herself to keep earning. And just as mind boggling, I think she half believes the lies she tells.

Hope you're putting some of that you tubey coin aside for that XXXXXL coffin Hamber.

Dry Gorl

Thoughts slip in my mind like maggots on a train
Journals (which she has hundreds of) and Weight Watchers (which she has been trying and failing since she was ELEVEN): those are what will make our gorl lose weight for sure this time!!!!!

But a weight loss doctor? Oh no, that's crazy boo boo, that would never work for her.

What was the definition of insanity again?

Does Amber truly love her current life so much that she would rather kill herself than change anything, change even one small thing? It's just journals and WW and torrid hauls until the end?

If she wasn't so stupid, I would think her whole life in the last few years is a troll, but her weight gain and her stupid remarks about "I know some viewers still believe in me, everyone else is hayders" prove that theory wrong. Honey boo boo, the only people who "believe in you" are those who pretend to be nice so you accept them on Twatter cause they want to laugh on you there, too.

This + yesterday's video are absolute comedy gold (at least for me). She has no self-awareness whatsoever.

I cant wait for the

"Guys...weight watchers is just not for me. I can't have a plan that allows me to have ice just not good.
and this diet was allowing me too.

I have to do what works for me boo-boo, and I have the knowledge to lose weight"

Also look at that fucking arm...her wrist doesnt even have indents anymore its just a hand on a fat log



True & Honest Fan
I know she a laah and it's pointless to try and make sense of her, but she said her doctor's plan would have her down to ~300 lbs in 4 years. She thought his plan was way too extreme and UNHULTHY...

But now her goal is to lose 50lbs in 100 days? What? Now, I'm no GeniusLynn but if you do the math that's a much faster rate of weight loss than the doctor's extreeeeme plan, isn't it?

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