day 1....again - 7/21/19

You can rate me mad on the internet, but Amber's audacity is starting to get under my skin. That and the viewers who keep falling for her bullshit.

She either doesn't realise how stupid she looks with those vids, or she is that stupid, or she thinks her viewers are that stupid... and the worst part is, apparently far too many are exactly stupid enough to believe her bullshit. GOD LORD...

She used to be a hilarious and ridiculous trainwreck for me, now she's becoming genuinely irritating... I think I need a new cow to follow.

I'll just leave this here:

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I'm waiting for the new water bottle and fitbits. atleast it's a little entertaining hearing her reasoning on why she needs them. "I gave my coldest water bottle to Becky" "I wanted the new fitbit since the old one wasn't accurate counting my 50 steps around to the kitchen, bathroom and back to bed. This video was the journal she just gave away a bunch of journals, time to replenish.


Lisa needs braces!
The only thing that ever worked for her was when Krystal's mom only gave her the amount of food a normal human would consume and Al had no car and not enough money to go stuff herself outside the home.

The foster family controlled her diet to keep her from Ambering out. Al in control of her own eating leads to 600lbs and gaining. Maybe a jail sentence would lead her to be less fat but that's about it.

Even the MSHPL assholes manage to be whales on food stamps, idk how but they do so her losing her money might not even lead to weight loss.

How long did it take for her to admit she crossed the 500lb line?

How’s she doing on subs? With the fucking audacity of her latest videos I can’t tell if people would unsubscribe to quit feeding the cow or start subscribing to see how ridiculous this trainwreck can get.
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Madam Spergwell

True & Honest Fan
It seems like we're on a nightmarish carousel, but instead of riding on horses we're all on scootypuffs and busted up Hyundais, spiraling ever-faster through a haze of diet plans and 100-day-challenges toward Big Al's impending demise. It's trippy and gruesome at the same time, kinda like the crazy boat ride in the Willy Wonka movie. I'm debating whether I should get off the ride or stay on and puke my guts out upon its jarring conclusion.

Strawberry Pocky

If anybody needs me, I'll be in the Angry Dome.
I am angry at Al kind of and have lost sympathy for Becky because she's bitchy too but the entertainment I get out of the farms and the orko, staysi and Zach Michaels channels makes it all worth it. Eat on fatty, eat on and lie to me some more.
Ride it out with the rest of us, gorl. We've come too far and seen too much NOT to see how it all ends now.

Pog Mathoin
I mean we all know that Becky is a spineless blob, but this really proves it. Imagine if Becky actually had the lideral balls (not her actual cawknballs) to stand up to Amber and say "Babe I love you but you are going to die if you don't listen to the Doctor. You really need to do this, and this Doctor can help you"
It just really sums up where Becky is in all of this. Too afraid to stand up to Amber and tell her the truth and too scared of losing her funded lifestyle. Amber is a rotten bitch for sure, but I actually think that Becky is the worser of the two. She's just a waste of oxygen. That bullet was wasted on the possum. Society would have been better off if things had gone the other way.

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